smoked salmon sushi roll – learn how to make this amazing sushi roll

in this video im going to show you how to make the smoked salmon sushi roll what you are going to need to make the smoked salmon sushi roll is half a sheet of nori “seaweed papper” some mascarpone creame cheese some fresh sushi grade salmon one hundered fifty grams of cooked sushi rice some cling film two sushi rolling mats one in side a plasic bag another on its own sliced avocado and some smoke salmon this is the prime
cut of the salmon of course extremely sharp knife , sushi knife now if you don’t know how to make sushi rice please click here now now you simply just spread it out now try not to squish it down too much
just fluff it out slightly otherwise you will destroy the sushi rice, and you want to keep the individual pieces of rice now what you want to do it is flipped it up put it on top of the plastic bag sushi rolling mat now you add some mascarpone you add your avocado and a piece of fresh sashimi grade salmon now to roll the sushi simply curl over the sushi mat apply pressure sealing it and now you simply move forward over it and then just one more time like this, just to get the right shape and that’s it now you simply add a little bit more masrcarpone on top to make shore that the salmon
make sure that that someone sticks properly you dont want any salmon falling off or something like this now you place smoked salmon over it like this is the best cut of the smoked salmon there is no imperfections its perfect now you add some cling film over it so that when you cut it it all stays perfectly shaped up you press down the cling film with a sushi mat this insurances that it will all stay together now you slightly wet your sushi knife so that the rice does not stick to it and what you do is you cut off the end pieces this will be discarded and now you simply slice in half you slice your halfs into quarters now you slice your quarters in to eights giving you eight pieces and two to throw away
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  1. I love your channel. Sushi is the best! I had a baked salmon sushi roll a few years ago. It was wrapped in foil, baked, and then drizzled with sauce. It was melt-in-your-mouth amazing! Do you think you can make a baked-roll tutorial?

  2. hello:D love your channel, have seen all of your videos now, and tested out a few of them, what i have made so far was awesome! In this recipe I used philadelphia instead of mascarpone because i think philadelphia taste awesome with smoked salmon! you should try it some day:D i have a feeling that your channel is going to get big soon since your videos are so goog, and the lighting and quality also is really good! good luck i the future!! 😀 looking forward to more videos and ideas!

  3. I shouldn't watch this it make me hungry 🙁

  4. i have another 36 video to take you from hungry to Starving!

  5. I like everything in your videos… Beautiful! I really love japanese food and tradition. I actually love everything. Only thing, i watcehd some japanese guy with sushi and the proper cutting is in one draw with knife starting with the edge of the knife (one where the grip is) and pulling knife with your entire hand back. So one draw and fast. Of course you need to have really sharp and quaility (japanese) knifes. All in all beautiful video and recipies. : )

  6. nooo why would you discard the ends? TT-TT

  7. your right traditionally a sushi chef will cut in one swooping motion from the heel of the knife to the tip, this is done to conserve the edge of the knife. But i find this swooping motion makes for a very un-even cut (pulling in rice at the entry and scattering rice at the exit motion). i prefer to saw through feeling the way though with the knife, this makes beautifully clean cuts every time
    By the way i do have some of the sharpest knives money can buy, im sponsored by Miyabi Knives
    Thanks =D

  8. Ill let you in on a little secret, i eat the sushi end pieces when the camera is off, Shhhh don't tell any one 🙂

  9. yayy

  10. omg lol I would always hope you would eat the ends, makes me hungry watching them leave. xD

  11. Ah Davy man…awesome. Now I've gotta stop at the store on the way home. There's just nothing better on the hottest days of summer. No oven, sweat or dishes…not much is even leaving my cutting board. How about some roe too man. It's one of my favorite additions that seems hit or miss in restaurants unless it's ordered as a totally separate item. Most usually respond to me like I've asked for something real bizarre. Suggestions/kinds/how to's all good. Thanks man.

  12. But why would you throw away the ends?? That's a waste

  13. Nvm just saw the comment LOL

  14. Cool! Now just have to go get nori & I'll prepare it! Thanks! 🙂

  15. Your welcome, and good luck !

  16. 🙂

  17. your welcome and your right, truly nothing better on a hot summer day 🙂

  18. How come the ends were thrown away? I would've at them XD

  19. **Ate

  20. I actually ate them of camera

  21. haha i read it as "ate" even though u spelled "at" !

  22. Looks good!

  23. Im eating cereal right now pretending I'm eating sushi

  24. Tht looks good

  25. wait.. is it raw or cooked?

  26. With the song in the background i feel like playibg sushi cat

  27. marry me? haha

  28. Good vid, although stop saying discard or throw-away next time on a perfectly delicious and edible sushi roll ends. It's offensive to the poor who don't want to waste good food. 🙂

  29. Like a boss. Great work. Thank you.

  30. So you use fresh raw salmon AND smoked salmon too at the same time?

  31. I AM HUNGRYYYY !!!

  32. Very well!)
    Nice done!

  33. very nice, thanx

  34. Shmoked shalmon shushi roll

  35. Very good

  36. Make rice thinner. Good sushi, rice is loose

  37. I won't trow the ends of the rolls, I will eat it haha

  38. Yah what a Crime to throw Away the extras lol 😎 great video Gracias !

  39. Trying to learn how to make my own sushi…. my son loves Salmon Sushi!!! Great Job!!

  40. very good

  41. Hmmm…. the end pieces goes straight into my mouth! YUM

  42. Just watched your "how to make sushi rice". And wondering… dont you add sugar and salt to the vinegar?

  43. two pieces to throw away??….haha more like two pieces to throw away in my mouth!

  44. Why would you waste the end pieces? 

  45. just eat the ends shiiite 

  46. do d meat cook?

  47. never throw away sushi!!!!! that's a travesty!!!!!!! 🙂

  48. OMG everytime I watch one of your videos I get so hungry haha I really wish I could eat them from the screen haha As long as you keep making these quality videos I will watch. Thanks!

  49. Wow, you are an amazing sushi maker! I love it!

  50. You don't ever throw away good food… Never…

  51. Amazing. Very well done.

  52. I think you are one of the best on youtube on showing us how to make sushi.
    the way you explain things is really good. keep on making videos. I went and
    bought a sushi kit on amazon and have started making sushi at home. 

  53. by "this will be discarded" you mean "ill eat this as soon as i can" 

  54. Well done sensa 😊

  55. Hello, everyone of you can join the Make Sushi community in Google

    and post your own masterpieces. Here is my Smoked Salmon rolls…

  56. wow, you made it look so easy!
    thanks for the tutorial 🙂

    btw, i think you're really handsome,the fact that a man knows how to cook it's really attractive n///-///n

  57. u eat it

  58. I always feel the instructor is being irresponsible if they don't insist on stating the difference between "regular fish" and "sushi grade fish." 

  59. Loved this video! Can you please do a video on how to make grilled salmon nigiri and grilled salmon rolls?
    Thanks ! Keep up the good work.

  60. Bro why so much rice? The thing is that when someone eats that roll, it'll be a mouth full of rice. You know what I mean? They won't be able to enjoy the rest of the ingredients with so much rice in their mouths

  61. The enthusiasm is too much, I can't handle all of it

  62. I know its slightly off topic but, nice watch!

  63. I might change the avocado with cucumber cuz i like that better and i think that will blend greatly as well

  64. True chef don't discard food… so pls don't say discard in your future videos ✌peace

  65. Too much rice give more seaweed and salmon

  66. This is the same music from the game Sushi Cat XD

  67. I would eat those 2 end pieces too.

  68. I'm giving you a dislike because you wanted to throw 2 of them away. Japanese Masters would not be proud.

  69. hi there I know this may be a dumb question and all but where would I or could I purchase or find smoked salmon? its not the same at Atlantic or wild caught salmon is it?

  70. you're so awkward dude, but cool vid

  71. All the sushi restaurants in my area that I've been to make smoked salmon rolls with cream cheese. I wonder what it's like with mascarpone.

  72. i find your video and recipe very nicely done.thank you for sharing today.YUMMY.

  73. check out the full smoked salmon sushi roll recipe here:
    lastly see more of my sushi recipes here:

  74. Please, don't tell us you discard perfectly good food. Don't even promote it by saying that, please. It makes some people cringe. Love your videos.

  75. You have more subscribers than Jonnie Candito, the fitness guy. Powerlifter, to be exact. Wow, I wouldn't have thunk it that people were more into sushi than fitness. Not talking about myself. I am like, ten folds times more into sushi than fitness. I meant others.

  76. excellent video!

  77. It was very useful that you mentioned putting the bamboo mat in the zip bag as well as putting the cling on before cutting. Learnt some new techniques here-thank you! Made the sushi tonight and they were lovely.

  78. This may be a weird question but where would I find sushi grade fish at?

  79. Sooo yummmy

  80. I hope he means eaten whey he says discarded. Want not waste not my friend

  81. Lmao!!… please some else just thumbs me up for lol'ing at this plastic bag rolling mat…Sushi Masters use cling film… and this guy is using a seal in the bag sandwich bag…wtf lol

  82. Shouldn't be watching this at the middle of the night…

  83. Haha throw away pieces when I make sushi I usually eat since I hate to waste products!:) The excess pieces are like a taste test to see how you are doing;) While you serve the regular pieces to friends, guests, family, or a restaurant:)

  84. don't throw end parts away just eat them yourself lol. wish I had the skills and equipment for making sushi I had sushi rice and smoked salmon but nothing else lol

  85. Bonjour utilisez vous la feuille de nori entière ? Merci

  86. It's not wood man. Cut it properly.

  87. What's machkponi or whatever is it feta cheese or Mayo lol.

  88. Just eat the ends instead of throwing it away, such a waste

  89. the L in salmon is silent.

  90. I love your channel , is very practical!!!

  91. DISCARDED!? i would eat the ends lol

  92. He don't really smile :/

  93. I cried inside when he said throw both ends away

  94. Buttholes

  95. I thought this was called maki

  96. You throw away the ends and your enthusiasm


  98. Excuse me, but I’m not throwing anything away! I’m gonna throw those ends in my mouth along with the other 8 pieces.

  99. The next Sylvester Stallone.

  100. Soft shell. Please do a "Magic Crunch" too

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