What Brian Shaw Eats for Lunch | 4x World’s Strongest Man’s BIG Lunch

what’s up muscle and strength this is
four-time world Strongest Man Brian Shaw with redcon1 and I’m gonna give you
an example of what I would cook for lunch now I don’t really have a lunch because
I’m eating so frequently so maybe this would be lunch number one let’s call it
that so let’s go ahead and get started here what I’m gonna start with and and
basically every meal for me include some type of red meat so this is ground bison
and it’s really really really good stuff so we’re gonna throw in the pan here
think these are it’s like two and a half pounds total so just over a pound each
package so I’m gonna throw those in this meal is an example of something I
would do in my diet I’m leading up to a contest but this is normal for me the
only the only difference is leading up to a contest is we may bump up the
carbohydrate a little bit more but typically and maybe maybe the portion of
meat a little bit bigger you know as we as we get closer leading up to a contest
just to push the calories a little bit more but overall it’s it’s you know
pretty standard for what I would normally eat next thing with this we’re
just going to use some salt so that’ll be really the only seasoning you know
that I’m gonna throw on this everything gets weighed after I’ve uh after I’ve
already cooked it this meal will be 12 ounces of bison definitely have that ready to rock and
roll and then I’m gonna portion this out and do roughly roughly three cups of
rice with this meal which is a little bit higher quantity of rice but again
I’m in the process of bumping it up before I compete so three cups of rice
which basically covers the Bison completely it’s definitely a lot of rice
on top of that I’ve got just some organic baby carrots kind of depending
on the size you know I normally do four or five of those with normally about
three meals during the day on top of this we’re just gonna dump some organic
chicken stock so this this is gonna make this meal I think it makes it delicious
but it also makes it a heck of a lot easier to eat we throw the throw the
chicken stock on top here and I normally don’t really I don’t really measure
exactly how much of the chicken stock I’m putting I just kind of know now
that’s probably about about a cup of chicken stock just got to grab a spoon
and and then go to work so the eating is the hard part I always say that you know
compared to you know the training and recovery work and all of that outside
the the eating I think is the hard is the hardest part because it’s constant
it’s all day you got to stay on top of it so this is work for me so the big
part of my day and hopefully guys has enjoyed this and now I’m gonna go eat


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  2. RIP to his toilet

  3. Eating is the hard part????🤨

  4. In the fast lane to butt cancer with that much red meat. Also you could probably hire yourself a cook to make you something that actually has flavour and more than 3 ingredients

  5. Brian Shaw ranks up top as one of the greatest athletes of all time. It’s amazing how athletic he has to be to do the things he does. Absolutely amazing!

  6. I'm going to try that but half the portion for me

  7. Kudos to you big man, but who else would throw up eating this? 😂😂

  8. The food must taste good in order for the body to accept it. And this meal looks good…yet simple and effective. Big thanks for showing us your methods Brian.

  9. Seems like a very down to earth individual

  10. guy gets more calories in one meal then i do all week

  11. Thanks, keep them videos coming please… Fan all the way from New zealand

  12. Why doesn’t my Costco have ground bison?!?!

  13. What does he eat??? Whatever the hell he wants! 😂

  14. Gains

  15. That meat probably nasty as hell

  16. lol thats just my appetizer

  17. I like the watch Brian Shaw eat the whole pig 🐖 😂😂

  18. He could eat what sumo wrestlers eat. Healthy stuff but in big portions too. He eats rice so it wont be a problem. And the soup of sumo looks great too.

  19. He sounds like Kevin malone

  20. Damn the amount of food he eats in a day is enough to feed over a dozen of homeless kids for a week

  21. yailah ama kuli di indonesia ge sama aja
    malah kayanya kurang tu kalo portugal (porsi tukang gali)

  22. Good God I'd have to hit Powerball to afford to feed you, im glad you eat healthy though even if you do make Jethro Bodine from the Beverly hillbillies look like a dieter

  23. Eat big for big gains 💪🏽

  24. Definitely on the roids

  25. It's a shame that he won't live past 55. Seems like a nice guy.

  26. lmao 4 carrots with all that rice and red meat…

  27. I love how happy this dude is, makes me smile

  28. I want to become like him but i weight 53kg. And i have eating disorder 😑

  29. "Lunch number one. "


  30. I would go broke eating like this haha.

  31. Give me a portion size 1/5 of his and I’m good to go looks good

  32. I EAT CEREAL… with the milk poured in first 😎💪🏽

  33. Imagine how life would be if everything felt like a feather in your hand.

  34. Now thats what I call a Rez meal, ayyye cuzzinz?

  35. His number 2s must be huge

  36. “Lunch number one”

  37. Lunch #1??!? Shiiiiiii those are my groceries for the week😳!

  38. Damn i thought the worlds strongest man would be some kind of mean tough guy, but hes the opposite

  39. Eats more rice than a chinaman

  40. What’s the point complete stupidity!!!!!! And gross!

  41. This guy seems like the salt of the earth.

  42. I eat a lot of meat but still hasn't got big like him.

  43. Anybody else watch this while eating a cheeseburger

  44. he fed half that to the dog …

  45. He just said every meal he eats has some sort of red meat, that can't be too good.

  46. Hmmm does chicken stock taste good without heating the stock?

  47. how much steroids you use

  48. This meal is an example of something I would do in my diet…. DIET WHATTTTTTTT?!?!

  49. "im in the process of buffing up"

  50. Only thing I seen this guy do is eat food I haven seen him do anything else. What the hell is he a cook? Every video he's stuffing himself.

  51. my mans been eating so much bison he starting to look like one

  52. For lunch? Which lunch?


    4 baby carrots

  54. Man Looks like a scary and nice guy at the same time

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  59. … because two people fell in love.

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  62. World's strongest Man
    Opens package with scissors

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  64. The ammount of times he said "uh"

  65. I eat the same except i skip the workout .

  66. What dog is that

  67. When no ones home and you get to cook what you want

  68. Bruh this guys just more fat then muscle

  69. This guy eats, farts, and poops all day; not necessarily in that order!

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  71. Plz

  72. he sounds really nice! 😃

  73. I'm so glad that he's a happy person or else his house would NOT be that neat.

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  76. I have the same rice cooker as his!


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  83. The eating is the hardest part because thats fuckin gross, why dont u put the stock in with the bison when u cook it, even the carrots. Jesus mary and joseph

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    I’m gonna try and be like him and scare the crap outta all my daughter’s boyfriends

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  93. What y'all see: a giant
    What i see: pony

  94. I can bench 1.3 pounds I’m pretty sure

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  98. She

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  100. Hella scary. But brians voice is like a gays voice not gonna lie

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