Top Sirloin Roast Beef recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys


  1. Excellent.

  2. hey BBOpit boys

    could you just clean out your griller temperature sensor?

    I'm not even sure if it still works

    even if so, it is not good just put it like that;

    or if not, just remove it from the screen; it looks so bad for your video.

    BTW, the beef looks so delicious.

  3. Super, super! My mouth became like a lake!

  4. Can't go wrong with roast beef sandwiches on onion rolls! Going to have to give a top sirloin roast a try!

  5. This is the BEST YOUTUBE Channel ever <3

  6. … Masters of the pit! Lord have mercy 🙂

  7. I'm impressed with how juicy the roast is and how it ranges from well done to rare. When you moved the roast directly above the coals, was that still the original batch of coals?  Mine never seem to last that long.

  8. I'm jealous of your cuts of beef. There are ZERO dedicated butchers in my area. Only mega stores with plastic wrapped meats 🙁

  9. damn…that looks goood!
    thanks for sharing, looking forward to trying it 🙂

  10. Don't watch this when it's 2 am.. Like what I did..

  11. you guys ever smoke fatty briskets while smokin a fatty brisket?

  12. I just gravyed my pants!

  13. This is food porn. I love it.

  14. O God pleaseeee can I move next door to these guys, and they take me in like a starving son.

  15. best bbq videos out there peace and love from brothers of valhall norway

  16. Did one of your fellow diners put Sriracha sauce on his roast beef sandwich?  I am definitely going to try that.  Have my Sriracha at home.  Do it already on hash browns and scrambled eggs….

  17. Damn that looks really good, well have to try that when I have the chance to grill all day. Since I moved to an apartment I don't have a place to grill.

    Really liked the jam in the background in this one to. I really like this channel and the grilling recipes, keep them coming.

  18. I (Smokegasim chapter IL) am cranking these off the grill this weekend   Cannot wait..  I've got two different "tastes" in my group …me …rare baby rare …and the medium crowd   This recipe let's me please everybody!   Thanks Bob & Boys!    BPB4L 

  19. Blood overload for me lol, but looks edible ;/

  20. Why does this guy say "its good" so weird?

  21. mouth watering orgasm… love it!!!!!

  22. Awesome meat hmmmmm!

  23. There is something about the way you guys describe/handle the food that makes it primal and barbaric in a way that makes me wanna grill and drink some beers. This is my motivational grilling channel!! Keep it up

  24. ty bob will be doing this!

  25. Chicken cheesesteak video?

  26. Its raw…. but I still love this channel 🙂

  27. are you refrigerating or just letting those set at room temp?

  28. Watching that knife cutting the meat was definetly PORN

  29. A couple of big blood vessels filled with blood made it look more rare than  it actually is.

  30. How sweet it is……LIFE

  31. I love to grill, and my husband recently got me a charcoal grill. I was thinking about doing a roast beef on the grill, but it's a boneless bottom round roast. Should I slice it into steaks or just throw it into the slow cooker with onions, bell peppers, spuds and carrots?

  32. WOW

  33. My God. Food porn. The money shot was the slicing at the end. I could just loop that. 
    ..and it's called "rub" for a reason: RUB that meat, boys! RUB it! [snickers]

  34. 8:13 is that blood?

  35. juicy….

  36. Man….just destroying those sandwiches.

  37. That is a thing of beauty.

  38. Oh man, that looks so good.   Wish I had an invite to that party.

  39. I get so nervous when he's wrapping the steak while still holding the knife. I find myself saying a prayer for you(not to cut yourself) instead of listening to you.

  40. Sunday roast will never be the same again!

  41. What type of grill is that sir?

  42. Eww !! So much blood , i dont like medium cook 😡

  43. That's friggin' awesome! Never grilled an entire slab of sirloin like that before. I usually grill slabs of tri-tip, flank, and skirt steaks.

    But I'm trying that sirloin next for sure!

  44. Holy shit! You boys out did yourselves …. Doing this right now!!!

  45. I love this channel, i have learned a loooot of good recipes, and the best thing about cooking is the pitmaster privilege! Hahaha keep up the good work guys

  46. the beard is cool man.

  47. I like my roast just a little more done on the inside but it does look awesome

  48. Good, but I prefer well done.

  49. only an idiot rams his knife into the meat before it has rested . . .

  50. Food porn

  51. sir can u make a video of how u prepare the grill please

  52. I just ate and now I'm hungry again.);

  53. what are the names of those spices ?!? didnt get the names in the video


  55. looks nice but as a black man i love my meat very well done no blood in my meat

  56. I did a roast today, coated it in some yellow mustard, rubbed on some Montreal steak spice, let it sit in the fridge for 4 hours, then indirect grilled it and threw on a small smoke packet. Man, it was GUUD! Cheers guys!

  57. but its half raw and bloody 🙁 i love very roast meat

  58. i want to see they eyes! 

  59. in turkey where i live, this much beef (if its quality) costs 130 usd dunno if its normal for americans

  60. As cows become more expensive to feed will the United States be forced into butchering women? Let's pray that the right meat will be available when needed.


  62. What difference would it make if you put both of the rubs on at the same time? I'm just curious. To me it wouldn't think it would make that much of a difference but then again I'm probably wrong. 

  63. I cant cook beef please help, when ever we tried to cook a joint of beef in the oven for a sunday roast it comes out to tuff to eat please give me some advice how to make it tender in the oven I have tried different ways like wrapping in foil.

  64. i want to join bbq pit boys …

  65. Just looking at that beef is killing me! Thats it Steak and potatoes time! LOL!

  66. Everytime he ask "Are you gettin hungry or what?" I'm like Hell yea.. That Sirloin looked so damn good !!!!….

  67. Great video bro

  68. oh my gawd MEAT just beautiful

  69. Niceeee

  70. Well done BBQ PIT BOYS..!!

  71. Hoorah

  72. omg my mouth is so wattery

  73. Nice!

  74. That's how men eat

  75. Looked on the site for the Cajun rub recipe.  No where to be found.  Can you link to it?

  76. I'm vegan and I approve this.

  77. You made my day with this video!!!

  78. 5:30 creep alert

  79. Serious Food Porn Looks Guuuud .

  80. Fantastik !!! Thank you !!!

  81. I can hear you said, "maaaan!" and "smells guuuuud!" all day.

  82. Tell me why every second of every video its like every move is hurried? Are you guys late for a bus? Why be in such a hurry? Its like you can't cook it fast enough… can't cut it up fast enough… can't serve it fast enough and can't eat it fast enough! Slow down dudes… its not getting away… SLOWLY slice that beef up… eat like humans not cavemen!

  83. I can smell these DELICIOUS

  84. Sorry guys, but you owe me a new keyboard. I salivated all over it!!!! Wow… I like it as the second one: medium well, when the blood/juice comes up through the surface. Thank you guys for vid. EDIT: the vegetarian that did not like this, can stay home eating carrots!!

  85. This steak is to die for!

  86. This was so dambd good!
    I roasted mine on a rack and tray. Under the rack, I put a mix of Vidalia and yellow onion to roast, and catch drippings. I used the onions to make a simmered sandwich dip with beef broth, Worcestershire, a beef boullion cube, 1/2 cup water, a bit of Dijon mustard, soy sauce, pepper, and later, the rub-spiced juices from the rested beef. Strained the onions for the sammiches.

  87. forget the sandwich- just give me the sliced meat!

  88. I need this roast in my life!!! Xoxoxoxox

  89. I'm going to try this one out soon. I'll have all my neighbors spying over their privacy fences…but that's ok…they're the one's that want privacy and I'll be the with the best smelling backyard. Y'all are loved in Mobile Alabama.

  90. The vegenatics need their safe spaces, therapy and the safety of their gay lovers arms after seeing those two roasts, theyre just that GUUUUUUUUD

  91. wow, his English is so cool. Thank you for the video! I have a chunk of sirloin beef and need to use it 😀

  92. What temp did you pull it off at? Looks awesome!

  93. Uncle may I taste one

  94. Where do you live? I want to move close by! I manage the beers….you badasses!

  95. i thought wrapping beef in foil steams the meat. better to just cover to rest it.

  96. Looks awesome! I would plug it with a few cloves of garlic just to modify it a little for my own liking!! Delicious!

  97. the last 2 minutes of this video was top 10 best things ive ever seen in my life! 3 old boys chiilin in the backyard no loud mouth women complaining no green vegetables. turbo man shit!!!

  98. yo can i come chill ?

  99. That's what I'm preparing right at this moment. Yep, the two pieces are in the fridge with the rub on. Can't wait to taste that with the guests tomorrow. Thanx a lot guys !

  100. Where's the beef? Look no further!

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