Undercover Gordon Ramsay Tries To Be Annoying | Season 1 Ep. 1 | THE F WORD

I’ve travelled across the
country to New York City to try to fool a former
protege of mine, Maria Tampakis, and her
students, at the Institute of Culinary Education. Now, if I do my job
properly, they’ll be cooking alongside a Michelin
star chef without them knowing. First stop, the make up chair
to become somebody else. GORDON RAMSAY
(VOICEOVER): So here’s the deal, my former
head chef, Maria, now works for the Institute
of Culinary Education. She recently sent me a letter
asking me to come and instruct some of her students. Well Maria, be careful
what you ask for. To fool someone I’ve
known for years, I need an amazing disguise. When you say bigger,
like 400 pounds bigger? Um, 350? Thank you.
(VOICEOVER): It took nearly four hours in the chair
to hide my usual boyish looks. Makeup done, next fat suit. Let’s go. GORDON RAMSAY
(VOICEOVER): I enlisted the services of a fellow
Brit to help me blend in. How do you feel? Fat. GORDON RAMSAY (VOICEOVER):
First challenge, getting through security. How are you? – Nice to see you.
– Are you here for the class? Yeah. So excited. GORDON RAMSAY (VOICEOVER):
Next challenge, blend in with the class
and its first instructor. So my name is
Robert Ramsey, I’ve been teaching here full time
for just over two years. GORDON RAMSAY (VOICEOVER):
Another chef Ramsey? I have no relation
to Gordon Ramsay. GORDON RAMSAY
(VOICEOVER): He has no idea there’s
another chef Ramsay just a few feet away from him. Time to introduce him to James. My name is James,
James Thompson, retired schoolteacher. I’m here with my niece, and
I want to learn how to cook. Welcome, okay we need to
learn how to make pasta dough, has anybody made
pasta dough before. No, OK. GORDON RAMSAY
(VOICEOVER): Little do they know, I’ve rolled enough
pasta to cover all of Italy. ROBERT RAMSEY: I’m going to
feed my pasta into the machine and we’re doing that thing just
like with salt water taffy, we’re now folding it in on
itself, running it through. I’m still on setting number one. GORDON RAMSAY (VOICEOVER):
All right, now it’s time to show my skills. Sometimes guys, if it’s
too thick when it goes in, it does this. Have you done this before. GORDON RAMSAY (VOICEOVER):
A few students seem to notice I know my
way around the kitchen, but I haven’t
blown my cover yet. Your dough feels great. GORDON RAMSAY (VOICEOVER):
I’m head of the class and no one knows why. So far, so good. But I can’t lose sight of
who I came here to prank. My former head chef, Maria,
is coming through the doors. How do I pull this off? Right, the kitchen is
filled with hidden cameras, I spent hours in
the makeup chair, and I’m wearing heavy
fat suit, all to fool my former head chef, Maria. My name is Maria, I
spent the past seven years as an Executive Chef
for the Gordon Ramsay group, in London. Oh, OK. Now, he’s a little
mean isn’t he? MARIA: He is, um, a
little– you know what, he– I’ve watched the
show and I was like– MARIA: You know what, he is– GORDON RAMSAY (VOICEOVER):
Time to find out what she really thinks about me. MARIA: In the kitchen, you
have a level of expectancy. You know who you
work for, and you know what he expects of you. But if you always ensure that
the product you’re delivering is what he wants, you’ll be
in his good graces forever. GORDON RAMSAY
(VOICEOVER): Looks like I taught her something after all. I’m going to get the chickens
and let’s wash our hands. GORDON RAMSAY (VOICEOVER): I’ll
get back to Maria in a minute. First, time to bond
with my new best friend. She’s good. Uh-huh. She’s good. Like, she’s just
down and dirty. She worked for Gordon Ramsay. I know, that’s why
I said, is he as mean as he is on the television. He’s such a dick. He’s such a dick. GORDON RAMSAY (VOICEOVER):
I made it this far, but how far can I push it. MARIA: Stick your whole
head in, no problem. I found the
breastbone, right here. And what did I do, I made
one long cut through. [camera clicking] You know, you can either take
the breast off separately, you can pop the leg.
[pop] If you pull the leg– Ew, ew. MARIA: You heard that
pop, that’s that joint. The breast has the
breast and the flap. GORDON RAMSAY: Wow, the flap. [laughter] MARIA: That’s what I’d
like to call it, OK. I wouldn’t use that knife,
I would use a big knife. GORDON RAMSAY (VOICEOVER):
I tried to be class clown, but she didn’t catch on. Time to see if she
recognizes my skills. I break down the chicken
into six precise sections and display them perfectly. MARIA: Beautiful, perfect. Do you think Gordon Ramsay
would be proud of my work? He would be. GORDON RAMSAY (VOICEOVER):
Only a trained chef can break down a chicken like
that, how could she not know what’s going on? Time to turn up the heat. MARIA: Whoop, put it down. You did exactly what I
said don’t do, didn’t you? Did you add the alcohol
on top of the flame? GORDON RAMSAY (VOICEOVER):
Just inches away and eye to eye, I
think it’s safe to say I successfully fooled Maria. Time to let her in
on the big secret. GORDON RAMSAY: Ma’am?
the chicken oysters. Oh yeah, we save them though
and we use the chickens, all of the bones we use here. GORDON RAMSAY (VOICEOVER):
Finally, the moment of truth. GORDON RAMSAY: Ma’am. MARIA: Yes. GORDON RAMSAY: Gordon Ramsay
would never forget the oysters. Maria how are you darling? [laughter] Good to see you, love, you
haven’t lost your touch. I am Gordon Ramsay, and
this is an amazing chef. Camera, camera, camera,
camera, microphone, microphone, and camera. MARIA: Is this real? GORDON RAMSAY: Come here,
come here, come here, you’ve been busted. Come here. MARIA: Are you–
are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? I’m sorry I said
you were mean. The good news is, I watch you. You do watch me. I do. You told me down
there you hated me. No I didn’t! You did, you
said I was a jerk. MARIA: Are you kidding me? GORDON RAMSAY (VOICEOVER):
Maria had no idea her old boss was back in the
kitchen with her, mission accomplished. GORDON RAMSAY: Come on,
she’s an amazing chef.


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