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we were talking about 4pm snacking what are we supposed to do about our 4 pm snack cravings do you know what does Mumbai do when it craves for 4 pm snacks Mumbai goes and buy its fuel and Vada Pav is the fuel for Mumbai hmm.. it is a very easy & simple recipe you can say that, vada pav is original Indian burger lets make it Rolling & Action in 1966 “Ashok Vaidya ji” opened his shop outside Dadar station he realised that people are in a hurry because they are in a rush, either to reach home or to office. Similarly, they are in a hurry to get out of the train or get in it so he thought, serving people messy food when they are in a hurry, will not work hence he created a quick snack dish which anyone could carry effortessly to their offices or homes and this dish was named “Vada Pav” in 1966 opposite Dadar station is when “Vada Pav” was invented by “Mr Ashok Vaidya” the lifeline of vada pav that is batter fried potato balls (batata vada) batata means potatoes its being only 7 years that i my living in Bombay hence, do let me know if my pronunciations are right or wrong please comment and tell me is batata pronounced as batata only the word “Batata” comes from word “Patata” anyways patata means batata, its a long story, he will let you know how did potato came to India and from where did it came he will also tell you this Ranveer…. to make batter fried potato balls (batata vada) and green chilli & garlic paste we just need to cook turmeric powder and remove its raw flavour now.. switch off the flames keep the flames switched off and mix the potatoes properly it is a very simple recipe to cook there is no rocket science in this as always we like to do smart work…… DONE… so do not heat this mixture a lot, i’ve just added this into the pan so that tempering gets incorporated properly some people also like to do they add sugar to the mixture if you want you can add it in in some places mixture of sweet and organic potatoes are uesd to balance out the sweetness in the mixture so if you want to add some sugar you can add it if you are using good potatoes then no need to add anything, its perfect balanced in itself the flavours that you well taste are of curry leaves of that, roasted garlic of that, lightly roasted green chillies and in the end coriander leaves but serilously sometimes i think that the man who thought of this out-side Dadar station so long ago to create such a dish what a genius man with a great vision usually people think that the local trains are who keeps Mumbai running but the people living in Bombay knows that “Vada Pav” is who keeps Bombay running if your food does not keepup with the speed of Mumbai, it will not work Vada Pav is what sets the speed of Mumbai if you want to understand Vada Pav Vada Pav is not just from India, the bread (pav) was brought in Bombay by the Portuguese people even after Bombay was taken over by Britishers, we kept the Portuguese bread (pav) with us hmm… after that Portuguese brought Potatoes with them and we also kept those with us after all this, the bread (pav), potatoes were brought by Portuguese, but the Vada Pav is of Bombay now you think that how globle Mumbai city is or just think that whether Vada Pav belongs to us or not or its just a Portuguese adaptation this is all what Vada Pav has got in it there is, batter fried potato balls (vada) the bread (pav) and the chutney and nothing else now our preparation for potato balls (vada) is ready now we will make its batter now take gram flour (besan) and add little bit of red chilli powder to enhance the colour of gram flour salt and water lots of people add soda to the batter, if you want can add baking soda in it which will give the batter a fluffy texture i do not like to add soda because it affects the colour of the turmeric powder if you add soda in the batter, the turmeric powder will turn reddish in colour and after frying, you will get a reddish fried potato ball (vada) instead of Yellow you must have seen in lots of shops the fried potato balls (vada) are orangish / browinish in colour because of which they are like that but some shopkeepers are very smart some shopkeepers add turmeric powder in there batter and instead of water they add drinking soda in it drinking soda……. it also gives fluffy texture and also does not affect the colour of the batter this happens only in Mumbai Mumbai finds its own solutions for every problem this turning red is very small problem it is very important to slit the green chilli by doing this, the air inside the chillies will escape as soon as you will fry the chillies, it will bust out in oil because of which you will get hurt and you would say “Ranveer aapne bataya nahi”, Ranveer will never wish for it that you would get hurt, so Ranveer had told you to make a slit in the chillies or else it will bust in the oil Done…. and the fried green chilli that goes compulsorily with Vada pav even that chilli, was brought in India by Protuguese people so, neither the chillies belongs to us, nor the potatoes and even the bread (pav), but the “Vada Pav” is ours these extra fried batter crumbs are fun to eat with this fried batter crumbs a nice dish is made not a proper dish but a nice accompaniment is prepared first i will make this and then fry the potato ball (vada) we need to fry this batter crumbs until crispy if you have peanuts without skin, use those i do not have it right now but i will not lose this chance to show you this chutney i can’t change my habitat na….. after all its your call, but this peanut chutney has a good shelf-life hence, whenever i make this i it with only peanuts if you want you can also add coconut, sesame seeds etc in this add salt it is very important, so whenever you want to grind any spices add salt to it done… as days pass by it will start to lose its moisture and become more and more dry nice… thise potato balls look ready even the batter looks ready now.. lets coat the potato balls in the batter and fry it in hot oil what do you say? should we…! so lots of pople like a thick covering of batter, but i do not like it thick i always try to keep the batter as thin as posible because it taste good now a days we get those energy drinks in market and even we get energy bars and also other energy boosting things in market if you want to see real example of energy booster that is the “Vada Pav” as you know potato has carbs which gives us lots of energy similarly, bread (pav) aslo has carbs which gives energy the boost of instant energy that Mumbai needs to run would not come from any energy drink or any bar that came from “Vada Pav”, that is why till today the boost that the Vada Pav can give you, no energy bar can so, basically to tell you about that food does not belong to any one even not to me or anybody else the day that i tell you to make a recipe same way as i want, that is the day you unsubscribe to the channel food is for all of us as we are in democracy, food is also democratic always make what you want to if somebody says this is not authentic than tell him to get the person who made this for first time, because that and only that recipe is authentic here’s to the joy of cooking and here’s to the joy of celebrating food come on…..


  1. Food making is democratic…best compliment Bhai…

  2. Potato isn't Portuguese. The Portuguese simply brought it over from the Americas when they colonized the new world. The native North and South Americans were the actual genius farmers who spent thousand of years breeding a ton of vegetables (and even fruits) that the world eats today. From potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, corn, green beans, chilies, peanut/groundnut, sunflower, etc.

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