How’s it going everyone? PewDiePie here. On a serious note, thank you for following me on Twitter, PewDiePie. Even though you’ll probably instantly regret it five minutes later. So something pretty big’s gone down recently, guys. And I felt like I needed to share it. Recently I made a video talking about possibly one of the toughest and strongest kids on YouTube. This boy was a living legend and a YouTube sensation. He’d karate chopped his way through plants, coke bottles and wooden boards and even though he failed every single one and probably broke his hand in multiple places, he strove on because he knew deep down that if he tried every day, he’d either break something in half or his hand would just fucking fall off. Well, after making a video on this guy, he saw the video and he made a response to it. *read comment above* And that was pretty much it. I just though to myself “Yep, he’s just gonna spat out a crappy meme and that’s gonna be the end of it.” Then I go on the Pyrocynical subreddit and someone links a video and it’s the same guy making a response video to me. The video is literally titled Opinions are clearly divided whether I actually got roasted or not. So without further ado kids, I hope you got your Keemstar comedic popcorn, because it’s time to delve into this video. So already before the video even begins, we can tell that your boy The Othminator, he’s stepped up his game. He took the criticism of me talking about his intro so he’s got a new one and he’s stepped his game up. So instead of making his own intro with really poor key framing, he’s now stole a pre-rendered intro and added his name onto it. So he- he’s definitely going next level in that aspect. I gotta be honest though, it is a step up from his old intro but then again, pretty much anything would be. Can we please have a moment in silence for The Othminator’s old outro? Let it rest in peace and die in a field somewhere and everyone quickly forgets about it. Right, before I even watch this video, I’ve actually gotta manually edit the audio so it souds a lot louder. Because he’s literally- he’s talking in a corner of his room. The whole vid- can you hear me? You- you don’t make- you don’t talk this far away form the mic when making a video. When a kid say’s hes gonna roast me on YouTube, I’d at least like to fucking hear what he’s saying when I’m watching the video, thanks. “Pyro, Pyro, Pyro, Pyro, Pyrocynical.” “Pyrocynical, or should I say Gayrocynical?” MY NIGGA YOU JUST GOT ROASTED The second I heard him say that, I knew I was gonna be roasted. I even commented saying *read comment above* This boy has been plotting years for his revenge even though I made the video about him like, two days ago mate. He’s been sitting there plotting, thinking “How can I get revenge on Pyro, this YouTube sensation?” “How can I bring him down to his knees and make him cry like a little bitch?” Well, you’ve won. *incomprehensible bullshit* “Pyrocynical, or should I say Prank Invasion?” I see what you did there. Tha- that was a really funny joke because uh, me and Prank Invasion, we both make content on YouTube. Yes. Content. Quality content. “Pyrocynical, or should I say Prank Invasion?” “‘Cause both of them are fucking fake.” Look deeply into this man’s face. He knows deep down in his soul he just dropped the biggest roast of 2016. “Pyrocynical’s basically a channel like-” “he’s at this fucking SoFlo of reaction videos.” “What he does is, reuploads videos straight out of Leafy’s channel.” Now, to an extent this is true. For many years I’ve studied Leafy’s channel, trying to capitalize on the clickbait cancer and see if I can outcancer the cancer. So this boy has actually exposed me for being a failed YouTube sensation. Can we- can we get the sad violin, please? “He’s basically Leafy 2.0, gone wrong, gone right, gone sexual, gone wild, gone Sam Pepper, pepper spray prank 2016.” If you want my personal opinion, you’re just stringing random ass words together, you know. But some people would look more deep in tothat and say that you’re analyzing what a prank truly is and not just saying random words like a retard. “Pyrocynical, you’re fake.” “Here’s some advice from me to you.” “Why the fuck don’t you change your name to LeafyClone?” “And that’s it. That’s what your channel is.” “You’re a fucking Leafy clone.” I was actually thinking of changing my channel name to something more Leafy orientated. I could either choose PyroIsQueer or kill yourself. Please comment your unoriginal, copy-paste doge memes below. “Pyrocynical, I know you’re a PewDiePie wannabe” “so stop bro fisting your ass every fucking day.” “Like bro fist.” “Bro fist” “You’re fake and gay.” “Do you know who agrees with me?” “Leafy does. Here he says that you’re fucking gay.” “Jesus christ, I got one last thing for you too.” Go on, go on. “You’re gay.” Honestly, I think I’ve been outmatched. I thought watching this kid and reacting to his video he would’ve been an easy target, but this kid’s got some good lines, man. He’s roasting me so bad. I- I need a moment. So you thought that was bad? You thought that I got roasted? It gets even worse. This guy breaks into a fucking musical number like it’s High School Musical. “I just wanted to say” “thanks.” “I’m glad you came along,” “partner.” “I wanna sing a song just for you.” “‘Cause you’re my” “SPECIAL FRIEND.” “The views on Pyrocynical goes up and down” “Up and down, up and down” I love how he literally titled ‘cringe’ as a caption while he was singing this. It’s like he want back to watch the video before uploading it and he thought “Wow, this was actual shit. Why did I do this?” It’s like when you take a selfie and you think you look great, but then you actually look at it and you physically cringe. “All, all the way” “Pyro is a SoFlo clone” “SoFlo clone, SoFlo clone” I’m sorry, I know I’m breaking down this video a lot but has anyone noticed that he’s not even singing in tune? It’s like he’s completely lost the plot at this point. He’s just saying random stuff. This isn’t even a song, there’s no like, theme to it or anything. He’s literally just stating things and then he thought “Oh yeah, this is some nice music, you know.” “I’m sure it’ll join with what I’m saying somehow. At some point.” “SoFlo, Flo” “Pyro,” Did anyone notice the really low-key gesture where he tried to flip me off? I mean, you can’t even see it ’cause the fucking words are covering his hand, but look closely, y- you see the roast? I think after watching this video I’m just gonna go lie down and hope I pass in my sleep because that was one of the cringiest things I ever had to sit through in my life. You did make very good valid points on how I’m a terrible youtuber and you are absolutely right in that aspect. But why did you have to sing? DUDE. You can’t sing a song about roasting someone. Not even keep in tune with it. And the background music is some, like crappy nursery rhyme royalty free music anyway, so that’s not even good. Honestly mate, if you want my opinion, you seem like a nice lad, you know. You’ve upgraded your intro, you’ve evolved into a better person, you should just go into hiding and come back a year later with some fresh Minecraft let’s plays. A few years from now when the YouTube ship sinks, all that’s gonna be left is the Minecraft let’s plays. I think the main reason I did this is because people on Reddit would just not shut up about it. I mean, look at the amount of people that are just copy-pasting this video so I’ll notice. This guy got a lot of positive feedback on the video, comments such as *read comment above* He clearly wants to get roasted, you know. He has no friends. Oh I’m sorry, it’s the truth. If this video gets enough likes, I will drink bleach in the next video. You know what? Go for it, mate. If you wanna down a gallon bleach and possibly end your life, go for it mate. ‘Cause #AnythingForYouTubeMoney. Be sure to comment down below what you want me to talk about next. One like equals one bleach, guys. Limited time offer, one like equals one bleach. *Outro Music* *U got prank’d m9* Pyro: OH THE ROAST :'(


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