The Office Tavern Grill in Ridgewood

Hi, my name is Kevin Felice, I’m corporate executive chef for the 40 North Restaurant Group And we’re here at the office tavern grill in Ridgewood. We pride ourselves on giving our guests a crafted experience our cuisine blends classic American plates with a modern twist on technique and Ingredients one of our signature plates we have in Ridgewood is our pork belly bahn mi. Slow-cooked pork pickle carrots onions Cilantro a Thai chili mayonnaise served on freshly toasted baguette another signature dish of ours the guests really love is our chicken in the egg appetizer which features deviled eggs topped with buffalo chicken pickled onions and chives we currently offer our road trip menu Which features a handful of regionally selected appetizers entrees drinks and more from all across the country. The menu changes every eight weeks and travels to a new state each time Alongside our food we offer 40 rotating beers on tap many other cans and bottle options as well as a large selection of handcrafted cocktails Several times a year. We have a local Brewer come in to showcase their craft beers our Corporate chef designs a unique menu to pair well with each brew From happy hour after work with colleagues to a weekend brunch with some friends to date and night with that special someone the offers tab And grill Peter sandy affair. So next time you’re in town come by for a pint

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