THE BEST Chocolate Cake Roll! Chocolate Swiss Roll Recipe

Hey guys today we’re making one of my favorite childhood treats chocolate cake roll I think it’s safe to say we’ve all had
this at least once growing up it’s a classic and you’ll be amazed how
simple it is to make at home it’s chocolatey but light with a cream
filling its delicious okay guys so to make the Swiss roll and Swiss rolls in
general we need a sponge cake base sponge cakes are the perfect base to use
because they’re flexible compared to regular butter cakes okay so we’re going
to start by whipping the eggs with the vanilla and the sugar now because this
recipe calls for baking powder we’re not looking for stiff peaks we just want to
whip the eggs until they double in size and lighten in color if you’re new to my
channel make sure to subscribe and click that notification bell I post new videos
every week once the eggs have doubled in size we’re going to add the dry
ingredients now before we add the cocoa powder we do want to bloom it with one
or two tablespoons of hot milk or coffee this will enhance the chocolate flavor
go ahead and add the flour baking powder and salt you do want to sift these we
don’t want any lumps in this batter now for Swiss rolls I personally don’t like
to fold the dry ingredients into the eggs I prefer to give the batter a quick
mix with the mixer it’s just a practical reason guys it’s easier to spread a
runny batter then you know a thicker cake batter this will not affect the
outcome of your cake unless you over mix obviously the dry ingredients as soon as
you don’t see any more flowers stop mixing and this is ready to be poured
onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or a silicone mat whichever you
decide to use you do want to slightly grease it this cake contains no butter
or oil so it will stick if you don’t grease the paper spread the batter
evenly and you’re going to bake the cake in a preheated oven
at 160 degrees Celsius or 320 Fahrenheit for around 10 minutes check the cake
with a toothpick at the 10-minute mark be careful don’t over Bega guys you
never want to over bake swiss rolls or they’ll dry out and they won’t roll okay
so gently released the cake from the mat or parchment paper does the top with
some powdered sugar and cornstarch this will prevents the cake from sticking
onto itself and you’re going to roll the cake while it’s warm not hot if it’s too
hot it will break so let the cake cool for about five minutes before you roll
it this does take some practice practice makes perfect and I always encourage
people to try new cakes new pastries even if it scares you that’s the only
way you’ll get better and grow as a baker
okay so set this to the side to cool usually Swiss rolls take about ten
minutes to cool and we’re going to make the filling I personally like a
cheesecake filling for this but even a simple shanthi whipped cream is
delicious you’re going to cream together the cream cheese sugar vanilla and heavy
cream until medium to stiff peaks as I said if you don’t want to add the cream
cheese just leave it out however it’s delicious
okay so this is ready once the cake has cooled you can gently unroll it you’re
going to brush the cake with some milk which along with the cream filling will
keep your cake really moist in the fridge this is in fact a refrigerated
cake so it’s meant to be eaten cold spread the cream as evenly as you can
you can leave a little border just because we will be cutting you know the
ends anyway and you’re going to carefully roll this back up now this
cake needs to rest at least two hours in the fridge the sponge as I sad will soak
up the moisture of the milk and cream and soften up even more so cover it well
with some plastic wrap I like to wrap it twice and you’re going to pop this in
the fridge this is one of those gags that’s even better the next day but if
you’re impatient like I am at least two hours in the fridge fast forward two
hours later we’re going to cut the ends for a prettier presentation if you want
you can dust the top with some powdered sugar or drizzled some melted
chocolate on top I however don’t like to overcomplicate swiss rolls I like my
simple and very straightforward it’s delicious as it this brings me back to
when I was a kid chocolate rolls aren’t just so special
there’s just something more special about eating a cake roll then I guess a
normal cake it’s super soft it’s so good if you want a fun and delicious
chocolate cake make this one


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