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Welcome to Gowri Samayalarai How to store the grated coconut for 2 weeks This is grated coconut Transfer this grated coconut to a plastic container This can be stored in refrigerator upto 20 days too. Now we shall see the methods to store this grated coconut. I am storing the grated coconut on the top portion of the double door fridge. Here there is no chance of Ice formation This grated coconut was prepared 1 week before and stored in the refrigerator This is the left over Take out the required amount of grated coconut and place the balance in the fridge immediately ginger garlic paste is freezed now, once you keep out it comes back to its original state Take out the required quantity and keep the balance inside the refrigerator It took only 15 mins to grate this quantity of coconut, but I can store it and use for 20 days Same for Ginger garlic paste I hope this Kitchen tips might be useful Try this and share it with your friends


  1. Very useful mam….

  2. very useful tip,share some more useful tips.

  3. single door refrigerator la yenga store pandrathu madam coconut ah

  4. Very useful sister 🙂

  5. Mam u tips are very useful, thank u.

  6. thanks for ur use full tips. mam I have single door. nan eppadi coconut, ginger garlic paste store pannanum

  7. madam, i am krishnamoorthy and i am 65 years young. after retirement, i show keen interest in chance i 've seen your videos and subscribed.your presentation is very clear.your cooking ideas are inspiring me to do more.i now feel now that cooking is an art not drudgery.THANKS AND LONG LIVE YOUR GOODSELVES

  8. hi mam it is avery useful tip and mam pls tell me how to get long and non sticky rice (in normal ponni rice ) thank u mam for answering my yerterday's dout thank u once agian

  9. Put cloths organizing in cupboard

  10. started to store coconut thus's very useful and saves time..thank u

  11. thanku mam

  12. Hi mam I don't have toble door fridge.then how to storege coconut in normal fridge

  13. thank u mam.all tips helpful for me

  14. mam enga v2la single fridge tha eruku ethula epadi coconut store pandrathu nu solunga..

  15. hi plz explain in Hindi or English thank you

  16. It is grated coconut not graded coconut. Please correct it.

  17. I have only single door fridge. where should I keep the happy with your tips

  18. mam i hve single door fridge,how can i store coconut

  19. Really useful tip.

  20. very useful tips

  21. good tips, but madam my small suggestion you can pack it in a small plastic bags and keep it in bigger tupperware like yours, whenever you want you can take one small packet to use for that day, in thisway you need not to pull the whole thing everytime you want to cook, it will last longer . thats how i used to store most of cooking items. thk you and have nice day.

  22. single door fridge la full a ice aagetume???appo enna panurathu

  23. kudos to you n your daughter

  24. Mam I don't have double door fridge where shall I keep coconut piece pls give me ideas

  25. gowri mami super……ur tips r super

  26. Mam nan coconutah mixi la potu grind pani vaci fresh ah erukuma mam?

  27. How to break a coconut without noise ,we live abroad so that we don't disturb?

  28. Storing desiccated coconut in this way, it's very useful and handy.
    Give us tips as how to use less vessels while cooking, as helping maid is a big problem these days.

  29. stored grated coconut.
    whether it is suitable for chutney mam?
    pls clear mam

  30. அக்கா எனக்கு ரொம்ப வருடமா தேங்காய் துருவ தெரியாது இப்ப இந்த வீடியோவ பார்த்து கற்றுக்கிட்டேன் நன்றி.

  31. Helpful video. One small suggestion while storing ginger garlic paste no need to keep it in freezer. Add pinch of salt in the ginger garlic paste and store it in the second door of the fridge itself. It will last for almost 6 months.

  32. useful tip

  33. Mam i like your videos and very often i watch yours if i have any doubt in cooking..i need your suggestion for storing betel gets spoiled quickly

  34. hi mam please say how to put monthly budget with in our income.

  35. gowri ma ur tips and tricks sooo soo helpful…really looking forwrd for more and more videos like this.😙

  36. It's a very useful tip Gowri ma'am. Thank-you. It seems your videos are very clearly instructed. But please make videos in English so that we all can understand the whole content of your videos and get benefited. TIA😊

  37. we have to use only plastic container huh? or shall I use normal stainless steel tiffen box?

  38. Amma in my home single door fridge only how can I store ma. shall I use other boxes

  39. hi madam very usefultips

  40. double fridge illana enna panrathu ennoda single door fridge dhan

  41. hai mam. I like your videos.. it's very useful to me.. one doubt mam I don't have double door fridge so how can I store this in single door fridge.?

  42. hi mam, can we do it in single door fridge?

  43. storing coconut is very useful for me thank you mam

  44. super useful tips mam…. thank you

  45. hi.mam….helthku …ipti sapta problam varatha mam.

  46. can u pls tell me how to store grated coconut in single door refrigerator..

  47. Gowri,good idea. Iam a regular follower of your videos.ஒரு suggestion, plz don't mistake me. நீங்க heathy recipes நிறைய கொடுக்கறீங்க. Plastic items ல் இருந்து,over வெயில் or freezer ல் உள்ள food items ல் plastic வெளிவிடும் dioxin என்ற chemical கலந்து விடும் என்கிறார்கள்.It is very very harmful to our health.So please use stainless steel boxes. And don't use plastic water bottles. Use copper, glass, s steel water bottles. Freezer ல் glass expand ஆகும் என்பதால் use பண்ண முடியாது.

  48. how to store in single door fridge.. pls update it

  49. Madam ennaku chutni pannum pothu colour change agiduthu enna seirathu

  50. hello mam it's very useful tip for all.

  51. hello ma'am pls store such items in plastic air tight containers rather than stainless steel boxes. bcoz steel needs more power to store.

  52. really super tips for storing coconut its really work 👌👌👌

  53. How to store grated coconut in single door fridge

  54. thank you nice tips

  55. Gowri AMMA 2 months ungala Mari thaa coconut store panre RombA helpfulla eruku…. stress illama eruku thank you ma……love you ma… 😘😘😘😍😍

  56. ;good video

  57. Madam please tell me in which vessel is the best store in tamarind,iam waiting for ur reply

  58. Is this healthy?

  59. Mam iam vanitha. Thirikina coconut na chutney ku use pannamudiyala mam.

  60. Thanks mom

  61. Single door iruntha enga vaikkanum

  62. Very useful tips. Thank u .

  63. Try not to talk in butler English, it is grated not graded

  64. Fridge la coconut ah store panrapa coconut la erukura chathhu lam poiratha Mam?

    Velilayae store panrathuku ethum tips eruka Mam?

  65. single door fridge la freezer la store panna ice aaguthu .enna pandrathu sister

  66. is it healthy mam

  67. refrigerator illa eppadi coconut save panradhu

  68. I have only single door fridge how can i store it

  69. I have only single door fridge how can i store it

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