The Best Braised Oxtails I have Ever Tried – Beef Oxtail Recipe – One Pot Recipe

everybody this is lyle with no hippie
barbecue and what I be doing in this video is I’m going to be making some
The Best braised oxtails now while I happen to be using a Dutch oven to braise these oxtails
in my oven if you’d like to use a pressure cooker
or a slow cooker this recipe would work with those two as well if you plan on
using a pressure cooker most of those have saute features which would allow
you to saute the meat and then cook everything in the pressure cooker for
about 3540 minutes if you’re using a slow cooker what you’re going to do is
you’re going to be braising earth browning these ox tails in a skillet
transferring this and the ingredients to the slow cooker and letting that go
between seven and eight hours now this recipe was inspired by another youtube
channel by the name of smoking and grilling with a B and we were on the
phone talking about different oxtail kind of a recipe for different recipes
and this just clicked in my mind is something I wanted to try out if you
don’t know about smoking and grilling what they’d be I’m gonna leave a link to
his channel in the iCard above and description below if you like excellent
content that’s your guy run over there tell them no hippie BBQ said what’s up
now as far as his dog sales go I did a previous oxtail video and
somebody had said that they couldn’t eat ox chances are if you’re buying your ox
tails from a regular grocery store and it’s not a specialty market you’re
getting cow tails so just keep that in the back your mind this is a very simple
recipe some of the prep work takes a little bit of time but really not all
that much let’s take a look at the ingredients and get cooking so before we
get into the ingredients I do want to let you know that I will have the
ingredients and amounts in the description below our first ingredient
that we have is about two and a half pounds of ox tails
we have sliced garlic cinnamon sticks and star anise sliced ginger sliced
jalapenos this is optional here we have some Chinese cooking wine soy sauce
brown sugar green onions that have been sliced
like that and we have some water some orange peel that’s been kind of like
that and this is another optional ingredient
I took the orange peel off the orange and rather than just eating the orange
or throwing it away well I wouldn’t gonna throw it away I’m
just I just sliced it thinly like that and we’re gonna throw that in as well we
also have salt and pepper which we are gonna season our ox tails which with
which is gonna be our first step pepper blend that I’m going to be using to
season these ox tails with is about 60% pepper 40% salt I did rinse them off I
just have them in a bowl and I just find it easier just to kind of add it add
your salt and pepper and then kind of mix them around I don’t want to add too
much to this because I don’t want the salt and pepper to overpower the other
ingredients that we have in this so looks like I just need a little bit more
I have some oil getting heated up and we are going to Brown these ox tails off on
all sides browning these ox tails off on all sides
my oil is about medium-high right now we got these ox tails browned off on all
sides we’re going to remove them and just set them aside for a second now
what I’m going to do just to bring out some of the flavors in this garlic the
ginger and the jalapeno they’re just gonna cook these down just for about a
minute minute and a half now this garlic ginger and jalapeno is
up mainly there for flavor but you can certainly eat them
so that’ll you have that cook down for about a minute just go ahead and lay
down a layer of these oranges get a warrant PLN the cinnamon sticks and our star Hanna going round soon and our Chinese cooking wine and you’re
just gonna stir this up yeah bring that to a boil we have this in a let’s call
it a simmer more than a boil we’re going to add our ox tails back in and I’m going to add enough water to
cover these about that way all right now what I’m going to do is I’m going to
cover this up and throw it in the oven at 350 degrees for two hours in two
hours so we’re gonna flip these oxtails over these ox tails have gone for two
hours and I’m telling you the smell is incredible so what I’m going to do now
is we’re just gonna flip them over all right so that’s the done deal put the
cover back on it back in the oven for two more hours so this has had a chance
to cook for a total of four hours two hours on one side two hours on the other
and I’m telling you this sauce is incredible
see these orange peels right there these things are actually good enough to eat I
mean I can’t help myself but to take another sample of this this sauce is
reduced down so nicely and it is packed with flavor I’m gonna plate this stuff
up then we’re gonna get into it see if I can get my boy up here and do a little
taste test Rapp right there I’m telling you he has
a taste of the sauce yet but he’s about to get into this so you don’t worry
about anything other than that oxtail so just go ahead and try that out right
quick you could at least like you got some sense mmm these orange peels almost got like
candied in this I mean the orange peels could be a recipe all this on its own
and the ginger that gingers bangin most of the garlic did kind of dissolve
during the cook but listen if you were looking for an oxtail recipe that is a
little bit different than your traditional ones this right here I’m
gonna tell you and I’m not even trying to I’m not trying to put anybody down
did I maybe ate their ox tails before but this right here these are the best
ox tails I’ve ever made or eaten so totally different flavor comes in anyway
I’d like to thank you guys for stopping by no hippie BBQ run over and check out
smoking and grilling with a B I know he’s supposed to be coming up with the
knock steal recipe you’re pretty soon anyway comment subscribe and I’m out
Best Oxtails Recipe How To Cook The Best Oxtails

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