Trust Chef: Chef William Eick with Yuca & Plantain

Here at Mission Avenue Bar & Grill, we do
modernized bar food. We’re always trying to elevate traditional techniques and trying to use new and exciting ingredients. For this menu, we wanted to explore plantains
and yuca from MIC Food and see what we could kind of come up with that’s still approachable,
but very exciting. I topped the large yuca fries with dungeness
crab meat, filled the middle with a chicken dashi gel, watercress on top, and finished
it with some maldon sea salt. The large size of these yuca fries lends themselves
very well to a longer fry time, so they stay much more crunchy without them getting too
soft from sauces or toppings while the guest is eating them. Here we wanted to use plantains in the same
way we would do chicken wings, try to keep them as a nice plant-based option. To keep that nice crunchy exterior, we used
potato starch and gave them a nice first fry and then we tossed them in a mixture of honey
powder, garlic powder, onion powder, and cayenne and then gave it a second fry to keep it really
crispy on the outside but still moist and soft on the inside. With them being sliced on the bias, it creates
a really really nice crunch all the way through, especially on the ends you get really crunchy
texture with keeping a nice moist inside. This is my plantain mash crab cake. Plantain mash works very well as a binder,
so you can keep this gluten-free and not add any flour or starches other than just the plantains. Finish our plantain and crab cake with chicken
gravy, then made a nice green salad finished with sesame oil and yuzu juice. This is a nice light appetizer that’s very
much traditional while keeping it gluten-free with using some new ingredients. Here I wanted to use the yuca cubes from MIC Food. First we added local spiny lobster, matsutake
mushrooms, cashew sambal, and finished it with koji caramelized onions. They hold up really nicely in a saute pan,
some good searing, hold a really nice crunch. We put on top sudachi gel, citrus ferns, and smoked paprika. This is lobster ragu with yuca chunks. They are a great substitution instead of potatoes
and really kind of hold their texture without becoming too mushy. The green plantain cups are perfect for tarts,
tray pass, appetizer style ingredients. They’re really versatile, you can lend them
to sweet or savory preparations. Here I wanted to go with dessert and do a
take on a creme brulee. I filled the green plantains with a white
chocolate mousse, topped that with flowers, citrus fern, and a burnt sugar glass to replicate
the nice crunchy top of a creme brulee. It was fun exploring different techniques
and traditional dishes while using yuca and plantains from MIC Food. To see the different textures and preparations
while doing different takes on classic dishes that are very approachable.

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