what’s going on y’all if you liked this video hit that like button after you watch it if you don’t like the video and I not really do for you maybe let me tell you something there is no such thing as Ian healthy let me just get right into it I don’t know what the hell these people is talking about I’m try it I try it on every once every six months is not working i don’t i’m sitting here like yo are you gonna find a person who actually eat healthy nothing but healthy shit no meat no nothing and actually survive like where they trying to eat a healthy thing where they doing some kick they always fuck up or I see them fuck out right in front of me because I know that shit is completely the fuck impossible anyway sorry too for Pancho’s sorry for their profanity or whatever what we gonna get on train to it oh why I believe while I believe there’s no such thing as eating healthy because every time I try it every time I felt I’m not saying that it’s not possible I’m not saying that other people ain’t right and I’m not saying that as though well you’re the only one who’s losing I know that so you know what I’m just going to my little gray Pony situation i’ma leave it alone and I’m go back and choose me some apples and water or some crazy shit let me tell you something prices is too damn high I shouldn’t be sitting here contemplating whether i should pay my rent or buy a goddamn baguette somebody’s going to be while a bag of apples cost a bag of weed I don’t get that his drug should not be the same damn price I’m not trying to say that weaves drug but you know what I mean you get the comparison you shouldn’t be putting shit that did the prices you shouldn’t be waiting it out and actually wait up to how much crack cause it don’t make shit but they grow off the trees for free let’s go back to free or or like we should be able to pay like a dollar for a whole stack goddamn bananas fruits everything because or we should be allowed to grow our own goddamn fruit you know what I’m saying how can America let us grow our own damn fruit because I’m sick of it wasn’t for the prices I probably was still if it wasn’t for the prices that’s number one I probably would eat healthy all day long I don’t get food stamps so enjoy your stamps much I used to back in the day way back know before Obama but no not anymore no anyway I joint pain from on food don’t worry about it but that’s number fucking one number two is this everything is medically modified yeah GM owes the goddamn animals GMOs the fucking fruit GMOs the hole in the tree so if I got a yellowtail I don’t know who came up with this but fake fruit shouldn’t cause more than real fruit how are we going to be sitting here paying all this money for fake fruit there is not even real you’ve made it so not now it grow off the trees for free right and y’all still find a way to fuck with it and turn it into a profit and that we never asked for who acts for GMO fox4 that somebody please explain to me what extra gene more answers are not just play I just put right now or this person therefore not just leave it alone but until then is fucking stupid America we got the damn making the McDonald’s or uh meat made out of wood or some shit like that and now we got the day the GMOs in order what they will come up with next but the shit is ridiculous and number three number three is gonna be funny you want you want to get this know we all start out you know start out like go watching you know what I’m saying uh watching some of a fat sick and nearly dead part one and two with some shit and inspire Restivo gonna juice it expire rest about a whole bunch of fruit and shit and what happens we go out we buy a whole bunch of that shit and go bad in the damn week in gold pan and we we sit here oh but as much as this year cause i remember i’m paying $300 fill my fridge fill my freezer up with fruits vegetables of all kinds trying to eat healthy I had the nuts and all that did I had no but I had their bottom like different types of peanuts and stuff to replace the protein I got with me yeah I tried all that shit because you know I try to try to get a little out yeah got them are screwed a well anyway I tried to eat healthy I need my protein or whatever but yeah this shit go bad in a week so so picture it is how much fruit and vegetables you think you want eat in the damn week not that much it’s going to work you probably heat like twice at home you know what I’m saying like after you get off and before you go to work but we all took that do it now it’s gonna take at least three to four weeks to finish all that fur and then you gotta mix it with shit and all that so let me just go on to my next one but number three the shit go bad in a week so remember that next time you go shopping you got a portion everything and go back and forth to the supermarket alright you leave the supermarket nigga I go right back two days later he leaves then you gotta go back to personally to get the fresh shit oh my god i can’t stand he and how do i swear it is a hassle but anyway no ford number for you realize solid ain’t shit solid so solid it tastes good for about a couple of days we told a ranch dressing in it and look up with those chicken tenders and we think we do shit no solids suck without that solid ground under topdressing unhealthy by the way unless it’s just like vinegar and water or some shit so we’re gonna put that aside we don’t pretend it down today but solitaire tolu salad dressing on there or some lemon juice i know all the tricks of the trade salt and pepa in order but then you realize yo this shit needs something so what you start doing you start throwing in a load you start throwing their chicken chops and a whole bunch of unhealthy shit you got to make stuff unhealthy with fruit and vegetables to be able to eat it because you only gonna be like that for a couple of days after watching fat sick and nearly it you realize you know what fucking killed me because it’s a hard task to do to maintain that on Dale be like one two three four five six seven days in a row I’ve just eaten cold food you won’t have to make you won’t have to be innovative start chopping em without frying them I’m Marisnick and Nana’s we literally chopped up banana bananas put the butter in the pan and started flipping them and we made them that’s copyrighted I’m a copyright that shit anyway chopping up a name is pushing the butter into a little salty pepperoni for fucking bananas man bananas yes this shit is bananas eating healthy whoever came up with it they need to make it a lot simpler make some make some uh don’t so not the veggie burgers I mean mix up if you want making veggie burgers make them cheaper than real burgers because number one did not even real fucking burgers so they shouldn’t cause 599 444 pay like or it shouldn’t cause what is it like 1099 it cause like a fifteen dollars for a pic of like six I don’t know about CNN the student working so I’m sitting here looking at this shit on my fucking I’ll go in by the mystery meat hamburgers that’s pretending to be beef seriously and why’s him in the name anyway but we gonna skip over day but yeah you gotta make it unhealthy to be able to eat that shit I don’t care what you say I don’t try to solid Ivan try to just eating uh-uh what is it and study and chips chopping up carrots and chopping up bananas and still what else did I’ll do I like I need real potato chips but then you gotta bake them and once they say put something that how ordered that’s a note that you can’t even you can’t even get away with it at the time because you once you make healthy food unhealthy the whole thing is unhealthy or something like that so it’s not even no way around it you just got to get used to the fact that this shit is going to be hard and again you’re number 5 number 5 i’ll believe we want you remain skinny so don’t try to sit there and be like yeah key or the nuts possible cuz the sound right number one and number two no he’s gonna be able to you won’t be sitting there with two fakes and missing pieces to your team for you wanna be the dentist at least a week later eating nothing but nuts like I’m gonna do like nuts for protein like I’ll be sitting there watching this shit like no man i’m watching hodgetwins i’m watching pump chasers you know what I’m saying I’m watching everybody I used to watch early host until he got exposed by leafy god bless that man but anyway I don’t watched it and it will make no damn sense I can’t do the healthy thing oh I don’t think healthy is for me I can’t account tired of juicing nuts inside the excuse me peanuts and cashews and pistachios cranking or possessions good by the way but they tend I was a fucking big pack so I can’t even do that all day jaan mein 10 packs of those are being you trippin now I mean the beans beans make you shit I can’t even do the bees no I’m told I’m all on topic we won’t go into number 66 but number 5 you remain skinny you remain skinny forever don’t even try them you you trying to be the workout champion in order or that nigga don’t because it’s not for you to see and number six or number seven if you already skinny then what then what right forbidding people to eat healthy perfect I understand why cuz you will slim down all that on you will slim down definitely but anything other than slimming down I’m not sure how that works but it’s hard to build muscle it’s hard to even build fat it’s hard to build anything especially if you started out skinny and you’re trying to a bit o our Lord I don’t you you got enough for you you got something coming you won’t be in every 10 minutes because ah number seven there is no getting full you get four for about about an hour and then you bet they in the same shit and then you get fall again do you back to you in the same SHINee get full again me back to you in the same shit you would think that the food to go but no you were young like little portions and you making shit up because you get the munchies real quick or whatever but yeah man but yeah man like number eight but like dinner her bananas they pitch Davies like check than aids and into some shit like that I heard that I heard I seen the steroid has chicken and what the animals is going through with them injecting them with crazy steroids of stuff and watching vegan gains videos on the slaughter house which is messing my head up but that’s fucked up about the situation when you’re sewing that into your healthy food or whatever are you trying to eat like little pieces of chicken like the little chicken breasts they say is healthy especially if you work out it’s not it’s the same damn piece of chicken and you’re trying to drink lemon juice and you got a new drink a warm lemon water in the warrant in the shit and then you find out lemon fuck up your teeth like everything then you eat too many greens greens give you like some liver kidney damage or something like that or liver damage or something too much water you get gold stones what to please tell me where you win please tell me where’s the benefit I remember oh man my Spears and eat healthy I’m let me just get balls number 8 or 9 10 11 I I don’t know what they talking about with that energy shit I do not get a whole bunch of energy that is a damn lie I get a little bit of energy sometimes but then I’m right back to being hungry or whatever you do feel a little cleanse but it fuck that that’s like stop it you’re starting weird shit like cheese on a flatbread no chicken no sauce like you start getting where you mean nothing but rice mashed potatoes corn probably some yams that sounds good until you got to eat that shit every day and there’s no alternative you’re just making different variations of the same shit so uh sorry to per family and everything but um I’m trying to eating healthy thing again I had to get it off my shoulders there’s no such thing is he and healthy I don’t care what you say I’ve been going through it but I’m gonna continue on this journey it’s a hard when I’m gonna try to replace protein with something else other than nutz deez damn anyway I’m out of here another video from your boy SI j peace and no salt no pepper you know i’m saying as hot cholesterol some shit like that and then the mashed potatoes and macaroni ashamed that like starch or something up I don’t X with starches because I have to look it up right now ain’t even in my right state of mind I’m just I just had to go through making like three other videos before this one I’m sitting here like being a video fanatic right now because YouTube get in the fucking wonders with these copyright restrictions I can’t put no clips or nothing in the video no more I mean I 10 but I’m not risking it anyway enjoy the rest of your day definitely hit that like button definitely a best describe but definitely it’s all a brother what you want to see on this channel I don’t want I really don’t know mean I definitely take suggestions my twitter is popping but don’t holla at me on Twitter I don’t even trust twitter though CEO of Twitter got hey don’t I don’t even like my Twitter everything is about to be separate out about separate that shit from here completely because Twitter just got hey don’t see every superwoman guy had boogie 699 to something like that sorry for messing up your name was just for a joke but the boogie guy he got had big fella watches videos we got leafyishere Godhead if these people is getting heck Doug look twitter is cool with everything you can share my video on there please definitely share my video on there if you can with you trust Twitter but I don’t trust Twitter so you know I’m sound by the delete that shit definitely but yeah enjoy the rest of your day I’m about of here peace you

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