Why Doesn’t My Traeger Grill Power On – Traeger Maintenance

Hey guys, this is brad at Traeger grills I’m
going to talk to you about a few really easy troubleshooting steps to see why
your grill is not powering on. There’s only a few things that can cause this the
first one is that your grill is actually plugged into a bad outlet or an
extension cord so you want to just maybe test it with the household appliance
like a blow dryer or blender to see if if that power outlet is giving power the
next thing is you may be trippin your GFI may this be just a simple reset on the GFI
you should be good to go and the third thing is you may have a
break in your power cord that’s connected to your Traeger make sure you
check that out if everything looks good with the power cords of your Traeger, we
want to move into the actual controller and the components of the grill first
thing is we’re going to want to remove the two screws from the mounting on to
the hopper to see the back side of your controller you want to locate the fuse
on your controller there’s two different kinds depending on which controller you
have you may either have a rectangular gray box or a cylindrical use box
they’re located on the bottom left hand corner of the controller oftentimes
another fuse attached to that open that up see if the fuse looks good if it’s
black we know we need to replace it and will
continue to troubleshoot to see what’s making that pop. In order to do this
troubleshoot we may have to clip a couple zip ties that are holding these
wires together they’re going to be just underneath the hopper there gives you a
little more room to move them around the black one is going to go to your power
cable will be a connector that looks just like this it should plug right in
black to black the next chord is going to be the orange one that should be the
induction fan you know the same thing connect that make sure you have orange
orange and then the third one is going to be
the red chord your red cord is going to be the auger motor make sure that that
is plugged in as well and then the last one is going to be your hot rod that’s
the purple wires the hot rod is going to have two braided nylon wires on the other
end that comes into this connection now we’ve confirmed that the wires are
plugged into the proper connections we’re going to do a basic troubleshoot
to see which part of the Traeger isn’t working right. First I want you to unplug every chord
except for the black-and-white you’re going to go to your controller and hit
the on button and turn the controller to smoke if you don’t get any problems
there make sure you power the grill off and we’re going to repeat that same
process starting with the black going to the orange the red and the purple
usually we end with the purple because oftentimes the hot rod can be causing an
issue and get your grill back up and running by replacing after doing the
basic troubleshooting with the four wires in the backside your controller
one last thing you want to confirm is our rtd temperature probe these two
wires are plugged in properly in this little green box on the corner of your
controller if these are not plugged in properly again make sure you have these
set in there correctly otherwise you will get an error and grill not work
properly there’s a basic troubleshooting on how
to figure out what’s going wrong with certain parts of your Traeger grill make
sure that you register your grill on our website this way you get your three-year
warranty from the date of purchase you need replacement parts you can get them
online on our website or call one eight hundred Traeger


  1. this is one of the poorest excuses for a grill I have ever seen, my first one lasted 2 days one day before I had a fathers day planed, second and thirs one almost made it two years and the fourth one won't work and trager is no help at all, do not get taken I paid almost $1,000.00 for the first one and I don't have a working grill

  2. Thank you, you save the dinner !!!!!!

  3. What does it mean if the thermostat screen doesn't even turn on?

  4. So how do you check the gfi trip?

  5. This is a brutal video and doesn't 'troubleshoot' at all. His comment about plugging the connectors in 1 at a time is obvious, but here is the issue. I test my cord out of the wall to the connector on the Traeger and have 120V, I plug in my controller and test to the back of the control panel with switch on and have 120V…..but I have no power! Nothing, no error code, not a thing on the display. Any one have any ideas?

  6. Why does EVERYTHING you say end with a question mark?

  7. What a horrible horrible video….

  8. The problem with this video is they don't show how to get the control panel out. He just has one in his hand. It is hard to get out and I'm not sure I will be able to get it back in. This is a frustrating experience for someone who doesn't know how to fix things very well. For a grill it seems to be a lot of work.

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