[lauren] hey what’s going on? it’s lauren from hot for food and we’re cooking again today! [lauren] we’re making something a little special becuase Thanksgiving is coming up for all of you in the United States of America. [lauren] and lucky me gets to celebrate Thanksgiving twice because i already had Canadian Thanksgiving! [lauren] now if you watched my snapchat or my instastory during that time last month, [lauren] you would’ve seen me making a little puff pastry Thanksgiving roast, “beast” i was calling it. [lauren] there’s no meat, it’s completely vegan. [lauren] but i’m gonna call it a thanksgiving roast, or thanksgiving pot pie but basically it’s this [lauren] delicious pie that’s got layers of all the thanksgiving flavours in it. [lauren] it’s got sweet potato mash, a lentil mushroom kind of meaty gravy layer, [lauren] and an apple cranberry sauce on top, all between luscious layers of puff pastry. [lauren] and i’m gonna show you how to make it, it’s amazing and you can bring it to your feast, [lauren] this year for Thanksgiving so here’s how it’s done. [lauren] so you can start by making the cranberry apple sauce which is all done in one pot. [lauren] it’s super easy, you can also use a pre made cranberry sauce if you want. [lauren] so we’re gonna add cranberries, apple sauce, diced apples, water, sea salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and ginger. [lauren] and just give it a stir and let it simmer. [lauren] and while that’s cooking, we can boil our sweet potatoes for the sweet potato mash. [lauren] and just cook those until they’re tender. [lauren] so while the potatoes are cooking, your cranberry sauce is reducing, [lauren] we’re gonna start making the other filling, which is really easy, you’re just gonna do that in one pan. [lauren] so we’re gonna start by adding some oil to a pan. [lauren] and to this, we’re gonna add onion, celery and carrot. [lauren] so you’re gonna cook these for about 4 minutes, [lauren] now we’re gonna add the seasoning, which is fresh thyme but you could use dried, [lauren] sage, nutmeg and salt and pepper/ [lauren] once the onions, celery and carrots cook down like this, you’re gonna add chopped portobello mushrooms. [lauren] so once the mushrooms are mostly cooked like this, then add in minced garlic and cooked lentils. [lauren] so just saute this for a couple of minutes to get the garlic cooked. [lauren] then we’re gonna add vegetable stock and let it simmer and reduce. [lauren] then we’re gonna add a cornstarch slurry, which is just a tablespoon of cornstarch and a tablespoon of water. [lauren] and this is gonna help thicken it up into a gravy. [lauren] so once it gets thick and there’s no more liquid really in it, you can turn the heat off, [lauren] and you need to let this cool before putting it in the roast. [lauren] so now you’re gonna drain your sweet potatoes and put them back in the pot so we can make the mash. [lauren] alright, we’re gonna add vegan butter, nutritional yeast, cinnamon, garlic powder, allspice, nutmeg and ginger. [lauren] you can also add salt and pepper to taste. [lauren] and we’re gonna add a little bit of almond milk. [lauren] and now just combine this till it’s really smooth, [lauren] and again you want it to be pretty cooled off before we add it to the puff pastry. [lauren] so we’re using a pre made puff pastry dough, it’s a generic no-name brand. [lauren] you can probably find it in the freezer section at your grocery store. [lauren] you’re gonna thaw it overnight so that it’s soft and pliable to use. [lauren] you’re also gonna want flour on standby so flour up your hands, flour up your rolling pin. [lauren] i got a new rolling pin. [lauren] i thought this metal one might work better than a wood one. [lauren] and you don’t take apart the puff pastry, it’s not filo dough, it’s puff pastry. [lauren] you want to roll all those layers of vegetable oil and flour together. [lauren] you don’t want to peel them apart, it doesn’t even work. [lauren] i’m just clarifying cos some people thought you’re supposed to take the layers of it off when i made sausage rolls, [lauren] and you’re not. [lauren] and we’re gonna roll out the dough to about a 17 by 12 inch rectangle. [lauren] and then we’re gonna cut about three quarters of the way down the rectangle and that’s gonna be our inside piece. [lauren] and the remainder’s gonna be the top piece for the puff pastry pot pie, or roast. whatever you wanna call it. [lauren] there’s probably lots of ways to do this, i’m just gonna put a sheet going in like this, [lauren] i’m not gonna worry about this side but we are going to lightly grease this just so it doesn’t stick. [lauren] and then, you’re going to try to layer it, you are going to layer it in the breadpan very delicately. [lauren] and you want it to be covering all sides. [lauren] and then if you have some excess like this, you just wanna press it in overlap. [lauren] it’s fine if there’s some thicker parts. [lauren] and then, just a little troubleshooting, if you have a gap like this, [lauren] just cut some of the excess from the side, cos you’re gonna have excess, and just sort of press it on there. [lauren] and just paste it in the gap, it’s fine. [lauren] and there we go! now we’re ready to fill all the layers in here. [lauren] so we’re gonna do sweet potato mash, then the gravy, mushroom lentil layer and that cranberry apple sauce. [lauren] so spread the sweet potato all along the bottom, [lauren] you want a pretty decent layer, probably higher than an inch, [lauren] then scoop on the next layer. [lauren] this is our “meaty” layer. [lauren] then you’re gonna add your apple cranberry sauce. [lauren] so we’re gonna take the top piece now and put it on top. [lauren] and what you wanna do here is kind of just press around the edge like this, [lauren] just to create a bit of a seal around the filling and the crust. [lauren] if you have quite a bit of overhang here, you can just sort of tuck it in. [lauren] and it will seal itself to the rest of the crust. [lauren] sort of tuck like this. [lauren] anywhere there’s excess, you can just fold it over on itself like that, [lauren] and we’ve got this big flap, you could cut it or i mean, it’s fine if it’s rustic, you just tuck it in, make a little crust like that. [lauren] and then just to make sure that’s all sealed and nice looking, we’re gonna take a fork. [lauren] and make some marks all the way round. [lauren] alright then we wanna make little air pockets at the top so you’re just gonna take a sharp knife, [lauren] and make little slits at the top like this. [lauren] just to let out the steam. [lauren] and there’s our finished roast so this is going into the oven. [lauren] at 375F for about 30 to 40 minutes. [lauren] this is gonna get golden on top, you won’t really know what’s happening inside. [lauren] but when i baked it last time, it was hot and piping inside and outsides were cooked and it was all good. [lauren] your baking time may vary so just double check, you can always stick a fork [lauren] tnrough one of the slits just to see if it’s hot in the middle. [lauren] we have the exact right amount for all the filling except there is a little extra sweet potato. [lauren] but i swear i did that on purpose so you could eat it while you’re waiting for it to bake. [lauren] cos you’re gonna be starving with all that work. [lauren] oh yea! look at that roast! i’m calling it a roast, i don’t know. [lauren] now very important, once you get that golden brown thing happening here, [lauren] do not take it out of the pan yet, just let it cool, let it settle [lauren] because if you take it out too soon, it may just collapse. [lauren] but we’re gonna make it look super cute by tying a little piece of twine and wrapping the parchment around it. [lauren] there’s our thanksgiving roast! [lauren] look at all the layers in there. [lauren] now it may not look the prettiest on the inside but it’s delicious, trust me. [lauren] it tastes like Thanksgiving. [lauren] i brought this to Thankgiving in Canada this year, [lauren] the lentil mushroom layer has that gravy in there but you can make our mushroom gravy, [lauren] which i’ll link below, and you can drizzle that on top as well. [lauren] crunch crunchy crunchy [lauren] oh yea. [lauren] mm! [lauren] you got everything. sweet, savoury, [lauren] you could experiment with different layers in this thanksgiving roast/ thanksgiving pot pie. [lauren] if you want. [lauren] what else could you put in there? you could put seitan sausage, [lauren] mac and cheese! no, i’m just kidding. don’t put mac and cheese in there! [lauren] it might work! i don’t know, do what you want. [lauren] but this is like thanksgiving in a slice which i think is really cool, [lauren] so i hope you try it this year at your thanksgiving or your friendsgiving, definitely for friendsgiving. [lauren] there’s lots here, it’ll serve like 6 people, even 8 people if you cut the pieces thin enough and you’ve got other sides. [lauren] let me know what you think if you try it! [lauren] i wanna see your pictures, i wanna see some comments of what your thoughts are. [lauren] the recipe is linked below on our blog, [lauren] as well as the gravy recipe i mentioned. [lauren] and happy thanksgiving to everyone in the US of A! [lauren] i got to celebrate thanksgiving twice because i have a food channel. [lauren] so that’s pretty cool. [lauren] i guess the next big thing is gonna be christmas coming up soon. [lauren] so you have ideas for christmas recipes, let me know! [lauren] in the comments. subscribe, we post every wednesday here on the channel. [lauren] and i’ll see you guys next wednesday, next week, for more food, more hot for food, more deliciousness. [lauren] i got a lot of roast to eat, don’t i? [lauren] bye!

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