Stoner Chef’s Table

Chef Dawn is probably the best chef on the planet, or close to it. The flavors that are coming out of that kitchen
are undeniable. So I went into my kitchen… And that’s when I was like… whoa. She’s just so… high all the time. It’s become hip to serve “munchies”, you know, in a kind of sardonic way. But Dawn unapologetically and unironically serves you, you know, just… munchies. I want to alleviate it up to the next level. You know? Like, what else can I alleviate this dish to? Alle– Allevia— There’s this feeling and a sense of levity to the place… and fun… and that’s, you know, that’s the contact high, of course. But then, you know, eventually the food starts to come out. I mean it’s tempting to try to figure out
what’s going on in her brain. It’s a knot you can’t undo. Dawn is Dawn.


  1. Ah the last cheeto, the stoner chefs most brilliant and delicious creation!

  2. Good goddamn job!!! Loved it!!

  3. wow this may be the best original content ive seen in a while..

  4. Love the duck confit thrown in there with the three way doritos and super oreo lol

  5. I've had that fucking peach… great content, hilarious video – keep it up!

  6. doritos 3 ways, that was the zinger :D.

  7. The eating cereal out of the box is so relatable

  8. Very fine.

  9. She mildly looks like Jennifer Grey (Ferris's sister) in Ferris Bueller's Day Off

  10. "The best fucking peach ever, holy shit"

  11. Kylo Ren's sister?

  12. The video editing and music was spot on. Well done. Thanks for sharing! <3

  13. Hahahaha this is so well shot! Nice one!

  14. This should have a master class.

  15. Stupid

  16. that was great!!!! felt like a chef's table original

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