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hey guys welcome back to the vlog and
happy Monday I thought it would be really fun to do a
week in my lifestyle video because I haven’t done that and like a long time
words like I show you guys what I’m doing every single day so today is
Monday and I just left the chiropractor’s office
I got adjusted and I feels amazing I’ve been seeing my chiropractor for years
now but I feel like now that I’m pregnant it feels even better it’s
because my body your body is just shifting and all sorts of ways to
accommodate babies so it feels really good to get everything aligned again and
it helps massively with my headaches because now that I am 14 weeks pregnant
I feel like I’ve been getting a lot more headaches because I hear when you into
your second trimester you trade off your nausea for headaches and sometimes they
say that’s a fair trade it’s been like an okay trade like you feel it more in
your head versus like your tummy and stuff but thank goodness I don’t have
headaches every day but when they hit they hit all day and they are just like
the pounding headaches like up in the front and I just can’t seem to get rid
of it but I’ve been trying different things and the chiropractor seeing him
has helped so much because everything just feels very very tender I don’t know
if you guys have experienced that too whether you’ve been pregnant or you are
pregnant or you just have massive headaches those are not fun whatsoever
so today I’m gonna go grocery shopping and get all of our food ready for this
week and I’m gonna bring you guys along with me hey guys we are home now and I thought I
will share with you the haul that I got Mitsuo and Trader Joe’s so let’s start
with our goodies from mitsuo so I picked up some Puran lemon water this is
basically it like really delicious sprite and joy and I tried the summer in
Japan so it tastes so good and refreshing loving it so that we picked
up some carrots for our curry I have some sushi seasoning for the rice we’re
gonna try to make sushi this week picked up some ground beef and that goes for
the curry also got imitation crab for the sushi because I can’t eat any raw
fish right now since I’m pregnant but boy do I miss raw fish I really want
salmon guys if you love salmon nigiri sushi anything like that oh there’s so
much so we just got stick with imitation crab and I’ve seen cucumbers for the
sushi okay I’m Janna for the curry and then I also
picked up some Japanese sweet potatoes I also go through the curry and we can’t
make sushi without seaweed or nori and of course a bamboo wrap so it can roll
up our sushi then from Trader Joe’s it’s some salad spring mix I need to add more
green to my diet and I thought it’d be really fun to make like a pokeball
obviously without the fish and also some salad next I picked up some Honey Crisp
apple all these are great snacks I find myself snacking a lot more now
that I’m pregnant because if I don’t snap or I don’t right away I get pretty
nauseous so apples have been amazing they also picked up these mini great
bites and used to eat these all the time before I was pregnant and then I thought
I had to stop eating Bree ever since I became pregnant until my friend told me
as long as it’s pasteurized I’m really good to go and I
he feeds again and they are just so good from Trader Joe’s and I love carrying
these with Apple picked up some avocado for salads and also for the sushi guilty
pleasure right here I’ve been craving chicken alfredo so I got some Trader
Joe’s chicken alfredo to try it out and they were doing samples of this pizza at
Trader Joe’s so they instantly got me its pizza for
Llano and it has Italian sausage pepperoni roasted peppers and roasted
onion oh this looks so good I’ve been curious about trying their frozen pizza
I don’t really buy a lot of frozen pizzas but this tasted really good so
whenever those pizza cravings strike I got some pizza and for lunch today I am
making leftover lemon grass pork with vermicelli noodles and fish sauce my
mother-in-law made this for joining nice so I was so excited to have leftovers
it’s so so yummy so for dinner that night we decided to make curry it’s one
of our favorite dishes to make it something so simple easy to do and
really tasty to so one of my favorite parts of making
curry is adding the curry brixon it’s so satisfying see how the curry thickens up
pink it’s so that a really great texture okay look at that so good hey guys happy
Tuesday and welcome back to the vlog so today I just finished eating dim sum
with my friend Geralyn I totally forgot to film footage but we basically had a
lot of turnip cake a lot of ha guys to you my it was so good catching up and we
were both craving turnip cake so that was yummy now I am here at Barnes &
Noble because marie forleo just launched her new book everything is figure out
Abel and I’m so excited I hope they have it in stock because I really want to
read it today and just get my hands on that book because I love Marie Forleo if
you guys don’t know who she is I’ll link her down below she’s super inspirational
she’s basically like Oprah they’re both so inspirational and I just love her so
much I just got the book that was a quick trip to Barnes & Noble and they
had it out right in front oh my goodness look at this cover it looks so good I’m
so so excited and again if you guys don’t know who marie forleo is i will
just leave your links down below she is so amazing I always go to her for like
business and life advice I love watching her youtube video so it’s really
exciting to see her come out with a book I’ve been listening to her podcast and
like all the interview she’s on and I just love it so much especially if
you’re feeling lost in life with like trying to find clarity in your business
or just like life in general she has such good tips and I love her energy
it’s so contagious and happy and positive so I’m just so excited to dive
into this new book because I’ve been wanting something new to read and all of
a sudden today was a day she dropped her book I feel like she just talked about
launching her book like a few months ago and now it’s here so that Disco’s to
show how quickly time is going by so if you guys are also big marie forleo fans
let me know if you guys picked this up too we could probably have like a book
chat and talk all about it but yeah I’m just so excited dive right in later that night I got to have a dinner
date with my bestie we went to go eat Korean barbeque and got the tofu stew
and it’s so good we love ding tofu stew on a cold night and it’s just always so
fun hanging out and catching up hi guys and welcome to Wednesday so I’m
starting off the morning by reading a few chapters from the new book that I
picked up yesterday it’s been really good so far and I love getting a bit of
inspiration to start the day and now it’s breakfast time and I am making
myself another sandwich I’ve been loving sourdough sandwiches and adding avocado
and hand to it it’s so good and for dinner that night we decided to have a
homemade sushi date night and it was so much fun because it’s been so long since
I made homemade sushi and we basically just made a bunch of California rolls
since I can’t eat raw fish right now that I’m pregnant and it turned out
really good it’s so simple and easy to make and I think you really get your
money’s worth because I think I ended up making like five rolls out of all the
ingredients I bought and it was just so so good I just got to the clinic about to go get
my blood drawn hopefully everything runs smoothly and I’ll check back with you
guys soon hi can I get a grande matcha green tea latte
alrighty guys I survived my blood draw and here it is like I don’t know that’s
getting high dark now I got on my right arm oh there we go there’s some light I
got on my right arm I was freaking out a little bit because
the first time I got drawn did not go smoothly this time was much much better
so now we are at Starbucks getting a drink to reward myself oh my goodness
guys yeah I think I freaked out a little bit because when the technician was
entering my information there were a lot of stickers coming out and he’s like you
need to get seven tests done and that just seems like so many because I
thought it was just gonna be one but it went really smoothly he found my vein
right away and blood was just pumping out good day okay like I was saying blood
was just pumping out I know that might be crazy visual but it was so efficient
and so we got it done really fast I was freaking out it’s just like seven of
them that just sounds like a lot a lot a lot so I didn’t pass out I didn’t faint
and I sat there for a bit and he’s like are you okay you know totally fine
totally fine we’re together again we’re headed to target I think Johnny is
dressed for the occasion we’re here for nothing in particular
except for ice cream so now we’re just gonna browse in craving a history gonna
ice cream gonna get it please you mean I’ve been craving coffee ice cream
so I’ll see what I can find and there’s so much cute fall stuff oh that looks
really cozy I’ll check it over there we’ll see look at the holiday or more
like Halloween yeah holidays that’s not out yet
look it’s the baby section will be here soon are you ready for it
we’re not ready I just want to buy stuff already but we don’t know the gender yet
so I’m not gonna buy anything until we find out the gender you’ve entered the
Halloween section I can’t wait for all this to be Christmas that is our
favorite whoo Oh Harry Potter but these are so cute for little kids got a little
pumpkin Oh guys I’m not too big of a Halloween person but if I were to
decorate I would get this really really cute ghost boo these are so cute so much
candy even more candy so my favorite candy is our Kit Kat and Twix what’s
your favorite candy Three Musketeers really those are actually pretty good
what’s your favorite candy leave it out in the comments below
whoa that’s crazy it’s a huge like throat balloon the
balloon what do you call that inflatable inflatable balloon so Johnny and I ended up going to
Albertsons to get ice cream because we couldn’t find it at Target the end of
getting his cookies and cream ice cream and I end up getting my vanilla and
coffee haagen-dazs it was a good night and an overall really awesome week thank
you guys so much for taking the time to watch this video if you enjoyed it make
sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe for new videos every week and
I will see you in the next video have an amazing day guys bye you


  1. Happy Monday friends!! What are you looking forward to this week? Thank you so much for watching, let me know if you like these type of vlogs!

  2. You will have so much fun being a Mom, don’t you want to start shopping for the baby? 👶🏻

  3. It’s so funny, I just send a comment. Then you said you won’t shop, till you know the gender!

  4. Girl I’ve been binging your videos! You’re such a breath of fresh air and so relatable 💕

  5. Hahaha I missed sushi SO much and did the same when I was pregnant! It’s crazy just how much you want to eat all the salmon when you can’t have it 😂 Loved seeing your shopping haul! I think I’ve been to that Mitsawa!! MMM curry is my favorite and love adding the blocks too and seeing it all dissolve! Lol! I’ll have to get Marie Forleo’s book! I love happy and positive and she sounds like someone I would totally be inspired by!

  6. I’m commenting and watching at the same time lol! I’m loving this vlog girl! I always dreaded blood draws, but YAY you did it girl! Hahaha the BABY section, “we’ll be here soon!” YESSS CANNOT WAIT! I loooove Twix and kit kats too….but like the PB Twix and exotic Kit Kat flavors! Ya know?!

  7. love so much!

  8. I don’t know how I’ll survive 9 months when I’m pregnant without wine and sushi 😂 it’s my two food groups 💕

  9. Love this weekly vlog! Christmas is my favorite time of the year too, and it always goes by so fast, no matter how early I prepare for it lol. This will be such an exciting holiday season for you 😁

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