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now.. using lemon juice.. and salt.. we marinated the chicken now, we going to prepare.. grill chicken without using grill stove.. in a tradition way.. we going to see how to grill chicken now we going to prepare a grill chicken paste home made.. chicken masala next.. curry masala next.. chili powder pasted.. …ginger and garlic next ..coriander powder required.. salt then.. I’m adding one tomato let’s add some water for this consistency.. add more water and keep it ready rub well the grill paste in the entire chicken massage it well pan is heated now add some.. oil add the remaining grill paste with this mix some onions ginger then.. potato’s water is boiling chicken will cooked well if we cook the chicken until the water evaporated chicken will cooked well taste also be delicious now we don’t need to close the lid … let it open to evaporate water quickly it’s cooked well let’s take it off now, we just cooked the chicken now only we going to grill the chicken for that, I placed the pan on a stove now I’m adding oil oil turns into heat now let’s grill the chicken grill chicken is ready let’s take it off delicious


  1. awesomeeeeeeeeeummmmmmmmm

  2. Mr. Raja's #1 fan!!! Nice video, looks yummy.

  3. That looks so good.

  4. Love it 👍 I know what my Friday Night Meal is now going to be. Defo going to give it a try. 😀

  5. Daaaaaaam That Looks So Delicious And Spicy. 😍😍😍

  6. 15:26 when you hit the hashish before dinner is ready

  7. Yummy! This looks fantastic! Subscribed ☺️

  8. I love channels like yours and grandpas kitchen! The food also looks so good

  9. Hi dab

  10. I’m in awe!

  11. Yummy chicken 🐾

  12. Good food and a great location. Bon apetit

  13. Fuck what i have just watched!! Tandoori chicken??

  14. God damn it i just ate dinner and now im hungry again 😩 craving chicken >_<

  15. When i see the unhygenic cooking method with number of flyes, i vomited

  16. Superrrrrr wow I like the grill chicken

  17. Hello hindi

  18. Appa super …. Iwant more video

  19. vow nice grill chicken……

  20. Bakwaas

  21. Sir..கோழிய எப்படி sir சாக அடிச்சிங்க..

  22. too much time taking…

  23. Super

  24. অসাধারণ

  25. Dumbo..!! this is hilarious, the way you people cooked it may be tasty but same as how chicken fried. i had prepared chicken in the same pattern before but it doesn't even the same tastes like grilled. Have you ever tasted a grilled chicken in your life, as the term itself Grilled it should be set of fire direct contact. Better change the name of your video to Village style chicken fry.

  26. That’s fucking fry mate !

  27. Super

  28. Fool this is chicken fry not grilled

  29. Oh no i gonna eat my phone which displays delicious chicken😛

  30. Sooo delicious… But mate this is fry, not grill… Still my mouth is watering… 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  31. Super

  32. Super 👌 👌 which software used to edit video

  33. U eat first

  34. ஆகா அருமை நாவில் தண்ணீர் வழிந்து விட்டது எனக்கு 😋

  35. your cooking style is amazing but sorry to say your finger nails are big which are not good for health

  36. Yean da loosu pu grill chicken na yennanu theriiuma unaku…..

  37. Super. Watch my channel also.


  38. yummy! its mouthwatering

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