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– Grocery Store Pickup is
something I have yet to try because when you mix technology
with basically anything, I’m intimidated by it so I
already think it’s going to be too hard, I’m not going
to get what I want, it requires too much planning,
but Walmart Grocery Pickup was kind of the first
thing I saw like this. I have a lot of friends
that have done it, and they absolutely love it because
they just pull their car up and the groceries get right in. Well then Target also came
up with their store pick up so I need to try them both
out to decide which one I’m going to like better. This is something that I can utilize in my day to day grocery experience. Here’s what I thinks going
to be the big takeaway, is when I walk into Walmart
or Target or anywhere else, I cannot just stick to a list. So from keeping me from
going into the store, I’m probably going to save money. I don’t have any account set
up with either one so I’m going to set up my accounts with
both Walmart and Target. I feel like ordering the
groceries and being able to see a lot on one page is probably
going to be easier for my laptop so I’m going to
start at the laptop and then I’ll also download
the app on my phone. I googled Walmart Grocery Pickup. I guess I need to create a new account. All right I’m going to set my store. All right I’m going to
reserve a time slot. It says for today, that
it’s not available. Okay, so we’re going to select
the pickup for tomorrow, and I can pick up as early as 7 AM. All right, it does not tell me that I have to have a minimum. Oh, it does say it right here. Thirty dollar minimum. That’s easy to do. All right so I do have my list. I’m going to basically
order the same things from both stores so I’m just
going to try to find it. I’m going to order some grapes. I like my grapes crunchy and firm. I also not one that buys the
whole bag because we don’t go through them that fast, and
a bag of grapes can be like eight dollars. They’re just going to pull
me a bag of green grapes. Um, meat. Okay, I’m going to get some chicken breast. Sometimes the Walmart meat I get a little bit skeptical. Like when I get chicken
breasts, I don’t like the ones that are really cloudy looking. I also need some deli meat sliced. Sliced deli meats. See, I’m not there to tell
them how thin I want it and all that, but some of
these things if they’re not that important to you,
then this is worth it. You know, the time you’re
saving and the money is worth whether or not you get the
perfect slice of turkey that you want. Okay, so that completes my order on here. Total $56.45. You can select a box if you want to get a text about your order. It’ll text you when it’s ready so I’m going to say yes. And then it’s got all
of the things we ordered and that’s it. I’m going to place my order. So here are the instructions. Once you get the email, check
in with the grocery app to let us know you’re on the way. Follow the orange signs to
the pickup area, and park in the spots and then they will
bring the order out to us. Walmart grocery order is done. Now I’ll do it from the app. Okay so it’s already got
my order, I signed in. If I want to go edit the
order, I can just click edit. I was going to get some
little peanut butter packets so I’m going to try to edit my order. How do I add to my order? This is when I feel stupid. I guess I have to reserve another order. Ah ha, you can say add to existing order. There we go. Like I thought, to me, it’s a little bit harder to do on the phone just because
the things are smaller. I think if you’re just ordering
a few things or you know exactly what you want, then the phone is fine. So I’m good to go. We’ll see what happens when I
arrive at the pickup tomorrow. All right now I’m going
to do the same thing, place a grocery order
for pickup with Target. I put in Target Drive Up and it comes up. It’s very clear, order it,
and we’ll bring it out to you. How it works, it goes
ahead and spells it out. And I can use my red card. It tells you if there are
any items that you can’t get. We cannot offer drive up for perishable food. Uh oh. It only says add for delivery. Maybe I’m not going to be able to do it. Not eligible for order pickup. Okay, so did not know, but Target has not yet figured out how to do pickup for fresh items. Target, where you at? I guess we can still check out
the convenience, the timing. I mean I was wondering why
all my friends use Walmart because they’re actually typically more Target shoppers than Walmart. Now I see. So far, the ordering
process is not as easy on Target’s desktop version. Okay, it does not say I had
to have a minimum though so that’s good so if you
just needed a few things, this would be a good option. Aren’t y’all glad I’m trying
this out for you first? All right so this just
says place my order. It’s going to text me when it’s ready. Hopefully they just let
me pick it up tomorrow. Okay so that one’s done. So let me see how easy or not so easy their app is. Okay, I’m going to add a couple things. I’m going to see if I can
add them to my existing order like I did for Walmart. Well, I think it would, but
my Target account is not tied to this one I set up for my work. Okay, place my order. Hopefully they’ll let me pick
it up tomorrow as well when I head to Walmart. (clock ticking) All right I’m heading to
Target to pick up my order. So I didn’t get a text, but
I looked on my app, it said your order is ready so I just click that I’m on my way. Okay so they have parking
spots that say drive up. Okay they’re labeled one and two. I’m going to pull up to number one. Okay I’m here so I
guess I’ll wait and see. Oh wait, this might be my guy. No, it’s not. He got on a red shirt. So right now I’m thinking
because of the quick turnaround, this is the best stop if you
had that last minute thing, you’re on your way home from
work, you don’t want to run in. Walmart you have to give them
about at least twelve hours notice so I think for grocery
pick up, if you have a list made and you’re planning, which
most people would plan their grocery list or at least have
an idea of what they want, Shoot! You scared me. – (laughing) Sorry. – Thank you so much. – You have a great day. – All right I got my pasta sauce, and my salad dressing mix. It was like a matter of like
two minutes tops that I waited so that’s fast service. Good job, Target. All right I’m across
the street from Walmart. It is exactly ten o’clock. I want to see how punctual they are. So I have not gotten a text
message, but I go to the app and it says my order is ready for pickup. Check in when you’re on your
way, there’s no need to call. Okay, I’m going to check in. Okay, it is clearly marked with orange signs where to go for pick up. Oh here he’s coming. He’s already walking out, I
haven’t even told him what spot I’m in. That was fast. Okay so I thought within two
minutes was plenty fast enough at Target, but I didn’t even have to
wait, they were waiting on me pretty much and I just
pulled into Walmart pickup. Good job, Walmart. Back from our excursion and
just to recap where we are thus far, the setting up the
account from each store was about the same. It’s pretty straight forward
and self explanatory. The ordering, Walmart had
a little bit of an edge up on Target as far as
the ease of the ordering. Neither stores gave me a text
update telling me when my order was ready. That could be my fault, but
when I went to each website, they both told me my order was ready. They both have a GPS feature
so they knew when I was actually pulling in the parking lot. Target was about two minutes, maybe less. Walmart was pretty much waiting
on me, they were walking out when I was pulling up,
but both are very fast. Now it’s time to see how my purchases line up. So you can tell by the number
of bags, I was definitely not able to get everything at Target. So I got exactly what I ordered
from Target so they were accurate. Walmart had everything I needed
on my list so we will see how the shoppers did. Give me a minute while I
unpack all these groceries. They put the fragile items
up with me in the front seat so it was super cold, it came
straight from refrigeration. Pretty much so far, everything
exactly that I ordered. The things that I will be
pickier about are the produce, the cold items, and the fresh meats. The chicken looks pretty good. I don’t know if this is the pack I would pick out. Some of it looks a little white. This is just personal preference stuff. From what I remember, I think
it said the most I would pay for the package of
chicken was eight dollars and thirty-five cents. This package says nine dollars
and seventy-three cents. I think I prepaid for it,
though, so I think I got a deal. So sometimes it can
work out in your favor. Comment below, let me know if this has ever happened to you. I ordered one steak. It looks pretty. They are both cold. It’s nice and thick. So let me inspect my produce now. I ordered some celery, these
are all firm and crunchy. This is exactly a pack that I
would have picked out so yay. They did very well on the
picking of the strawberry pack. I don’t see one bruised or
moldy strawberry in here. And they smell like strawberries. I like my grapes firm and crunchy. (gasps) I might just have to
bite in so you can see just how crunchy it is. I mean they’re winning
me over, I’m just saying. Okay my apples are good and firm, as well. These look great. There is a tiny bruise on
this one, that doesn’t bother me too much so A+. I ordered deli meat, this
might be a tad thicker than what I would normally
get, but that’s okay. I mean it is what it is. It’s fine. All of my groceries, my jarred items, nothing’s broken, cracked. Ordered some refrigerated hummus. And then finally, the bread. You know, I hope my rolls
are smooth and not wrinkled and smooshed. Ah, but they did pick out a good pack. At the end of the day, this
was a very positive experience from both aspects. Walmart, for me, hit
this one out of the park. I think Target will get there. I could see myself using
both services, and I will.


  1. I like grocery pick up..going to try Sam's Club pick up next month. Of course being handicap having someone shop and load my groceries is Wonderful!!!! Oh and everytime they are out of an item they substitute and they ask you if you still want the item and if you don't they take it back..Never been in Target as they aren't in Alaska

  2. Great vid, I haven't done this yet.

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