Will It Pretzel? Taste Test

Today we ask
the age-old question… – Will it pretzel?
– Let’s talk about that.( music playing )♪ Good Mythical Morning ♪ Today we’re going to see how many thing we can stuff
contortionist Sofie Dossi into, and we help a Mythical beast check an item off
his bucket list and hopefully save
some lives in the process, so, seriously, please be sure to watch
the third segment today. Yeah, but first,
my favorite twisty food
is the hotdog. It does take a long time
to successfully tie one
into a knot, but it’s totally worth it. But for most of
the other people
in the world, the pretzel wins that
twisty category hands down. That’s why today
we’re going to find out… Now, for these items,
we didn’t just take
a bunch of foods and tie them into knots
and call it a pretzel. No, we have created
pretzel dough, let it rise, baked it, but we’ve incorporated
these other ingredients to find out
if things will pretzel. Pretty excited
about this first, but when someone says
they’re baking, I get sad when I find out that there’s no bacon
in what they’re baking… – Oh, I see.
– …which is why we have taken Wendy’s Baconator and created the Preztenator. – Oh, gosh.
– There it is right there. – All right–
– Lots of components. – Let’s go through it.
– Here’s what happened. The Baconator was chopped up and then infused
into the dough. We studded the top of the
Pretzenator with the Baconator. Then more Baconator was
actually pureed into a mousse
that was– not a moose– moooo-se–
but a mousse… With a “u.” …and then injected, piped
into the pretzel, and then some extra bacon
and cheese was put on the top for good measure.
And then wet got sides of… Lots of bacon.
Now I think we need to cut
this one in half so that– I think I need to cut
this one in half. We can get a nice cross section of the mousse with a “u”
coming out. Okay. Oh, yeah, the way
that you’ve done it All right, fine,
move that away from me. There’s a whole– – Rhett: Look at that.
– …inside of… ( chuckles )
I heard somebody go… ( together )
Ugh. Why? Why you think that? This is great.
Savory pretzel. With lots of bacon. You wanna dip and dink,
or you wanna go pure? I wanna go pure. Let’s go pure. We’re so pure, bro. Here we go. ( together )
Dink it. And sink it. The Baconator is tough
to take in that texture. As a mousse, yeah. Yeah. That makes it tough. And normally I’m not
a texture complainer. But I’ve now sucked
all the mousse out, which I did not like,
for the record. Sucked the mousse. – It doesn’t taste bad.
– Step one– suck the mousse. And now I’m experiencing
the doughiness and baconiness and cheesiness
of the Baconator. Yeah, once you suck the mousse,
your head is clear. And then you can just
make a decision. I can feel Dave smiling down
from fast food heaven right now. – He’s dead?
– He been dead. Oh. It starts to get really good
at that point. Yeah. And so if you’re
taking notes at home, – chuck the mousse…
– Skip the mousse. …and just pretzelize
the Baconator otherwise, and you’re onto something. ( together )
So will it pretzel?
Yes. Now, we’ve tasted a lot of
different things on the show, but the one thing
we’ve never tasted is a rainbow because
we’re afraid of leprechauns. but now we can taste
the rainbow with the Skitzel. Link:
Okay, this think is jam packed
full of Skittles at every turn. Melted Skittles down, and then also smashed some up to form into the dough. Then we studded the top
with more Skittle-Skittle. I like to use Skittle
as a verb. We Skittled the top
with Skittles. Yeah, because stud
sounds like horses mating. And glazed it. Yeah. And then right here we’ve got
some rainbow sherbet aioli.
“Sherbert.” We called it “sherbert”
until two years ago. Rainbow sherbert aioli. I also call aioli mayonnaise
’cause that’s what it is. You can’t un-mayonnaise
mayonnaise by calling it
an A word. Give me half of this. That’s not the A word.AnA word. Not in my house. Now, this is gonna be–
It’s so glazy. Oh, it’s shiny. It’s dense, too. – Look how shiny it is.
– It’s so heavy. It’s heavy.
It looks like a rolled-up turd, but so what?
A leprechaun turd. We definitely need to dip this
one before we dink it. – Dink it.
– Dink it. – Sink it.
– And sink it. Oh, gosh. Whoo, that’s fruity. – The glaze has really got a–
– It’s more than fruity. What else is it? It’s sweet. I love it. You don’t love? Mm, no. Anything?
You’re not capable of love. I’m a savory man. You like sweet things, but sometimes the sweetness can be turned up
a little too high. Sometimes I tell that
to my wife. Mm-mm, this is great. I don’t like you to get
too sweet, baby. Your wife can hang out
with me anytime. This is awesome. I’m sure
that can be arranged. I don’t know
why I responded to that. I’m not a jealous man. I’m a savory man. Hey, I’m biting again. I can’t believe that you’re
reacting negatively to the Skittle. I don’t hate it. It’s just I like
my Skittles from a bag. And you know what?
I don’t even like Skittles! Okay, all right, well, then I’ll
go with you on this one, me, you, and my wife.– Will it pretzel?
– ( together ) Yes!
Some people love
anchovies on a pizza, but we think it’s high time that the humble anchovy leave it’s comfort zone and land on a pretzel. I mean, it’s salty.
Pretzels are salty. – Right.
– Maybe it will work. We present to you anti-Anchovy Okay, so we used anchovy paste
in the dough. Then we folded whole white
anchovies into the dough
as well. And there’s anchovies on top. And then we started
with a side of Caesar dressing because, “Hey, surprise, Caesar has anchovies in it. Um, I’m just smelling this. That’s a surprise
to a lot of people. – What?
– Yeah. I’m sorry I didn’t react
with surprise. Yeah, well,
you already knew that. Smell of that, brother. Savory. – Mm, fishy.
– Maybe a little too– I would not call that savory.
I’d call it gravy savory. I call fishy fishy. Okay.
It’s salty, though. And then this–
ooh, this helps. This is giving me hope because this right here is–
is no way. I’ll take the little one.
It’s fine. – Here you go.
– I don’t wanna eat that much. ♪ Break me off a piece
of that sardine pretzel. ♪ – I definitely wanna make sure
I get an actual–
– Not sardines. What’s the difference between
a sardine and an anchovy? It’s a different fish. – Nothing!
– Woman: Okay. Okay.
Is that a joke? A really good one, too.
Wasn’t it? “Nothing!” Hey, you wanna know
the difference between
a sardine and a pretzel? Nothing!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! You said “sardine and pretzel”
that time. You really blew it.
You really blew it. – It did–
– ‘Cause that joke didn’t work. Yeah, it doesn’t. That was–
that was too weird. Dink it. Oh, gosh. – Okay.
– Oh! It tastes like there was
a pretzel seller– what do they call those?
Pretzel vender? – A pretzeler.
– Pretzel guy. – Pretzeler.
– Out on the pier. And then one pretzel fell
onto the pier. – Yeah.
– And he forgot about it. – Mm-hm.
– And then several days
passed. Then he took it
to an Italian restaurant. It rained a couple of times. Ugh. At one point,
the whole ocean– there was a tidal wave that washed up
onto the top of the pier. Then a child stepped on it. Then a seagull
crapped upon it. And then Tess
put it on a plate
and gave it to us. And all I have to say, I kinda don’t not like it. All things considered. I mean, I got it down. I mean, once you get
to the doughy part– but is that a way
to enjoy a pretzel, where you gotta really focus
on the doughy part, not the fishy part? No, I don’t think so.Will it pretzel?( together )
Let’s be honest. The color of pretzels
could be more exciting. We get bored with the toasted
brown-beige blahness of it all. So why not lighten it up
with the help of some hot pink? Plus this one’s got
the added bonus of helping
the other rounds go down. This is the Pretzel Bismol. What we’ve done is,
the dough is infused with liquid Pepto-Bismol and also parts
of tablet Pepto-Bismol. And then on top
we’ve got more tablets and more
powderized tablets. And then of course
a side of Pepto mustard. That’s Pepto-Bismol
and mustard. That’s a good looking pretzel. You know, that is enticing. – Really?
– Yeah, man.
It’s pink. I will say that
I always enjoy Pepto-Bismol. Like I– Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho… Don’t do that.
You’re un-peptoing it. You know you like.
Just give a good… You know, in the ’80s
that was a big thing. – ( sniffs )
– Pepto sniffing. – Yeah.
– I don’t wanna– I’m not mustarding mine first because I’m afraid
it’s gonna overpower. I just feel like
that’s part of it. I mean, it’s Pepto mustard. Pepto’s strong, man. What I was saying before you
Peptoed me was I’ve– like, if I have
a stomach ache, not only do I enjoy
the relieving effects
of Pepto-Bismol, I actually like
the taste of it. You catch me alone
in the corner with a big bottle
of Pepto… In fact,
they have to give it to– my wife gives it to me
in little baggies because she’s like,
“I can’t leave you alone
with a whole bottle.” Now she’s coming over
to give it to me. Here, dink it… and sink it. Ooh, that–
I didn’t add the mustard. That is a dry pretzel. You should’ve added the mustard.
The mustard’s perfect. That is a– – That is a desert pretzel.
– Dip it. Dip it for a second. ( imitating narrator )
The pink desert pretzel
is native to the “sararo” area of Sahara. “Sararo?”
Were you thinking Sahara
and then you said “Sararo”? So what, man? Sounds like
a new Kia automobile. The Kia Sararo. You’re right.
When you add a little bit
of the Pepto mustard, it really
starts to open up, bloom, if you will. Like a saguaro in the desert
of Sarara. I’m not hating this at all. I’m really liking
the Pepto part. There’s a therapeutic effect. I’m anticipating the settling
of my stomach. I know there’s grosser stuff
to come after this. And so this feels
pre-emptive to me. I feel like you can have your
pretzel and your medicine, too. Because of the practical,
utilitarian nature of this, I think we have to say,
“Will it pretzel?”( together )
And finally, as horrible
as this may sound, we could not pass up
the opportunity to create a dish that literally
is a tongue twister. – Oh, gosh.
– Lamb tongue pretzel. Rhett:
All right, so we mixed
lamb tongues into the dough, then added some additional
lamb tongues to the top. Now, how were those lamb tongues
on the top prepared? Tess: They are boiled
for safety, Rhett. Oh, thank you
for thinking of us. You said it, Tess. They were finished
with pretzel salt. We got some pretzel salt. And then because lamb
is usually served
with mint jelly, we’ve got Listerine jelly
because it’s tongue. Seriously? Whoo! That’s strong. Let me cut this up. Before you do, can I just–
can I just– smell it. Did you smell it? You can smell it
all you want. You know,
it doesn’t smell bad, but it makes me think
bad thoughts. Hand me that knife, and let me cut this so
we both get some tongue. Here you go. You don’t even know
how to hand somebody a knife. Okay, I’m gonna just… come through right there. I mean, there’s tongue galore
right there. I’ll just take this right here, cut it again, – And then–
– Link: What are we doing? I don’t know.
I got a nice boiled tongue
right there on top. Oh, yeah, you got it perched. And again,
I think the Listerine… – Will only help.
– Only help us. Oops. I like how you draped
another piece of tongue
over it. Just in case.
Just in case. – Listerine jelly.
– Golly. ( imitating Gomer Pyle )
“Golly!” he says. – Dink it.
– Dink it. There’s gotta be
some rationale that’s gonna motivate us to find out if this
is worth society– Well, haven’t you always wanted
to make out with a lamb? That’s it.
Thank you. ( groans ) Listerine coming through
pretty strong. Now tongue is coming
through pretty strong. Oh, it’s so mushy. It’s got
a tongue tautness to it that you have to snap through
when you’re chewing. It tastes like something
made for tasting but not made for tasting. ( groans ) Think about it. Yeah, the key is to keep
breathing through the nose, chewing with the mouth, and not thinking
with the brain. – Just check that puppy out.
– It’s not a puppy. Ugh, what is
the gritty, hard stuff? Something in the tongue. Tongue is the strongest muscle
in the body, pound for pound. You ever see a goat wrap
its tongue around a wheat stalk and then enjoy it? Is that a euphemism
for something? No, that– that– I think
they stick their tongue out and they, like–
it’s like a– Maybe I’m thinking
of a giraffe. – A wheat stalk?
– You know. What channel
you been watching? That wasn’t in Planet Earth
the last time I turned that on. You think you’re
gonna get this down? – Yeah.
– Let’s do it together. ‘Cause I’m just thinking about
goats and wheat stalks now. I think I need a little bit
more Listerine. And I’ll just use
this goat tongue here… – It’s an applicator.
– …my delivery device. You said goat tongue. You’re getting the lambs
confused with the goats, and that’ll get you
in a lot of trouble. A lamb is a young goat, man. ( chuckles )
What’s the difference between an anchovy
and a sardine? I don’t know anymore. ( groaning ) ( gags ) Did it.
Swallowed it. I don’t know
what that makes me. – ( gags )
– Having trouble? ( grunts ) Ah… It’s like a lawnmower
trying to start. ( makes chugging sound ) Well, all that to say,
“Will it pretzel?”( together )
Of course it won’t pretzel. Why, what did you think
was going to happen? We didn’t even need to try
that one, or did we? I don’t know.
If you like these pretzels, we’ll be eating
a lasagna pretzel in “Good Mythical More,” so keep watching
to check that out. Before you do that,
keep watching to see if we can fit
the human pretzel, contortionist Sofie Dossi,
in a purse. ( shudders ) Link:A side, B side,you’ll look good
from all sides,
in our cassette t-shirt,available exclusively
on our Amazon store.
That’s amazon.com/mythical.



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