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hello everyone please welcome and join me Easy Steps cooking today I’m going to share with you a Tandoori rotis made in your toaster how you can make it a waffle size and Tandoori rotis and they are easy to make let’s get started things who are going to knead a dough which is a regular flour and for dusting we need to dry flour so we’re going to make a dough small size so they can fit into our toaster and we’re going to roll out on a rolling pan we’re going to put it on a Griddle less than a minute we’re going to turn to the both sides and then I’m going to share with you so basically you get a small size of dough balls and you make roti like this and you only cook this much and you flip them over as it changes the color we’re going to take it out it changes the color and this is the perfect we’re going to pull this one out so this is perfect you need to make a smaller one or reason is because then they can fit perfectly fine just like this, like a waffles if you make too big or then they won’t fit we’re going to push this in and keep the temperature high and just keep watching and within a minute or so they will be well cooked so if you don’t have a Tandoor you can make a Tandoori texture roti in your toaster and if you have a toaster one or two slots you make it two at a time and I can make four if you look at that how they are start they are start puffing up nice see one puffed too beautiful and the other ones start puffing too – if I can zoom in look at the second one is getting puffed also now the third one gonna get puff watch how this thing going to happen that’s perfect another one ready and I’m going to just slide it in so this is a all again depend you know we can pull it out I can show to you how they look look it since they are puffed so be careful you don’t burn yourself because it’s a lot of steam inside look it at the other one we just put it in its start bubbling up nice perfect and now I’m just going to pull this one out see how the texture wise it’s a if you need a more crunchy we’re going to put it back for like a few 20-30 seconds so that’s how really easy to make your tandoori roti in toaster let me pull this one out so I’m going to pull it out look at how beautiful perfect our tandoori rotis are just be careful when you’re pulling those out you don’t get burn yourself it’s a perfect before serving get a butter and apply some butter this is so nice beautiful tandoori rotis is small it’s like a waffle size so this is a exactly waffle tandoori roti so that’s how it’s a easy to make a waffle tandoori roti in toaster and they are so delicious once you watch this video I’m sure you going to try it if you like this a tutorial how to make tandoori roti at home and please like and subscribe Easy Steps cooking, thank you very much


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  51. So, would it be okay to make a bunch of them on the griddle for a week supply and keep them in fridge and then take out to cone to room temperature and then toast in toaster?

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