Rosemary-Roasted Root Vegetables Agrodolce

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Whether you’re using young carrots like these, or baby carrots like this one, leave about
an inch of the tops attached to the root and then peel the roots. You want to leave the
carrot tips intact as well. For the beets, the tip of the root end. Trim the root end
to give it a pretty edge. Cut the root in half, straight through the root end, and in
quarters again through the root end. Then cut each quarter in 1-inch slices, making
sure again to cut it straight through the root end. This method gives us slices with
a lovely tapered end. If you’re using regular turnips for this recipe, prepare them exactly
as you just did the beets. If you’re using baby turnips like these, which I was lucky
to find at the farmers’ market this morning, then cut the leaves about an inch off from
the top of the root, trim the root so it’s not so long, and cut the turnips in half.
They’re so tender, you don’t even need to peel them. The turnip tops are also incredibly
flavorful, so saute them and have them with poached eggs. Or put them in a soup, or even
in a stir-fry. Pull the rosemary leaves off the stem. Gather them in a tight bundle and
slice. Now coarsely chop. The rosemary leaves are very tough, so it really helps having
a very sharp knife to do this task. Place the vegetables in a non-stick roasting pan.
Sprinkle with the vinegar, the honey, the olive oil, the rosemary, the salt and the
pepper. Now toss well with your hands, making sure the vegetables are well coated with the
oil and the honey, and the vinegar and rosemary, and then spread them in a single layer. Cover
tightly with foil. We’re going to bake for about 20 minutes at 475, until the vegetables
are tender. It’s been 20 minutes, so let’s have a peek. By the way be careful: a lot
of steam is going to come out when you open the foil. They look gorgeous! Now toss the
vegetables and put them back in one layer. Look at these gorgeous veggies! A little sweet
and tangy, and so aromatic because of all the beautiful rosemary we put in there. Bon


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  2. This is how a recipe should be shown in video. Short and simple. She has a nice voice too.

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