Weber Grills: Grill Brilliantly


  1. You know until recently I thought Weber's were the poor man's grill but I've realized they are quite sophisticated and so easy to work with I'm gonna buy another!

  2. #Weber4Life #BBQqqqqqqqq

  3. It's a pity that such an iconic brand is now made in China…

  4. How many bbq's is too many bbq's? #addicted

  5. Weber bbq's & parts are frome China. Way overpriced in EUROPE. That why i bought a real chinese bbq and smokers from a chinese brand and for under 140 euro. No need for buying thin plated steel weber bbq's. A chinese inkbird wireless temp meter for 28 euro.

  6. Weber Grill have the best quality without question. I have a kettle that has been on the back deck for over 10 years without an ounce of rust on it. Amazing!!!

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