The Ghostly Trio Roast Casper

Starlight, star bright, first star I see to- Nope, not tonight. Ouch! What was that for? Making a wish on that stupid star. You need to grow up and start acting like a real ghost. Uh….. Yeah. You’re the embarrassment to the other ghosts. If you’re not a mean ghost, then you’re not a real ghost. I am a real ghost. A friendly one, that is. There’s no such thing as a friendly ghost. There is one, which is me. I don’t wanna scare people; I wanna be friends with them. Snap out of it! You’ll learn how to be a real ghost whether you like it or not. We’re getting sick and tired of your friendly schemes. This is getting old, seriously. “Oh look, I’m Casper and I like making friends with everyone.” I do, but- “I don’t wanna be a real ghost like Fusso, Lazo and Fatso.” But- “I wanna be a friendly sissy and an embarrassment to the other ghosts.” But…but… “And I’m even friends with a goody gruesome witch.” Of course I’m friends with her. But she’s not gruesome. “And I have a crush on her. She’s my sweet red blob.” Hey! Wendy’s not a red blob either! “My sweet red blob, will you marry me?” Oh that’s definitely IT! Cut it out, guys! You’re roasting me and her! Just leave me alone, and don’t even bother me again!

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