Spit Roast Beef by the BBQ Pit Boys

(high-energy rock music) (smoking jazz music) ♫ Gonna smoke me a fatted brisket ♫ Got my barbecue shoes on ♫ Gonna smoke me a fatted brisket ♫ I got my barbecue shoes on ♫ I got my natural case ♫ I’ve got the hogs on the run (smoking jazz music) – [Pit Master] Welcome
to the Grill & Bar pit, at BBQPitBoys.com! Today we’re cooking up a
whole rib eye, all right? We’re gonna be doing it on a spit. If you haven’t done this before, you got to check this out,
this is real easy to do. All right, this here is what they call a whole rib eye, right? And essentially it’s a rib
roast with the ribs removed. You know about that. And it’s often called prime rib, although it’s really not prime rib, there’s not a lot of prime rib out there that’s government certified right? But I’ll tell you what, this is good, right, nice and tender. And you cook it up right, mmm, yeah, it’s good eating at the pit. All right, here I’m trimming
away, the silver skin, and uh, I’m cutting some
of the excess fat on here. But I’m not getting rid of the chain, I’m not cutting the chain away, I’m essentially gonna
keep this whole rib roast, ’cause we’ll be cooking on
an open fire, all right! Looks like the Grill &
Bar boys have showed up. (relaxing music) Now, when trimming up this
whole rib eye of course, you want to get rid of the silver skin, which I’ve removed, it’s real tough, and then just trim off
some of the excess fat. Now we’re gonna put it on a spit. That’s kind of easy right? You’ve done this before, if not, you’ve got to check this out. Now if you had a butcher go ahead and give you a rib eye roast,
he would trim off the chain, he would roll it and tie it for you so it looks real pretty
when you put it in the oven. Oh man, it tastes real good when you do it this way on the open fire. (relaxing music) All right, simple enough. Now I’m gonna do, is uh, we’re gonna put a rub on here, right? Now the thing is about a rub, it’s not gonna penetrate
deep into this meat, it’s only gonna be a layer
of flavor, all right, especially when you’re using a spit. It will not penetrate the dense meat, ’cause most rubs won’t, right? So we’re gonna put a nice
layer of this rub here, this is beef rub we pulled off the shelf. You could use one of our rubs, or use your own favorite rub, right? You want to get it on there
real good, just like that. Now like I said if you
were to put this rub on the day before it’s not gonna make a bit of difference, right, because the rub is only on the surface. All right, the Grill & Bar
boys have got a new sign, and hookin’ it up at the pit. (relaxing music) All right, let’s get this
(muffled hammering) whole rib eye on the fire, right? Now the spit we’re using
today is a battery-op spit, works really good, it’s
called an awl spit, you got to check it out, and it’ll run, pfff, 90 hours on a
couple D-cell batteries. Works really good when
you’re away from power. Now if you haven’t seen this before, looks real easy, right? Just put the spit on the bracket. Put on the motor pack. We got a good, good layer of coals goin’. And you can adjust it, up or down. This way you can control the heat. Simple enough, oh yeah. All right, let’s open up that Grill & Bar. (relaxing music) (ratcheting power tool) (whining and clunking) (serene relaxing music) (electric whirring) (electric whirring) All right, the Grill &
Bar is open for business! I’d like to give a
shout-out to all our subs. (perky music) All right, this roast
here has been cookin’ for, eh, maybe 45 minutes. The great thing about
doing it this way is that you can start eatin’ real early, because again, we’re
cookin’ on the outside, all the heat is from the bottom. So in no time at all you can
be eatin’ off this roast, and you can be spinnin’ all afternoon. Eat it when you’re hungry. Oh yeah, take a look at that! (perky music) Now here we’ve got some beef broth, made up, yeah, we’re gonna
baste it every once in a while. We’re probably 45 minutes into this, what we’re gonna do is start trimmin’. Just cut a little bit off, (deep inhaling) yeah, this is what we
call snackin’ at the pit! Now, of course it’s rare on the inside, but right here we’ve got
some medium rare roast beef. Now, when you’re using a spit, you’re not gonna bleed. You will not lose moisture because of the centrifugal action of
this spit, all right, it keeps the moisture inside. So all we’re gonna do
is add some more rub, choose another rub, change the flavor up, start spinnin’, yeah, look at that. Get a little more of that
beef broth on there, good… You gettin’ hungry or what? (perky music) Now about another, a, eh,
another 40 minutes has gone by, we’re just gonna keep on snackin’, right? (perky music) Look at that! And once in a while like I said, hit it with some of that beef broth. Take a look at that. – [All] Yeah! (high-energy rock music) – [Pit Master] Hoooeee! Whoa! Let’s cut it up. Now, remember, you don’t need to let this roast rest for a while, right? ‘Cause the juices are
all thoroughly permeated throughout this roast,
there’s no wait time. Pull it off the spit and start cuttin’! (high-energy rock music) Lord have mercy! Whu-whu-whu-whu-whoa there! All right, let me cut this up. Man! You smell that? This smells good! This is the way you want the prime rib. Just like that. Now we do apologize for eatin’
in front of you like this, but of course we call
the pit master privilege. (high-energy rock music) So the next time you’re
lookin’ for a recipe for your barbecue, be sure
to stop by the Grill & Bar, BBQPitBoys.com. (high-energy rock music) (cawing bird)


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