Saber Infrared Stainless Steel Gas Grill Review | 670 Model |

Hi, I’m Randy with Today we
are looking at Saber infrared gas grills, the one we have here today is the 670 freestanding…
our most popular model from Saber. Let’s check out what’s going on inside!
The cooking grids of the Saber 670 measure 34 ⅞ inches wide by 19 inches deep. The
grids are made of 304 stainless steel, for maximum durability. Saber’s grill grates
are designed with air channels on the bottom side. These do a great job at trapping hot
air to create the perfect surface for producing grill marks & quick heat recovery when searing
the second side of items. The cooking grids sit directly above Saber’s
304 stainless steel emitter plates. You will notice there is no air gap between the emitter
plates and where the grids sit.. This is what makes Saber’s infrared cooking system work
so well. The emitter plates cover the entire area above
the burners, allowing heat to radiate evenly across the entire surface of the grill. They
feature tiny air holes that line up with the channels of the cooking grids, focusing the
heat exactly where you want it.. at the cooking surface.
The full coverage of the emitter plates means any drippings that fall between the grates
will be caught & vaporized back towards your food. Because this design also restricts airflow,
you’ll find grease that would normally produce flare ups is transformed into smoke. Just
look at all that rich smoke I got when cooking burgers.
Underneath the emitter panels, you’ll find Saber’s 304 stainless steel tube burners.
In our testing, we found the grill to have a solid high end temp of around 800 degrees.
They are each lit by battery powered spark ignition.
If you are looking to cook with different temperature zones at the same time.. Saber
features Tru zone cooking dividers between each burner. This worked well for me when
I seared these new york strips on one end & roasted veggies on the other.
Overall, the heat stability of Saber’s infrared cooking system is impressive.. making for
a quick preheat & great performance in any climate.
For nighttime grilling, the Saber 670 features two halogen grill lights in the interior.
When it comes to cooking versatility, the secondary rack offers a warming position and
a roasting position right above the cooking grids.
For easy cleaning, the Saber 670 comes with a grate scraper tool & a full width drip pan.
This grill is available in freestanding as well as built in configurations. Other sizes
are available as well. The 670 Models on cart include a side burner
on the left side shelf. The dual tube design allows for maximum temperature flexibility
& both burner tubes combine to produce 18,000 BTUS of cooking power.
The right side of the cart has a side shelf for extra prep space & hooks on the side to
keep grill tools close at hand. The lower portion of the cart has plenty of enclosed
storage for propane & grilling accessories. If you enjoy griddle style cooking, Saber
offers a stainless steel griddle accessory. I love this option for cooking more delicate
items such as fish and smaller pieces that would typically fall through the grids.
Other popular accessories include an EZ read Thermometer to ensure a perfect cook.. and
a dual use grill brush with an easily replaceable brush head.
Now we’ll perform the xrf test on the Saber 670. The cooking grids, emitter panels & burners
tested to be 304 stainless steel. The stainless steel used in the exterior of the grill also
tested to be 304 stainless steel. It’s worth considering, the fire box, heat
zone separators & drip pan of the grill are porcelain enameled.
Thanks for watching today guys, if you have any questions about Saber Gas Grills or thier
great line of products.. Feel free to give us a call or visit online.. and remember,
at we smoke the competition!


  1. That's and awesome grill.

  2. Wow, not bad for a gas grill, impressed with all the 304 stainless…this ought to last forever….

  3. Looking good Rando!

  4. Looking at these now… and it was great to be able to see one in action. I like the "no flare ups" and the way it vaporizes the drippings into smoke. Very much leaning in the Saber direction.

    Thanks for the video!

  5. wow,what about the temperature in the grill?

  6. Yes – what about the temperature in the grill? We purchased this grill a few months ago and we are not very happy.
    The temperature is not the same through out the grill. It is a lot higher at the top of the pit which makes everything
    cook a lot faster. How would you regulate that. You show a Roasting Rack which you can roast ribs, roasts, and poultry.
    But I think you can't get the pit low enough to cook this type of meat.

    Thanks – [email protected]

  7. How does it compares to Char-Broil infrared Grills

  8. I'm thinking about purchasing this grill but wanted to ask how much smoke it created. Is it similar to non infrared grills? I'm just concerned about too much smoke even though it does lower flare-up.

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