The Michelin-Starred Omakase That’s A Surprise, Even for Its Chef — Omakase


  1. Salmon roe always makes me smile. I remember the feel inside my mouth. Damn!

  2. I want to know how do people ensure the fish can eat in raw in foreign country? Like Australia

  3. good chef

  4. Incredible! Mouthwatering. Thank you, OSensei. Best

  5. anyone notice the sound of the violin in 6:10 😍 exelent

  6. 4:57 is that marijuana leaves?

  7. kisu not kiss!

  8. Finally some ENGRISH

  9. なぜ長崎

  10. Cagen..

  11. He is so sexy, tall, handsome, salt and pepper hair.

  12. Is that plate the shape of the US?

  13. this kind of content makes you appreciate food and what food you ingest in your body

  14. 5:34 "I don't even have to look."
    5:38 new band-aid on his finger.

  15. this is so damn beautiful!

  16. Track names please

  17. I trust this chef even though he looks kinda scary

  18. kinda mesmerizing the way he molded the rice. literally drooling rn 😀

  19. such a deep voice

  20. Best omakase I've ever had. Chef Tomita and the staff were wonderful!

  21. This is the first Japanese I have ever seen with a beard

  22. I just love the dedication perfection a sushi chef puts in process. Hats off. Seen of of cooking but this one is unique. The art of identity the freshness and quality of the fish is awesome.

  23. I love this channel so much.
    It's very informative & more importantly, totally enjoyable.

    Japanese people are so impressive. The way they talk about their career & passion. A true master 😄

  24. Everything in this video is pure art, including the video itself! 😍

  25. 釜じゃなくて炊飯器なのが残念

  26. i bet he trained many karate kids behind his restaurant.

  27. 223 sushi haters… how can you dislike this?

  28. can someone tell me the title of this music ?

  29. 0:17 WHATS THE MUSIC PLEASE!!!????

  30. I LOVE SUSHI!!!!!

  31. August Wilhelmsson – Findings
    for the music (:

  32. 5:36の見なくても大丈夫ですからの、左小指に次のシーンで絆創膏貼ってるのすげぇ草生えてるの俺だけ?ww

  33. All songs in this video please

  34. No whale sushi please

  35. Where is this restaurant located?

  36. the music is so loud

  37. better than any french 3 star restaurant

  38. Wow

  39. the editing and musical accompaniment choices made in this series are brilliant and emotion-inducing.

  40. Is this a voice over?

  41. Use glove pleaseee. Hygineeee.

  42. Does anyone know the name of the track played at the end?

  43. I can see y it's so expensive it's way they make it a lot of work I thought??? Hard work even for a small fish..thx like

  44. Name of the music piece used, anyone?

  45. 不吃日本东西,太少。

  46. 6:57 that sushi is alive.

  47. the music is AMAZING. what's the name of the piece that starts on 5:37 ?

  48. Sushi is actually a couple of day's old if I understand it correctly?

  49. "Chef Tomita doesn't know what he will be serving until the morning delivery arrives" Supplier: Sorry sir, we dont have any fresh fish today. Chef: Okay I will serve some canned Tuna

  50. I really admire Japanese people, but why is their English so crappy even when living in the US lol

  51. i want to know what is the title of the instrument music

  52. @5:33 I don't even have to look. Gets a bandaid on his pinky on the next scene

  53. – "I don't even have to look"
    – That's whassup.

  54. Hold camera still please, cannot watch, dizzy.

  55. A true Chef here you are

  56. " Experience and skill take time…. little by little getting better " thank you chef thank you Eater

  57. Beautiful…

  58. Ill need to check this establishment, when I visit NY.

  59. Is soundtrack is Garcia Fons?

  60. What is the little sauce he puts on the sushi?

  61. Where is this place ?? I wanna go try

  62. This guy legit take his time to clean all the bones on the fish fillet

  63. oh come on its just rice balls with raw fish on top of it with some soya sauce and it tastes ugly asf . most peoppe.throw up -_-

  64. Japan n Japanese sushi chefs in America have a Connection I wish Americans had with Americans

  65. I think you came to eat at tabu sushi in Carmel mountain.

  66. Incredible and Brilliant.

  67. The professional job

  68. the music is annoying

  69. "I don´t even have to look" and he has a band aid on his finger…..

  70. tell me where the non-omakase chef touched you.

  71. 5:49 game of thrones soundtrack?

  72. How come whenever there's a Japanese person involved in one of these cooking videos the music choice is automatically some pompous, pseudo-artistic tracks?

  73. おいしそうdesu

  74. お客様の反応見たいですが

  75. I bet he has a lot of samurai swords in the second floor.

  76. So simply, but still a lot of hardwork

  77. Hello, can anyone help me know the name of the wooden box with glass lid he uses? The one where he places his cut fillets with other ingredients for later use.

  78. Kecil banget sushinya Pak

  79. I'm getting a big honor, tradition, samurai feel from this guy, I like him.

  80. The Mexico one caught me off guard😅

  81. ヒゲやめろよキタナイ!

  82. 1:30 those leaves looks familiar…

  83. How much can be safe eat the fish from Nagasaki after the nuclear disaster in 2013?

  84. You know I have to say this. This channel's camera man and the video editor are really skilled. Im not saying this only from this video but others too.

  85. 👍🇧🇷

  86. 鮨屋に言って鮨喰う奴はヤボだって人外に教えてやってケロ!

  87. I got hungry watching this video🤤

  88. True artist

  89. 這位師傅的技術好帥

  90. Incredible choice of music! Splendid video!

  91. Even a Michelin star chef uses a rice cooker lol

  92. Please post the music used!!!

  93. Thank you sir 🇧🇩🤝⚘✔

  94. He looks like a Japanese Negan

  95. Artist

  96. I didn’t like that he made one sushi after another but they show alway same one on the board , they were not accumulating
    It was not satisfying

  97. “Fravors” 😂

  98. So that my fingers all lost

  99. Whilst cutting: "I don't even have to look" (then has a bandaid right in the middle of his finger, the hardest place to cut).

  100. Proficiency and dedication , God bless Omakase

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