Venison Roast recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys


  1. Good food, but man, yall skin e deer bass ackwards,,,,,

  2. Perfect wit some cornbread

  3. After watching the video

    I stared down at my hot pocket and started to cry.

  4. Hands down the Best Cooking Channel on youtube !!!

  5. Y !!

  6. Twelve stump humpers disliked

  7. whats that?

  8. I thought the same thing…

  9. anyone who bastes a roast with a knife gets my thumbs up

  10. These are real American brothers cooking here. That's how you do cooking right. I hope America doesn't fall and we get to keep enjoying pleasurable freedoms like this cause I'd hate to be locked up in a FEMA camp dreaming about good food like right here having to eat dirt. God Bless the BBQ Pit Boys!

  11. I guess they really wanted the Taste of the Wild!

  12. you're onto something, dooovde. Genetics explain a lot. BTW Carrots squeal. Listen next time..! -BBQ Pit Boys

  13. Hey boys was this the same deer you used for the venison stew video?

  14. i think you guys need a sharp

  15. Uncensored Barbecue

  16. I'd eat that!

  17. So that's why they killed Bambi.

  18. Ohhhhhhoooooooo baby!. Smack that rub! SMACK IT!!!!!

  19. Is that the calf muscle?

  20. damn you got me drooling when you started slicing up that roast… love the commentary too!

  21. This looks awesome. Venison stuffed with bacon! Hell yeah!

  22. Aaand my 'BBQ Pit Boys recipes to do list" just got longer. Thank God deer season is here for this one! Excellent video my friends.

  23. Looks incredible, I'm going to try it tomorrow with Caribou but you really should sharpen your knife LOL

  24. Got damnt I'm starving after watching this!

  25. hi Folks
    please can you show a recipe with wild boar …..greats from germany

  26. This is what i want in my retired life. It takes about 40 years from now. LOL

  27. Have you cook a roadkill before?

  28. Who did the music in the video… pretty good!

  29. dad got me up early today and told me it will take 6 hours to cook so i had to get started. gonna do what he told me to do just to see what happens. i think i can keep it from drying out as long as possible

  30. My mouth was drooling the whole time.

  31. I've got a hind leg that I would like to use for this recipe and cook up on my Akorn, what Internal Temp did you cook this to? I'm thinking about 180°F judging by how it sliced. Thanks for making this video, hopefully the wife thinks it's as good as it looks!

  32. You guys look like a lot of fun to eat with and you sure do know how to cook some good deer. Wish I could join you! I'd love to try this recipe, but I don't have a smoker. However, I will be adding bacon! That looks great!

  33. I've just been diagnosed with diabetes so I guess I'm a vegematic now….:(

  34. So this is 12:28 and this just made me really hungry 

  35. good lord, my mouth is drooling watching this shit! so fucking hungry now!!!

  36.  Why did you have to make me so hungry ?? 

  37. I don't have a large outdoor Smoker like they have.? But I do have one of them Stove top Indoor smokers,? That will fit a nice Venison Roast.? & Do the Veggies & Sausages & Bacon in it also.? Great recipe as always from the Pit Boys.?

  38. This looks absolutely delicious!! I ask barbecue dudes…What does deer meat taste like???? I ask because were I'm from, its reallllyyy rare! 

  39. Look so damn good!!

  40. err ma gerrd, i can't wait to do this when i get a deer!!!!

  41. Forget the beef broth boys, couple cans of beer would have done just fine. I would have thrown all that sausage in the beer with the roast while cooking too.. MMM MMM, Nice buck by the way. Was that a 45 or 30-30 rifle?

  42. Awesome video, thanks guys.  I'm heading out back to smoke a quarter and learned some nice tips to try today.

  43. Lords of the pit I'm a cook in the army and you guys have showed me everything i need in bbq thank you keep it up killas.

  44. I know all about smokin up 😉

  45. Thanks BBQpitboys you've now managed to make my mouth water for the next 3 months


  47. I guess this is a pretty stupid question, but do you guys hunt your own meat or get it at a grocery store?

  48. Got Me a couple deer roast in the freezer, You can bet You know what I'm doing with them! Thank You BBQ Pit Boys for Your awesome recipes ! 

  49. Oh my Lord, guys!  Great video.  Plugging the venison with the bacon looks like it would taste so good.  I've only ever ate  deer as steaks or medallions, never a roast, but I'll try to get my hands on one and try this recipe out.

  50. Venison is leaner than beef but has more chloresterol. However, it is still healthy to eat in small portions.

  51. OMG!! my mouth was watering the whole time I was watching this i am going to try the bacon stuffed deer roast next time I go hunting hey you guys got any recipes for rabbit to? 

  52. Yikes! that's delicious!

  53. Interesting,Boys Lookin Real Guud

  54. LOL…I keep saying that you guys should have a raffle where the winner can come out there & kick it with you guys & get their grub on…either that or make some orders where you can ship them for a good price…Keep up the good work! Love your work! A++++++++++++++

  55. just did this and omg was it ever guuuud!

  56. I went out and shot a deer today after watching this .so your video caused the death of a deer in NC. its a good thing I watched this during hunting season or me and the g.w. would have had a problem.

  57. great stuff guys love your video's

  58. That Deer in heaven looking like woooooweeee look what they did to me

  59. Those fellas cut their deer roast the same way I do.  Who'd a thunk it?  But I GOTTA get me a smoker!  That roast they cooked looks awesome!  And I'll bet my boots that it tasted heavenly!

  60. Tried the chilli was amazing now I gotta try this

  61. Thanks Pit boys! I'm smoking a hind leg for Christmas and I am going to use this video as my guide! Thanks guys

  62. what were the forks for


  64. Cool Video"…. Normally I wrap my venison in Thick apple wood smoked bacon before I grill it or put it in my smoker and it comes out superb!! I definitely will give this a try of putting the bacon on the inside.

  65. I'm starving

  66. Caution: not for annoying vegan pricks.

  67. AWESOME JOB.can a hungry person [me] get a plate,lol.great tips and twist.thanks for sharing.


  69. I really enjoy your videos. Your recipes are great. I am from South Africa and every year I go hunting. You may enjoy this recipe. I use a kudu or springbuck fillet . Rub with olive oil and crushed garlic then sprinkle with a bit of lemon juice. Leave in the fridge overnight. Grill over a medium heat till its done the way you like it. I am sure that it will work just as well with the venison that you have there as with what we have here. By the way, when we have a BBQ we call it a braai. The word " braai" rhymes with the word bye but with an "r" in.

  70. I love you guys, but why facebook did you think this was my idea?

  71. fuc fuc………………….

  72. Fantasztikusan jó !!! Nagyon ízletes lehet !!! Tetszett ez a Team munka !!! Köszönöm szépen !!

  73. Profi munkát végeztek az én Kedves Barátaim, Tanítóim.. Hálás köszönet !!

  74. And this is why I hunt

  75. Fantasztikus, ahogyan készül !!! _ köszönöm szépen Gusztusos . / jó volt látni, legalább itt !!!/

  76. hey boys do you decide how long you are going to smoke the roast by how much it weighs?

  77. Outstanding job of cooking some deer meat in the great outdoors!

  78. I don't think we have those in our local grocery store. We've fish, pork, beef and chicken and anything else they expect us to catch it ourselves I think. I don't think I ever see a hoof or a head on any of our meat. Not only that I don't think anyone knows any other meats beside what is sold in stores.

  79. 1 slice, maybe 2. maybe 4 … you can never have too much

  80. Manliest cooking show ever.

  81. bout time to run ole hickory across the stone

  82. Oh man! Gotta go kill me a deer quick

  83. Nice looking snack , with the au jus!

  84. that guy who cook BBQ was in the hard target movie.

  85. Holy shit my mouth is watering.

  86. Yeah! [email protected]# yeah!

  87. Is this applicable to elk as well?

  88. the 46 ppl that disliked this video should never get on youtube again EVER

  89. Don’t peel the silver skin off?..

  90. You guys are heroes!

  91. That looks "hell a good" guys. Thanks for teaching me how to cook. Nice video keep up the good work

  92. Forks were only there for the photo op.

  93. Im like a deer before head lights, after seeing how scrumptiously these country boys hunted, prepped, and cooked this meat. Its SMOKIN!

  94. "..and some thick slice bacon for smokin'…OOOOOooooohhhhh YEAH" hahahah

  95. I should not have watched this hungry

  96. Nice

  97. I call that the venison bacon grease cream pie

  98. Why do you try to sound like Sam Eliot? You sound like a doofus.

  99. Well, guess who's hungry and jealous now 🤣

  100. Just finished cutting up a couple deer definitely going to smoke me up a roast.

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