Uco Flatpack Grill and Firepit REVIEW (ENGLISH)

Hi everybody this is Gijs with an
other review and I hope you are doing well This time it is a grill, the Uco
Flatpack Grill and Firepit so if you like grilling, bbq-ing or just making campfires without damaging nature… Whatch this video! Welcome to the review of the Uco
Flatpack Grill and Firepit and well yes this is all there is to it. It is three
centimeters in thickness It is 34,5 centimeters in width and
in length it is 27 centimeters So this is a very small pack size . The weight is 700 grams and that is fine if you travel by car and therefore it is not for
backpacking. Well she might be able to see the pouch it is quite a tight fit
because of all the tension there is on it Now let me open it – there’s a piece
of velcro – and the fact that it is quite a tight fit is that I already tore a bit
apart here which is a pity and I did that when I was putting the grill back
in there so a slightly bigger pouch would be really well appreciated. By me
at least. Now let me take it out. We’ve got the stainless steel handle. Put
it on to the pouch. Here we’ve got the… grill which is steel wire frame and this
is the hole well fire pit basically because that’s the grill of course. Now
all there is to it is just to open it like a Chinese hand fan, twist the legs
underneath here. Now it’s like this… …and turn it upside down again and this
is the beauty of the Uco. As you can see it is v-shaped
and it is heart shaped on the top which It not only looks cool but it’s also quite
well designed because the grill… …fits onto the well basically the half rounded heart parts. Which is I think very nice. As you can see there is a
little opening underneath here for the air flow and there are four
ventilation openings on each side what I’ve discovered is that if you want to
regulate the amount of fire and heat a bit, it is just a matter of taking the
Uco by its legs and turning it in or outside the wind direction because if
this is the direction like now there will be a lot
of airflow going on and if you turn it like this, well the air will be blocked. It is not always 100% effective so I’ve been well basically trying
something with aluminum foil and that works as well. Now let’s start a fire! Yes, and this is the magic of course of
video – in the old days it was television – but now I have some wood here. I’m here
in a nature reserve and I’m not allowed to cut any wood where I am so I brought
some from home. What I always do is… …I just like old fashioned matches. This is wood which is really full of resin which always works, but of course the
best trick is of course birch wood just the bark of it the last bit this is really a
super material. I’ve got a this is like a paper-thin one. You see it’s getting darker and the geese are flying back to their night resting place or maybe into a field to get some dinner I’ve always got got some… oh no, just more birch bark I’ve got my knife and I always take some really nice small shavings – is that how
you call it in English? And now we skipped a moment because there was a dog. And I don’t mind dogs but I’m not a doglover because I’ve been bitten too often. So more of these shavings. Now save that one for later. And now just take my match and light the fire. Maybe you think this is not the real
deal because you maybe I should do it with a fire steel. Yes that’s possible
too but well this is the easy way Well now there you have a fire and I’ve
been trying the Uco Flatpack Grill just with normal regular wood also but
what I collected when I was on holiday in France, but also of course with
just a normal charcoal… …that we used to do a barbecue with… …and it doesn’t really
matter if you use wood or charcoal it really works the same it was really
fast. The good thing is and I won’t turn it a bit it’s that because of the
shape the wind direction if the wind is blowing from this direction because as
ventilation holes you’ll get a really nice airflow in the Uco. And if you
think it’s going too fast just turn it the other way around. And now it’s going
to take just a little time to make a decent fire to start grilling. Well as you can see the fire is really going nice. I’ve got the grip – which looks flimsy – but it works really well. Then I’ll take a piece of wood just to
get it down there. I can lay the grill on there. And this is how you change the
fire pit into a grill. Now I’ll jus let it die down a little bit more so it gets into ashes and then I’ll start grilling my evening meal And while the fire is
getting more like a grill fire there’s one thing that surprised me about the pouch itself. It might be a bit too narrow but when I saw some sparks come
from the fire getting onto the material itself this proof – and that’s what I
think at least – this is some sort of a natural canvas because it doesn’t get
affected by sparks. And I tried it with a metal rod put it
into the fire and try to get some birthmark (oeps) some burnmarks in there… …and it just didn’t work…. …so even if you managed to put a very hot Uco in there… this won’t get damaged. Well it’s taken about 10 to 15 minutes to get the wood into charcoal. And now it’s time to get some dinner and of course this is video magic number two because I’ve got my veggies of course
prepared as well. This is what I like to do. And what I didn’t tell you yet… …is that this is of course well… not the real deal…. …because my family – who is not wanting to be in the video … it’s waiting over there… …for their dinner basically. So I’ll just give you a small taste on… ….what the Uco is about… …let’s clean this up a bit. Hapakidosi,
well let’s some veggies. And what I also like… …something that I prepared at home… …are these small skewers with a sort of chilli chicken. And I’ve also got a
vegetarian variation on this one… …for my youngest daughter because she
is a vegetarian. What I do like about the Uco grill… …is that the basically the grill itself it’s placed lengthwise. You see some grills they have
the wires into this direction and what happens then if you approach the grill
from this side and you put small sausages on there or small skewers,
they just drop directly down into the fire. This is always the better way. Now all I have to do is wait until my food is already well this is ready. Well this ready! I’m going to have my dinner and afterwards cook for my family
because they are hungry. Now I just got to do one more thing… and it’s over to the verdict. Well the Sun is almost gone so let’s get on with the verdict: how do I rate the Uco Flatpack Grill and Firepit? I think it is a very well
designed and excellent executed small foldable grill. The fact that it is made
out of stainless steel makes it very durable. The packsize is quite small and
the weight of 1700 grams is fine for people who travel by car or camper. If you are a backpacker it might be a bit too heavy except for a
a day hike where you go barbecuing with friends for example. The way how the
grill operates is very easy and the grill really works well. And when you’re done grilling the firepit is excellent too. Because of the ground clearance you
don’t get any burns on the ground itself. That is good if you are camping on
grass for example. The pouch…. I like the fact that it seems to be fire
retardant. On the downside… it is also a bit too small resulting in some damage. So if I want to be a nitpick… …please make it a bit bigger. And – again – there’s one remark that I would like to make and that is how to
regulate the fire or the air flow and I would like to see some
regulators on the ventilation openings because that would make it a bit better. The price it is 63,99 euro’s which is about 50 dollars That is a bit more than I am well accustomed to pay for small foldable grills. But they are not made out of stainless steel and this one is so this is the durable
and sustainable choice. And therefore I rate the Uco Flatpack Grill and Firepit at 8.6 out of 10 points total! I hope you liked review and then
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  1. Very useful thanks. Best flatpack review Ive seen thus far.

  2. I’ve got this grill/pit. Love it. Not used it during a wild camp yet, but at official campsites it comes in very handy

  3. i bought one of these on clearance online just now. i got it for 18 usd. i'm excited about it. =^-^=

  4. Just got one of these for small cook outs! Fun with friends and music!

  5. Is this a mini or a regular version of it?

  6. Great job on the review. Well detailed . Thank you so much for taking the time and effort. I appreciate it new friend.

    Also i like what you did with your channel. You have my subscription i would love to have your support as well.

    I’ll catch you on the next one.
    ATB Joe 😎👊🏻

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