Slow Cooker Mississippi Pot Roast {Ultra decadent buttery pot roast recipe}

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  1. Pepii

  2. I use a packet of Au Jus instead of the gravy, but either way, this one is a HUGE hit for anyone I've ever made it for

  3. Looks good minus the peppers and juice. I found out you have a cookbook today and am getting it from the library soon.

  4. yummy pot roast. so tender and i super love the gravy.

  5. I think I can do that

  6. amazing stuff

  7. amazing stuff

  8. I love this channel! Thanks for all the great recipes you share!❤️ 😉

  9. Wow… That definitely looks good, and goes on my to cook lust! 😁

    Pretty economical too!


  10. My favorite roast ever. 😊

  11. "The South shall rise again"
    -my blood pressure.

    Cant wait to try.

  12. I made this recently. I have to say, it was a disappointment for me. It was obnoxiously salty and greasy. Despite trimming the fat in the usual way for a regular pot roast. And most of all-the best part of pot roast for us is the sweet tender carrots that result from the slow cooking in the roast gravy.
    I liked the mildly vinegar taste from the pepperoncini, but over-all it was a fail. Maybe it's a southern tastebud thing-I'm in the midwest. I was curious to try it. But just the once.

  13. I’ve been making a similar recipe for about a year now🤪

  14. I make a lighter version without the butter. I find it adds to much grease and will taste just as good without it. Also browning the roast with a bit of deglazing afterwards adds to the flavor imo. I use half of the Au Ju and Ranch to cut back on all that sodium. This recipe works well with chicken breast to and vegetables added half way into cooking.

  15. This recipe works well with chicken also.

  16. I just ate lunch and now i think i am hungry again.

  17. I make this often, but with McCormick au jus gravy mix rather than brown gravy mix. It's way too greasy, salty and chemical tasting with full packets of au jus and ranch dressing – I use half packets of each and less than half a stick of butter.

  18. Going to give this a try 👌❤

  19. Just discovered this channel and feel like I found my guru!

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