TWICE’s ‘My Special Recipe’! The chef is Jungyeon’s father??? [We Like Zines! / 2017.09.12]

(TWICE members are gathe red to write their book) (Up to TWICE/ Chapter 3) Because we can’t cook, we’ll challenge ourselves to cook. We’ll come up with a recipe via imagination. Pizza sauce and… Let’s add pork belly. We can add yogurt to instant noodles. This is quite difficult. I’ve never added ketchup to this before. This is a serious problem. (Time to taste the dish!) (How does it taste?) Something simple but original. That will make people want to try the recipe. Something people crave at night. Late-night snacks. Aren’t instant noodles perfect then? Add pudding to instant noodles. Pudding? I’ve seen people add yogurt. Someone imagined the taste and made a recipe. He’d never tried the recipe himself. People who saw it on the Internet tried it, and it tasted good. That sounds good. Let’s choose a single menu item. What about rabokki (tteokbokki with ramen)? A unique rabokki. Shall we go with rabokki then? Cheese rabokki, seafood rabokki, rice cake rabokki. Let’s use chili sauce. How many servings? A family usually consists of four or five people. So four or five servings. That sounds good. Doesn’t a single serving of tteokbokki usually use 200 grams of rice cakes? I don’t know for sure. Four or five servings in a supermarket… (What they don’t know, they’ll estimate!) A fistful of sliced rice cakes. A fistful of cheese rice cakes. What else is there? The ones with honey inside. Honey rice cakes. Those sound good, too. A fistful of honey rice cakes. (Once they finish adding rice cakes) Next… I want to eat pork belly. That sounds good. Rabokki with pork belly. Sausages. Fish cakes. Quail eggs. Onions. Canned corn. We have a full pot already. (What kind of rabokki will they make?) (A few days later) (Where is this place?) (TWICE member Jeongyeon’s house) Hello. I’m Chef Yu Changjun, Jeongyeon’s father. Let’s take a look at the recipe. Grilled pork belly. Sausages. Pork belly and sausages in rabokki. I think they each added what they wanted to eat. Three shots of pizza sauce. Sugar-free yogurt. This is the key point. I think Chaeyoung drew the pictures. Melted cheese. She’s a great artist. I’ll go ahead and try this recipe. Defrost rice cakes by soaking them in water. I already have defrosted rice cakes, so I’ll skip to the next step. Six cups of water. (The recipe that Jeongyeon came up with) (2. Add spicy pepper paste, ketchup and starch syrup) Two tablespoons of spicy pepper paste. Two tablespoons of starch syrup. And ketchup. I’ve never added ketchup before. Two tablespoons of ketchup. This is an unexpected ingredient. A fistful of honey rice cakes. Two servings of grilled pork belly. And quail eggs. Canned corn, too. Fish cakes. It looks good. We have enough water to boil instant noodles. Onions. I’ll add some cabbage. It’s boiling now. I’ve added everything in the recipe. I’ll boil on medium heat for nine minutes. Then… Boil for nine minutes. While it’s boiling, watch our music video once and download a song. This is the key point. The most important part of the recipe. I think the sauce will boil down too much, so I’ll cook on low heat. – You must follow the recipe. / – I must? Oh, no. I think the sauce will boil down too much. (Jeongyeon’s dad watches TWICE’s music video) I’m watching the music video of “Signal.” This is how the story goes. They’ve sent signals to a boy, but he’s not responding. (Nine minutes have passed) (Boil boil) The sauce is boiling. My concern is becoming a reality. Nine minutes is too long. I have to add three shots of pizza sauce. This is a problem. Three shots of pizza sauce. Do you think it’ll taste good? I added ketchup earlier. It won’t hurt to add pizza sauce, too. If it’s too spicy or too bland, adding some pizza sauce could make it taste better. I think young children could eat it, too. I’ll add sugar-free yogurt. I think it’ll make it creamy. It may sweeten the dish up. – It’ll soften the taste. / – Yes. I think it’ll go well with the pizza sauce. I’ve added everything they wanted to add. I’ll add instant noodles now. And the powdered sauce. Will the noodles cook within three minutes? This is the key point. Someone added soft-yolked fried eggs. Afterwards, add fried eggs on top. It actually looks good. I was worried about the sauce thickness, but this is good. (Meanwhile, the TWICE members are…) (Rehearsing for “Music Bank”) (Working hard) (Just you wait, girls) (Dad has prepared rabokki) Our book may not sell well. We must use social media to promote it. On the way to “Music Bank”… (Ha ha ha ha ha) Now that we’ve planned our promotions… Shall we eat something good? – Pig’s feet? / – We’re hungry. (All eyes are on one spot) (What is it?) (TWICE’s rabokki is served!) (Someone actually followed the recipe?) Go get medicine for indigestion. (Full of anticipation) – It smells good. / – It does. It’s not hot. It’s real. (Ta-da) This is the recipe that we made? It is. It looks good. Thank you for the food. Here’s your plate. Thank you. Thank you. How does it taste? (Oh) (Surprisingly, it’s not bad) (They look for the ingredients they each added) It’s so good. Pork belly. (Slurp) It’s so good. Pork belly tastes great. (Aren’t you glad I added it?) It’s good. (Surprisingly, they came up with great rabokki) (A miraculous recipe with pork belly and yogurt) (They can’t stop eating) (Why don’t you try some?) How did someone make this? (Jeongyeon’s father looks at them with joy) A chef followed your recipe. Just as it was written there. He wanted to see if you enjoyed the dish. (Who is it?) (Please come in!) (Wow!) (What?) (Here comes Jeongyeon’s father, who’s also a chef) (She’s pleased, but slightly embarrassed) It was so good. (A perfect success) It’s so good. Have you ever been in a waiting room with him? No. I’ve never been on TV with him. (Happy) How does it feel? I feel like I’m at home. You’re eating. It’s like home. We completely cleared the pot. (Clean) It was so delicious. You should try out the recipe. We recommend it. TWICE’s recommendation. (Up to TWICE / Chapter 3) (“Follow Recipe at Your Own Risk” is a success) Thank you. (Dad, I love you) (Days later…) (Whir) (Whir) (A printing house in Jongno) (Printing TWICE’s book) Let’s put a clear plastic cover on the book. (TWICE’s ideas are combined with expert help) (The book is close to being completed) (I’m the cover!) Let’s write “Exposing TWICE” here. Let’s include different colors. Only the writing in red will be left. (“Exposing TWICE” is written in different colors) Let’s look into the trivial private lives of these hardcore yet elegant women. That sounds good. (Let’s look into the trivial private lives…) (The book is finally printed!) (Wow, it’s our book) “Exposing TWICE.” It’s so weird to see the actual book. We chose all these colors. Wow. – It came out just as we planned. / – Right. Wow. Look at the authors’ names. (The members’ names are written on the cover) It’s amazing. There are many pictures that never went public. If you read each thing, you can see that these are handwritten. We crossed some things out and rewrote them. I didn’t think we’d be able to write a book. I just thought it would come out cute. But it has more depth than I expected. I thought it’d be like a magazine, but it’s thicker than I expected. We really published a book. We’re girl group singers as well as authors. That’s very rare. “Exposing TWICE.” Really? No exposure. (“Exposing TWICE” – The End -)


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