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recently had a chance to cook on the
johnsonville big taste grill that will check out and the number one question
what’s the best way to cook brats at home i’m going to show you my favorite
way to get this together are you gonna need
some johnsonville bras and a little bit of wood for a smoke flavor this is a chunk of Apple will be using
today if you can’t find chunks of wood the chips are usually really easy to
find make a little package at a foil poke a few holes in it and it’s ready to
smoke get your barbecue set up for indirect
cooking at 325 degrees place chunk of wood directly on the coals place the
johnsonville brats on the void side of the cooker and get the lid on with the
vent over the sausages here’s a quick peek after 15 minutes of
cooking what’s great about this recipe is you really don’t have to do anything
you see the nice color on the brats here and the case it is starting to crisp up
put the lid back on let them keep cooking after 30 minutes
total cooking time these are looking great USDA recommends an internal temperature
minimum a hundred and sixty degrees on pork sausages to use a good digital
thermometer and poke it into the tip to check these are done let’s pull one of these off cut it right
down the middle and check it out nice juicy brought and see from the
smoker and get that little pink just driven juice check that of time to get
them served now let’s check out jobs bills big taste
grow at the haunting me here is the Johnson built big taste world check it out how you doing my name’s Cal McGregor and
i’m here with drawn to build sausage and the honda indy and as you can see where
I’ve been doing a hundred fifty thousand attendees at this event join me over
here with the big taste grow and the water was largest BBQ the the grill
actually fix two and a half those brass every single or stores seven and a half
thousand dragon and a freezer on the drop the way of the grill basically those and programs with prompt
and 65 feet long we are the hood sex those and poems is
absolutely huge vehicle was three of them been going for 18 years tuna steeds
one in Canada a big part drugs no sausage and a baked
beans grow is it and make a child’s imagination to every single event we go
to resonate over four million dollars since the program’s inception in 10
years ago and this your make-a-wish foundation is where donations going jonesville be a minimum commitment of
ten thousand dollars to make a wish you all up and see the girl was born check this grill out and their support
of these on the truck it’s got some delicious John still drops
took it away the awesome crowd of people out here today i hope this video helps people cook
better brought it home because they’re absolutely delicious one big point I want to make if you ever
see that Johnsville big taste grill stop by get a bite to eat they’ve raised
over four million dollars for various charities coke bronze at home it’s easy to do barbecue food for you
give it a try

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