Trudi – Cookery

I chose to study commercial cookery at FedUni
as I already had a connection to one of the staff members and I felt that the course
and the facilities that they offered really suited
what I needed. I was expecting just like a classroom where
they’d have like a demo station set up and tonnes of textbooks and stuff but it wasn’t.
As soon as I walked into the kitchen there was
benches and equipment and it was so hands on and practical that I loved it as soon as
I walked in.
Since completing my studies here I’ve gone directly overseas where I’ve taken the skills
that I’ve developed to work in some really cool restaurants all over England and it’s
enabled me to travel where I’ve found my love for patisserie and macarons and pastry.
So I’ve come back to Ballarat now to settle and study at SMB campus to do patisserie
because the opportunities are endless.

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