hello friends welcome to “The kitchen of Spain”. Today we are here in atocha and I’m waiting because we’re going on a field trip let’s go to a farm and apart we’re going to eat with the chef Roberto Capone the farms that are down here are the winter farms, then all the cows, we have an exploitation of about three hundred cows and the cows in winter are here, stop here we take care of them here, we feed them then when they start to start from the month of October, September October then you take away the calves that are the calves that go to the feedlot and then the cows, as I said to you in the summer, go up to the mountains with grass from the community of madrid where they are leased to the community of madrid and they spend there summer and then according to the theme of the meal or are more or less time, normally then when the cold arrives they are lowered in the area then the we place here in the farms If you want we are going a little way there look, they are already leaving. QUESTION, do you know we are here or what? Once we got off the bus they were already attentive here we are in the feedlot here they have the food, they have the food at their discretion that’s what I told you about the industrial crossing, when the analyzers are there then they come out with this coat now let’s eat at the Lutin restaurant Here is Chef Capone. Roberto Capone: This is already Concha Crespo to work that make me work but this what is here in the Lutin the restaurant Lutin of the friend Rafa and company


  1. Woo que lugar tan lindo amigo se parece a un poco a la serranía de Perú y que rico lo que cocino el chef

  2. hola amigo genial este video como siempre saludos

  3. Que lindas las terneras.hola chef capone.delicioso todo.

  4. Tu si que sabes!! menudo menú rico y pedazo de excursión. Me encanta ver lo bien que lo pasas. Feliz día guapetón 😘👍

  5. thnk you for showing around . I want to go to a farm like this

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