This 19-Year-Old Chef Charges $155 For Dinner

– I think I’ve only had beets like twice, two times in my life. – [Flynn] Is this the second time? – [Inga] This is like the third time I think. Yeah. (lively music) ^- I just heard about this restaurant that’s called gem that’s owned by a 19 year old chef. And apparently, he charges $155 per person, for a 14 course tasting menu. He’s invited us to check out how he prepares his favorite dish. Let’s see what it’s all about. (lively music) – [Flynn] We do two seatings a night. – [Inga] Okay. – [Flynn] So that everyone comes at the same time. So almost like, kinda like a dinner party in a way. – How did you decide on this concept? ^- Well, I started to love cooking by doing these dinners ^in my house, or in my parents’ house. I started sort of just trying out little things when I was like 10. And then I started getting really into it when I was 12. And that’s when I started doing these sort of dinner parties. – What were you serving at 12? – I mean it was like a full like 10 course– – [Inga] What? – Tasting menu. – Do your parents also cook? – They kinda got into it because I didn’t really like my parent’s cooking. (laughs loudly) – Okay. That’s fair. Yeah. (lively music) Is this your favorite dish here? – Yeah. In a way. – It’s hard to tell what it is. – It doesn’t look like much right now. So this is a beet. It’s been smoked, braised, and then dried. The idea is we wanted to have the sort of same texture of a steak. We just sort of move it around in the pan for a second. It just creates this sort of like really kind of hard crust. – Ooh, okay. – So it’s soft right now and then it’ll kind of dry up when we put it in the oven. Then so what happens is the sugar’s gonna be outside so it all caramelizes a lot quicker. This is just a little sauce that we make. So it’s all of the scraps that come out of making the beet. We smoke it. And then we cook it down to make traditional steak sauce. – But with beets.
– But with beets. Yeah. We take just some of the greens from the beet, kinda like creamed spinach. – So basically everything you’re doing is beet related. – Yes. It’s all coming from a beet. – It’s like an ode to beet. – The funny thing about this dish is like it came out of this fascination with not loving beets. – [Inga] Oh, okay. – And wanting to make something that I thought was really delicious and interesting. And then, it comes out just like this. And you wouldn’t even know that it took, – Yeah. – many, many days to work on. – So can we eat that? (laughs softly) – Yeah. – Is there a specific way I should eat it? No, right?
– No. – Just like treat it as steak. (lively music) This is really interesting. Like I can’t even taste the beet with the sauce. – Well what’s weird is that it’s all beets. So it’s funny we have somebody going like, “I don’t like beets.” And I can’t even taste it.
– Yeah. – But it’s like no this is literally the most beety tasting thing someone could actually get because there’s nothing else in there really. – Yeah. My mind is like blown. So this is one out of 14 courses. Is this kind of like what you do with the whole tasting menu? – This is your second to last savory course. You’re not only getting little tiny tasting things. You’re getting a few kind of bigger, more substantial courses, as well. – How much? It’s like 150? – It’s 155. – 155 per person. That’s like not a small sum of money. – It’s not a place that people come every single night. – [Inga] Right. – And I mean, that’s the idea of it. If you really wanted to get the best of everything, and unfortunately, we’re in New York City. Everything’s very expensive. That’s sort of also why we have the living room in the daytime. Whereas we wanted people to still be able to experience the space and be in here if they couldn’t afford the price tag at night. This has been the goal for so long. So that sort of reset the clock of it’s like, “Okay. Now I have what I’ve been trying to get for nine years.” Now this sort of dictates everything that comes next. (lively music)

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