Salmon Grilling 101

everybody David Lee deletes : are you here let me ask you a question how many times have you grilled fish only to have a massive grill disaster on your hands what happens to me all the time actually and that’s the reason why Jaime province is standing beside me in my backyard because the worst of all worst nightmares for me is grilling fish so Jaime provides have you don’t know is the author of Weber’s way to grill one of the best books out there on grilling as a matter of fact as of this week today I believe it is the number one book out there on grilling so everyone this is Jamie so Jamie tell me a little bit about grilling fish we’re doing salmon today which is really a nice choice particularly if you’re beginning because it’s a firm fish so it has a better tendency to whole to pull together let a Glatt to it has some oil in it yeah and that’s going to help to keep it nice and moist so those are working in our favor the other things that are really important relate to the grill so let me show you here I’ve got the grill preheating alright it’s up around oh it’s over 500 degrees now which is great isn’t that hot for fish though you know a lot of people think that they think old fish is relatively delicate so I should use me out your more delicate heat if you don’t want it to stick high heat is your friend okay okay high heat and also a clean great you want to get in there with a good brush and get all those little bits and pieces on there you know last night’s hamburger stuck to the grate is going to stick to your salmon okay and it’s going to be on there you know forever and a day now I’ve already oiled the fish itself I like to all the fish rather than the great you find that some people actually do oil the great and you go down flush I go flesh side down because this is the side that’s going to face the guests and you’ll see when it’s searing there on those hot bars it’s going to have those beautiful crosses or not necessarily crosshatch but stripes okay look really really nice so the most important reason for putting the lid down is to keep that great really hot okay as a hot grate is going to help the salmon release from the grate I’m using here what I call the 70/30 rule and this is really the key like you said this to me earlier okay this is a chef’s technique it basically means that you cook the fish for 70 percent of the time on the first side and 30% of second okay so longer on the first so that there is time for it to release well you see the fish always sticks initially and the problem is that people try to turn it too early or it is unstuck or released right and disaster yeah it falls apart it goes through the grade and there’s your dinner and you know you’re calling Chinese takeout exactly that but if you wait just a couple of minutes so this is really an exercise in patience more than anything else then cooking yeah you got to just be with the fish and let it do what it has to do okay and you’ll see you can actually just roll the fish over once it is released is you’re gonna have to show me that I’ll show you have to show me rolling fish of a few minutes away we’ll get there all right okay so you grab the fillet on each side with tongs and you just kind of wiggle your wrist back and forth and you’ll feel if it’s still sticking and if it is close the lid and let it go another minute or so but I can feel that this is rocking really easily so I can just now roll it Oh Mike like that so easy I don’t know what you were so scared of getting just economical times I’ve grilled fish and it’s just stuck to that grill grate that I had so now we’re just going to go a couple more minutes on the second side you know until it gets to the doneness that you want turns out the second side does not stick okay it just it has already begun to cook because of the heat reflecting off of the lid right and it just never is a problem it something will just let it go till it’s done and then we’re done great what I want to do now is show you a little technique for getting it off of the grill that would be without the skin yeah I’m going to just put my spatula between the skin and the flesh right I’m going to hold it steady and just slide the spatula right over the skin genius okay and now you’ve got the fully intact beautiful grill marks luscious salmon yes there you go and then you can take the skin off as well and if you want to eat that you can some people like it some people don’t so I put a little finishing touch on our grilled salmon yes and now what is this lovely me long well it’s it’s a nectarine relish Wesselman jalapeno and some red onion a lime dressing yeah well I want to thank you very much for helping me figure out how to grill very well I mean the big thing that I have to remember is the 77030 rule take it with you and go forth and prosper with the 70/30 rule also keep a very hot grill you remember this at home to make sure it’s a very clean grill right and have patience it is the Zen oh my tis the sin of fish cookery Jamie thank you so much it has been such a pleasure having you here I hope you enjoyed being in Connecticut for a while it’s been wonderful and spending time with you excellent is the big bonus after all this time okay fine he’s still kind honestly it will just cut this like he’s the best oh please you’re lying that’s it I don’t care we have to do it I’m not doing any more


  1. so… for how long should I leave the salmon on the grill each side?

  2. Do not use this technique if using a marinade containing sugar (i.e. Teriyaki) as it will burn. You can grill the salmon this way and add a Teriyaki sauce before serving

  3. trying this tonight

  4. I tried this for the first time just last night. It worked amazingly well. My wife was sure I'd be ruining the Copper River Salmon. Nope, she loved it!!!

  5. Just when I had watched all of the other not-so-great salmon grilling videos I could possibly stand, I FINALLY found this wonderful instructional video. THANK you, this is exactly what I was looking for….PERFECT.

  6. going to grill a salmon filet for the first time tonight so this video was really great…….just remember 70/30, rolling and breath deeply……thanks

  7. So….did you trim your salmon filet? The filets out here are long all the way to the tail fins, so of course they range from thick to almost no meat and wide to very narrow at the tail end. Your rectangular cut of meat seems to cook evenly, but not much presentation excitement. What if you are cooking the whole filet? Tips? Technique?

  8. Thanks for the tips

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