The Hestan GMBR36-LP Gas Grill Review – Part 1 Virtual Showroom

This is the Heston GMBR-36 LP Gas Grill
and I’m Max Good. I test and review grills and smokers full time for Today we’re on Meatheads deck where he’s been putting this Heston
through the paces grilling just about everything you can imagine. This virtual
showroom video is part one. For Part two click on the link to our full detailed review right below this screen. Welcome to our virtual showroom. Meathead asked me to come over to his place to do a video of the Heston GMBR -36. He was supposed to resist cooking on it until I dropped by but obviously that didn’t
happen. Let’s start with this Hestan horizon hood. It’s kind of interesting. Look at that. It’s got a weighted hood that can stop anywhere you want. It may
be hard to see in this light But the interior lights come on automatically when the hood is raised to a certain height. And the lights are located up here. At
night they really work well. The position really illuminates the entire grill surface. This model has two of Heston’s unique trellis burners and one of their variable temperature infrared ceramic sear burners. The trellis burners resemble a trellis. Heston believes this design provides very even heat. Many
ceramic infrared seer burners are either on or off. This one actually has a variable temperature range. The control panel has knobs for rotisserie, the sear burner, middle, right burner, rotisserie motor and control knob lights. Heston has hot surface ignition which consists of an igniter rod that gets red-hot and fires the flame on the burners. Now other luxury lines have hot surface ignition, but they require you to hold the control knob in and continue to hold it until the burner is ignited. Hestan has a unique system where you just turn the control knob, the igniter rod goes on, and will stay on for eight seconds to
complete ignition. Slide out grease tray. And we have a
double side burner with a 20,000 BTU burner in front and 10,000 in the back. Instead of heat tents Heston has ceramic briquettes mounted in a stainless steel frame when they get coated with grease and drippings no worries just flip them
over and burn all that gunk off. Check out these heavy-duty 5/16 inch
thick, laser-cut, stainless steel grates. Another unique feature – it has an
infrared back burner for rotisserie but because it’s positioned on top above the food rather than at the back of the grill it can be used as an overhead
broiler. A warming rack is included, also 5/16 inch stainless steel. It functions
as a warming rack or with that infrared burner above, it can be used for searing
and bubbling up pizzas and cheese toppings. And this rack has three positions down low, middle position, up, up and away all the way to the top for
super searing. If you don’t need the warming rack you can just tuck it away against the back. This rotisserie is pretty cool. Look ma no visible motor. It’s built into the grill itself. Just pop that spit in place, turn on the
rotisserie motor, and you’re ready to go. A low-profile water pan is included and
this is nice because it easily fits between the heavy grates and the ceramic diffuser plates. You also get a smoke tube for wood chips to do a little bit of smoking. A really nice cart. Check out those hinges.
And this slide-out shelf for an LP tank is mighty convenient. Four heavy-duty
locking casters. Fold down side shelf on the left. Beautiful fit and finish all the way
around. Tthis is one solid, impressive grill. We thoroughly tested this model, if
you’re watching on YouTube scroll down right under the little piggy with the
Red Hat and click on our full detailed review. For more about this and hundreds
of other grills and smokers visit, where you’ll also get
tested recipes, tips and techniques, and everything you need to know about
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  1. Great grill! But, crimeny…7 grand for this one? Only in my dreams!

  2. I own this grill in 42”. Your review is very similar to my experience with a few differences.

    Because the radiant trays are flat, this sucker really flames up!! If you’re doing burgers you’re gonna need a “cool” section and you’ll need to be quick moving them back and forth to avoid burning them.

    Another small complaint is the rotisserie doesn’t leave much room from the back. About 7 1/2”. It may be able to handle 50 lbs. of meet but good luck getting a 20+ lb. turkey to fit. The rotisserie heat control, on the other hand, is outstanding! I highly recommend doing prime rib and tri tip on the rotisserie as it’s easy to get a great sear and then back off the heat to finish with nothing but the rotisserie sear burner.

    Another issue is this grill is very heavy. If you get it on a cart the ground MUST BE LEVEL! Otherwise the doors covering the propane tank may not line up properly…sounds like nit picking but when paying over 7 grand for a barbecue you’d expect symmetry.

    One more small complaint; over time one or more of the radiant trays may have some slight warping causing a ceramic briquette to become a little loose.

    Not sure if this issue warrants anything more than annoyance but I felt I needed to point it out.

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