Myrmecia piliventris is also known as the
golden-tailed bull ant, it has been found mostly along the East coast of Australia from
Brisbane to Adelaide, but is also mentionned from Perth and Wynyard in Tasmania. This ant is a mystery: We don’t know why they
have a golden abdomen, and fact extremely unusual for a social insect, they only have
two pairs of chromosomes! The genus Myrmecia actually has an incredibly
diverse number of chromosomes among its species. And Myrmecia piliventris doesn’t even have
the lowest count since a colony of Myrmecia pilosula was found to have only one pair. The record in this genus belongs to the ant
Myrmecia brevinoda with 42 pairs of chromosomes Surprisingly enough, scientists have no idea
why they have such a diversity of chromosomes counts nor Whether they evolved from a very
low or very high amount. I hope you will enjoy the rest of this video, please don’t forget to subscribe!


  1. Another great video mate! Thought I'd let you know that these are in fact Myrmecia Fulvipes. The ones you were referring to (Myrmecia Piliventris) don't have red legs, but instead have plain black legs. 🙂

  2. I've been wondering what this species was cuz I found a nest with this ants in them in my backyard. Thanks this video helped a lot

  3. Dude, these ants are a beautiful species. If I were to keep ants, I'd keep these beauties!

  4. Beautiful ants

  5. This species of ants are Myrmecia fulvipes, I have a colony if them and they are fantastic. The difference is fulvipes have red legs and piliventris are smaller

  6. Très très très belle c'est vrai ! pour moi une découverte. Je me réservai celle-ci pour te souhaiter une très heureuse année 2018.

  7. Why are there so many eggs outside of their nest ?

  8. Who owns those eggs they are taking?

  9. Amazing

  10. That golden abdomen 0_0 <3

  11. Des fourmis très très captivantes au sujet de leur Chromosomes et de leur mode de vie. Merçi pour le partage.

  12. nice vid mate back ground music is to high

  13. Bull ants are amazing ants. They are very diverse and so huge! 🐜👍🏼

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