Top 20 Wendy’s Twitter Roasts

Who is she? Where did she come from? Why does she make square burgers? And why in the world is she so savage? Wendy’s is the sole face behind a worldwide
conspiracy aimed at openly taking down unassuming targets one by one, some even larger than
itself. Its arsenal is always loaded, ever-ready for
its next victim. And its medium? Twitter. So get ready to empty your plates, because
we’ve got Wendy’s top 20 roasts. Dinner is served. McDonald’s and Wendy’s The Tweet – Wendy’s can you find me the
nearest McDonalds? Wendy’s Reply – Simply a picture of a trash
can Taking potshots at fast food chains that are
better, bigger, and richer than you might be considered foolish by some. But Wendy’s isn’t afraid to punch up,
and the fact that Wendy’s doesn’t care means that we don’t care, because we’re
all secretly scared of Wendy. All she has to do is twirl her red plaits
and half-smile at us and we’re running in the opposite direction of the four-foot tall
beast. And that’s probably how McDonald’s sees
her too. So far, in spite of Wendy’s constantly taking
down the Golden Arches on social media, and even one pronouncedly unfriendly advertisement,
Mickey D’s hasn’t responded. Not even once. Is this because it thinks it’s better than
Wendy’s? No, it’s because McDonald’s must save
face. In a mountain of its own pink slime and foreign-objects-in-food,
McDonald’s can’t do with another social media disaster. So while one fast food giant lets it pass,
the other makes the most out of it. Relentlessly. Wendy’s hasn’t even gotten started. Wendy’s Maps The Tweet – Wendy’s what should I get from
McDonalds? Wendy’s Reply – Directions to the nearest
Wendy’s Car-luh messed with the wrong Wendy on January
3rd. She thought she could troll Wendy by giving
her a taste of her own medicine, but she was gravely mistaken. Wendy’s, instead, took Car-luh out. For dinner. At the nearest Wendy’s. And with its excellent assortment of hamburgers
and sides, we rest assured that Car-luh wasn’t disappointed. Free Advice The Tweet – Wendy’s can you give me relationship
advice? Wendy’s Reply – If you’re asking a fast
food Twitter this relationship might be doomed She even dispenses relationship advice. Given, it is just as savage as her tweets
of all other nature, but if you ask a fast food chain to help you with your dating life,
you’re at the tail-end of your game anyway, as Wendy’s so intelligently points out. A better approach would be to talk to a relationship
coach, maybe even communicate with your girlfriend yourself (which clearly was lesser-preferred
than asking a hamburger restaurant) but it’s Twitter, and it’s free, and well, it’s
Wendy’s. How can one resist? In-n-Out and Wendy’s The
Tweet – Going to In-n-Out what should I get? Wendy’s Reply – Out In-N-Out, the regional burger chain, so far
below Wendy’s on the fast food ladder, is also under immediate threat of Wendy’s fired
shots, and she doesn’t even have to. Wendy’s doles out burns only because she
can. Although the burger chain is much older than
Wendy’s, In-N-Out doesn’t care. Sometimes, you really have to ask, who really
is the insane mastermind behind her Twitter handle? Because we’re all frightened – and excited
– to know. Who are you, Wendy’s? The Tweet – Who’s running this page? Wendy’s Reply – Three dogs in a trench coat
pretending to be human. Never mind, question answered. Whether an arcane cartoon reference or just
general Wendy’s-level dilly-dallying, she always knows how to keep the conversation
going. So what if she identifies as three dogs and
sells square beef? We dig it. Let her live her life. She doesn’t cut corners The Tweet – your food is pretty good, I have
to ask though, why are your burgers square as opposed to being circular? Wendy’s Reply – We don’t cut corners. Speaking of which. Did you know that Wendy’s holds the record
for most square burgers ever sold? That’s because it’s the only large fast-food
chain that sells square burgers. That’s right. Not only is Wendy’s paving the way for novel-shaped
food items in a store near you, but she’s also dry-heating handles on Twitter. Talk about multi-faceted. Her Beef with Frozen Beef The Tweet – McDonald’s is better. Wendy’s Reply – At freezing beef Is it nitpicking if you call out a competitor
for freezing its food when you place your own just a few inches under the freezer? It may even be a tad hypocritical (while frozen
veggies and fruits are generally as healthy as their unfrozen counterparts, the jury is
still out on frozen processed meat.) Granted, Wendy’s isn’t exactly the holy
grail for healthy food-keeping. Its hall of fame for failures is just as sprawling
as its more successful rivals. Its goody-two-shoes-roast-you-on-Twitter image
falters at the seams when you consider all of this, but I’m not one to complain. I’m just here to eat my Baconator and relish
in the entertainment. She’s Self-Aware The Tweet – What are your deals on Black Friday? Wendy’s Reply – Buy one get one free savage
tweets Wendy’s is roasting you while explaining
that she roasts you. Wendy’s is a notch above all fast-food restaurants. But she also knows just how next-level she
is. When your PR depends on your ability to wittily
insult your customers on the internet, and every tweet you tweet makes headlines, you
know you’re closely watched, and maybe even revered. You don’t need deals on Black Friday to
sell hot steaks like hot steaks. Burger “King” No More The Tweet – BK for the win
Wendy’s Reply – What’d they win? A participation trophy? Wendy’s just wiped off the 50-year old creepy
smile on Burger King’s mascot with a simple tweet. But of course, it was only sure, maybe even
to the messer, that messing with Wendy’s by calling BK better than it would lead to
a definitive dethroning tweet. Wendy’s can make messers become messees
without even a blink. Royalty or not, Burger King lost its crown
on the 4th of January, 2017. Movie Reference + BK Diss The Tweet – I wanna go on a date with Wendy’s
and take them to a real burger joint…Burger King. BK reply – Treat her like the princess she
deserves to be. Wendy’s Reply – If you’re looking for
a princess, you might want to let it go. Not interested in the frozen beef kingdom. Let’s recap real quick: So tweeter wants
to take Wendy’s on a date to Burger King, then Burger King calls Wendy’s a princess,
and Wendy’s uses a Disney movie reference (containing princesses and frozen kingdoms)
to destroy BK for freezing its beef. All within two hours. If this isn’t social media connecting people,
then I don’t know what is. Subway Confusion The Tweet – What is Subway good at? Wendy’s Reply – Underground transportation She knows exactly what she’s doing. This is why none of her competitors touch
her on social media platforms with six-inch or footlong poles, and those that do, well,
they essentially turn into ash. Here, on display, is Wendy’s quick-witted
ability to diss a competing restaurant chain by not even acknowledging its existence. Yes, subways are good for underground transportation. Nothing wrong with that. Wendy’s humor has layers, nuance, a whole
backstory. Subway looked down, rubbed its eyes, and shook
its head to itself in shame this day. Goodbye, Dignity Mickey D’s Tweet – Black Friday – need copy
and link Wendy’s Reply – When the tweets are as broken
as the ice cream machine. So McDonald’s has made a lot of mistakes,
right? Its first folly is honestly just having a
Twitter account (it’s a giant enough, it doesn’t need a Twitter account that constantly
hosts gaffe-ridden fodder for scavenging competitors like Wendy’s), and not to mention its frequent
PR fails, tens of disastrous menu items, its unhealthy food, and global instances of terrible
customer service. But when it accidentally posted a tweet meant
for its internal Twitter admins, Wendy’s pounced on the chance to savagely insult the
Golden Arches by dragging its ice-cream machines into the tussle. She spares nothing and no one. Wendy’s or Your Girlfriend The Tweet – I want Wendy’s but my girlfriend
wants McDonalds what do I do? Wendy’s Reply – There are plenty of fish
in the sea This is how we imagine Wendy’s Twitter admins:
They first stand on each other, one dog’s legs over the other’s shoulders, cover themselves
in a trench coat, and snicker as they scroll through with their little paw pads all the
options from voluntary scapegoats that add ‘@Wendys’ to their tweets just to ask
for a roast. They then pick worthy tributes (such as this
poor guy that had to dump his girlfriend because, well, Wendy’s said so, of course) and bark-chuckle
their way through one witty rebuttal after another. Direct Diss McD Tweet – By mid 2018 all quarter pounder
burgers at the majority of our restaurants will be cooked with fresh beef. Wendy’s Reply – So you’ll still use frozen
beef in MOST of your burgers in ALL of your restaurants? Asking for a friend. To truly do justice to the diss in this tweet,
we’ll need a Venn diagram. McDonald’s ambiguity is so obvious it’s
almost laughable, and Wendy’s barely takes two hours to discover its gaping flaw and
fills it in with a good dose of logic. If McDonald’s can mess around and claim,
vaguely, that all of one type of its burgers at a ‘majority’ of its restaurants will
be cooked with fresh beef, then why should Wendy’s play any easier? So, diss it did. McDonald’s obviously had nothing to say
back. In any case, the failure of its tweet amongst
the Twitter crowd spoke for itself. Losing a Bet The Tweet – Bet you won’t follow me. Wendy’s Reply – You won that bet Wendy’s will lose bets just to roast you. She clearly doesn’t care enough to follow
all of her fans (especially the tributes that love being the butts of her jokes), but when
you go asking her to follow you, it’s a given that you’re going to be let down. This guy was most definitely let down. And is it just us, or are you noticing a pattern
too? Wendy’s tweets seem to be at their prime
roasting best around National Roast Day (January 4th). Does she exit her lair to practice her witty
one-liner abilities on a seasonal basis, or does the universe just like to arrange events
that way? I guess we’ll never know. She has game The Tweet – Do you know of any good pick up
lines? Wendy’s Reply – You dropped your name tag. Wendy’s is so versatile, she can floor you
and market herself at the same time. That’s the thing about Wendy’s Twitter
account, it’s the least product-related marketing stunt that’s been successful in
a long, long time. And yet, in spite of the almost absent connection
between 90% of her tweets and the fast food chain itself, for some reason, we’re all
more endeared by the brand the next day. As earlier said, there are layers to Wendy’s
humor, all thinly-veiled, but definitely not obvious until you have a Premium Fish Fillet
sandwich a week from now and you’re laughing at the pure sugar packets next to the Wendy’s
coffee machine. BK had it coming Wendy’s Tweet – The 4 for $4 Meal: a trayful
of mouth-filling glory. BK Tweet – 5 for $4 because 5 is better than
4. The comment – Wendy’s what are you firing
back? Wendy’s Reply – Edible food. As I mentioned many times already, you just
don’t mess with Wendy’s. Especially when she didn’t mess with you
first. What was just a simple ad to acknowledge that
Wendy’s now has a 4 for $4 menu (which wasn’t half bad, by the way), was also BK’s attempt
to trump Wendy’s with a 5 for $4 menu (Imagination was always BK’s ace in the hole), which
Wendy’s casually thwarted, as if she was dismissing the whole travesty with a wave
of her hand. She’s firing back with edible food, which
is almost as true as it is comical. National Roast Day The Tweet – I was thinking of going to McDonalds
… what should I get? Wendy’s Reply – A McRefund America’s National Roast Day falls on January
4th, and the queen of all roasts takes to social media to strengthen what is already
a massive foothold in the roasting industry. To Wendy’s January 4th is just another day,
another dollar. But to us, it is a day to cherish the barrage
of tear-inducing laughter that the fast food restaurant has provided us over the years. The theme for 2018? Beef, and beefs with rivals. The theme for 2019? Tributes allowing themselves to be roasted. The homegrown natural burger The Tweet – Wendy’s needs to get rid of
the square burger it seems a little too,,,artificial. Wendy’s Reply – Unlike the the super natural
circle shape that hamburgers come in when you pick them off the vine. Wendy’s can call out on idiots any time
of the day, but it takes a special kind of stupid to think square burgers are ‘artificial’. What does that even mean? Was he going for unconventional? In any case, Wendy’s clapback was efficient
and incredibly funny. Either that or @CooperDFranklin knows about
a whole new kind of natural hamburger we’re just not acquainted with. The Ads Wendy’s Tweet – We made a list we checked
it twice, we’ve figured out what’s fresh and what’s ice. Roasts on social media are definitely interesting,
but spending millions of dollars to take down your competition on TV (with a Superbowl Ad,
no less) is downright savage. Superbowl LII was an ad-filled fiesta, as
all Superbowls go, but unsuspecting football fans were subject to Wendy’s very public
beef with McDonald’s beef for a whole thirty seconds. Wendy’s again aired another later in the
year, posted on its Twitter page as well, to call out McDonald’s once more for its
flash-frozen beef and how much tastier Wendy’s beef is. The Golden Arches, though, as always, did
not care to respond. There’s no topping Wendy’s. We’ve got more than Wendy’s on our menu,
so stick around and click on another one of our great videos. And to find out how to become an official
BabbleTopper, click on the join link in the description below.


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