Surviving a Black Mamba Bite

this is 45 year old Tim Friede from Wisconsin and he’s about to let this snake bite his arm why this is a black mamba snake one of the most venomous deadly snakes on the planet Black Mamba venom contains a very potent neurotoxin that interferes with the body’s ability to signal through the nervous system it can affect the way you breathe it can make your heart stop beating it can even affect your liver and your kidneys all very good reasons not to do this twice nice I can’t believe this guy was Betty buy a black mamba and he survived what’s his secret there is as proof that thankfully we met Tim and his collection of snakes to find out how his slithery obsession began wait first white I was I believe five years old as a kid from the garter snake and at that point it’s kind of just some snakes but how does he survive this black mamba bite Tim is essentially a walking science experiment for the past few years tim has been exposing himself repeatedly to snake venom by actually injecting dilute amounts of it into his body is not enough to kill him but it is enough for his immune system to recognize there’s something dangerous here and this causes his body to mount an immune response and generate antibodies which were little molecules that bind to the toxins and neutralize them now if you bitten by a snake like this in normal circumstances you’re never gonna have enough of these antibodies in your system to do anything about it but in Tim’s case because he’s been building these up in his system over time he’s got a store basically so when he gets bitten by the snake his body’s got enough of these antibodies to immediately go out there and neutralize that venom Tim is doing something very crazy to my point of view but on the other hand it does kind of serve a purpose usually a normal person would never inject themselves with venom now we can learn how the body can deal with it at first I was I was scared to death because you don’t know if it’s gonna work you run that risk nowadays after 120 bites and up to 400 and Jackson’s I’ve become relaxed with it now for those of you watching the clip and concerned about the welfare of the snake the snake is fine it was being handled correctly and it was basically behaving in exactly the same way it would at any time it strikes okay but being bitten by a snake is still dangerous the danger here and the reason that scientists don’t recommend you do this is that in exposing himself repeatedly to Black Mamba venom Tim could actually develop an allergy and then that snake bite could cause him to go into anaphylactic shock and die and when it comes to a black mamba thanks but no thanks


  1. Does that technique work with women?

  2. Cocaine is a helluva drug lol.

  3. That mamba is now dealing with Self Esteem Issues

  4. Several people have done what this guy has done. They have all died young.

  5. That thing looks absolutely nothing like the black mamba my mum used to have🤔

  6. poor snakes being trolled like that 🙁

  7. Dude listens to slayer. Enough said.

  8. Did the snake inject venom or was it a dry bite ?

  9. The weight of this man's balls has completely destroyed the scale!😱🤯

  10. Don't try this at home!

  11. Who else here is a fan of Slayer 🤘

  12. all good here, he was wearing a slayer shirt

  13. this is how you really survive a black mamba <3

  14. Think about if the camera man never started recording

  15. Snake:- am i a joke to you..

    Man:- yes😂

  16. Omg😯😯

  17. f*** the dangerous snake 🐍 !!

    try marriage – now that’s living on the edge !!

  18. Chuck is real

  19. He took an antidote just before snake bitting him.

  20. Sucko Bamba

  21. SLAYER!

  22. He didn't let in inject its full dose tho

  23. This is totally grossing me out!

  24. That moment when an allergy is more likely to kill him than the black mamba itself….


  26. വാവ സുരേഷിനെ അറിയോ,😁😁

  27. 2 Bites NICE

  28. Chris Krishna Pillay..??
    U are india Sir🇮🇳?

  29. Yeh saala mar Chuka h

  30. Stupid Genius Crazy that's what he is

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  32. Lol stupid

  33. That snake is sick of him shoving its snout into his arm, it doesn’t want to bite him. It’s like trying to not bite him. It’s over his shit.

  34. Imagine becoming immune to a black mamba, just to get killed by a cobra

  35. its fake

  36. Guy: ok it’s time! bite me in the arm
    Black bamba: uh are you sure about this? I am a very venomous snake and I don’t want to hurt you
    Guy: just do it! I have a survival show to run!
    Black Bamba: ok whatever you say bites arm twice
    Mo Bamba starts playing

  37. Definitely a racist angle to this: 'white beats black'.
    What a disgusting Nazi this man is.

  38. H-h-how…………………

  39. He's on cocaine that's why it don't effect him

  40. This is so fake. It's a defanged snake that's why the snake didn't snag onto his skin, it just slides right off like nothing happened. A DEFANGED BLACK MAMBA. He most likely had another snake bite him, or just got some fake blood. Either way, this is clickbait, you can tell by the way the others talk too.

  41. Why cant he just bite the snake back

  42. Una. Culebra negra con cabesa chiquita y Roja

  43. What's the name of this guy? I can't find him on Instagram

  44. Tim is stupid

  45. Codename: Black Mamba

  46. The Indian Army likes this video and takes inspiration from it to raise a special breed of super-soldiers.

    VENOM IMMUNE SOLDIERS who drive DEEP INTO ENEMY TERRITORY on motorcycles carrying steel canisters with Black Mambas in them for massive release operations

  47. Bocah gendeng, black mamba di cakotna meng tangan….

  48. He’s pulling the snake’s head off of his arm quickly not letting enough venom (if any) get into his blood and kill him.
    Probably even used an antivenin afterwards.

  49. Oroshimaru ?

  50. If y’all believe this is real, believe when I say I am Oprah

  51. He is the human version of a honey badger.

  52. Anti-Vax parents have left the chat.

  53. So his blood could be used as an Anti-Venom.

  54. After 120 bites and he still looks like a totally normal guy

  55. Beginner
    Coyote Peterson
    Steve Irwin

  56. So basically, this man IS Westley from the princess bride

  57. I find the English speaker as Goats…. Any mistake……

  58. 음 예전에 블랙맘바한테 물리신적이 있으신가보네; 항체없으면 절대 저렇게 안 멀쩡하지 ㄷㄷ

  59. Hail fucking Slayer!!!

  60. @ 1:31 the snake makes a rattle sound…
    An added sound affect to frighten the viewers more.

  61. This is one of the guy Area 51 was hidding. Now I understand.

  62. And survived? Because he had the fucking anti venom right next to him

  63. Mamba saw the Slayer shirt and delivered a dry bite 🤟

  64. don't black mambas have a distinguishing green or brown color (it can be either) and why were there such big holes in your arm if they have tiny fangs

  65. Its lol

  66. Was just searching for the vaporizer but thanks anyways.

  67. I'm not the one who's so far away, when I feel the snake bite enter my veins. Never do I want to see this youtube video again and I don't remember, why I came

  68. Budd died from a black mamba bite in less then 15 minutes. Elle most likely died from a black mamba bite too, since she was completely blind afterwards

  69. Wow so he found a new vaccination to venom how interesting

  70. he's a alien

  71. 0:28 ദേ മലയാളി
    Mallus and indains like it

  72. By squeezing the head in the manner he does, it shorts out the venom…..still crazy

  73. yah but the Indian King Kobra would murder ju for sure

  74. Now taipan pls

  75. have you built immunities to other venomous snakes


    Watch this to see the real snake master

  77. Coyote Peterson: impressive

  78. I wonder what it tastes like cause of how venomous that black mamba is ik that when you get bit it tastes like copper but what does this one taste like

  79. Black mama is at 1st position in danger this guy survives

  80. Black Mamba: "Am I a joke to you?"


  82. Welcome to avengers

  83. Fucking Slayer

  84. What would kobe Bryant do?

  85. Damn, Neymar clearly hasn't done so well since leaving Barcelona

  86. He obviously milked the snake before the bite

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  89. Real life chuck norris

  90. I think snake is a paid actor….


  91. Just dumb 🤦‍♀️

  92. what a poor video. if you watch the original you can see his "true power". first he gets bit by the black mamba and after this he grabs a fucking inland taipan and gets bit too. i mean its crazy to survive a mamba bite but pls show everything 😉

  93. "For those concerned about the snake's welfare…"

    LOL… who gives a shit.

  94. Black mamba: how can it is possible?

  95. I wouldn’t expect nothing but a SLYER T-shirt on this kind of man

  96. Tim ain't smart

  97. I want to be Immune to snake venom😂

  98. Where's chuck norris

  99. Because its poison was drained

  100. This guy will be like "Antivenom bla bla bla, I heard all of that before."

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