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L: I’m gonna do your intro D: Ok go for it whenever your ready L: Just give me uh quick second L: Alright now. I’m not bald anymore. Okay ready? D: Yeah What’s up, Greg? It’s me Danny, and I’m back with another episode of Watching your YouTube videos and Roasting the Shit out of them for fun and by another episode I mean the first episode cuz I’ve never done this before hopefully it doesn’t suck basically I tweeted on my Twitter Please send me links to your YouTube videos I want to review them in a video cuz you know I do a lot of videos where I will react to popular youtubers videos and you guys seem to really like that and I decided it’d be fun to turn the tables and do it to you instead so this is gonna be me Reacting slash roasting slash reviewing your YouTube videos Okay, so let’s just I’m just gonna go through and see what looks interesting here. hehe Okay this is a video called how to draw a car on your computer. This is submitted by Stephanie Faye. Video: Hello everyone this is DigiDave D: Okay, this was submitted by someone named Stephanie, and he just said his name is DigiDave So this obviously isn’t your YouTube video, so I’m gonna have to give this one a 0/10. 0/10 not your video, this one’s called heading out. Let’s check it out random walking and apparently being a worm Oh dangit I left my phone at home and again D: Yes, yes 10/10 that was perfect holy shit I- The twist ending and everything I thought he was gonna get up to the car and be about to get in and then be like Wait shit. I don’t know how to drive that was pretty fun That was a very fun little video 10/10 great great title “Heading Out” and great description “be sure to subscribe” Honestly, you don’t need anything else except You don’t need anything else! And my favorite comment on this video is this one by T Zhu that just says “awesome! I want to live life like a worm” *me to bitch* So 10/10 for that comment to. Okay this video is called “Dumbass loser smashes a broken tablet with a baseball bat” Why is he a dumbass loser? Alright let’s check it out. beep boop beep boop I like how you opened it up, so you could smash the insides You leaned it up against the thing just to smash it from a different angle Like what let me lean it up against my swing set show it who’s boss Accuracy of the title gets you a 10/10. It really was a dumbass loser smashing a broken tablet with a baseball bat. That’s probably the most accurate title I’ve ever seen on YouTube. It’s very straight to the point it describes exactly what happens in the video Nothing more and nothing else does happen in the video. It’s literally just this dude smashing a broken tablet with a baseball bat so your title gets 10/10.*woow* As far as the point of this video or the reason for making it I gotta I’m gonna give that a 0/10. I’m not really sure what what compelled you to make this video. I don’t know why the kids wearing a bandana. Why is the kid wearing a bandana like he’s doing something illegal and he doesn’t want to be like caught doing it. Alright next video. This one’s just called “November 5th 2017” and the description just says “my snapchat story”. I haven’t even watched it yet, but right away I’m gonna deduct some points because this is four minutes and 40 seconds long I’m gonna have to slash your points in half already and deduct you down to a 5/10 without even watching the video because nobody should have A snapchat story that long, and then I’m gonna have to deduct half a point because this whole thing is a vertical video It’s just pictures So if I could critique this I would say that the plot is a little bit vague. I’m not really sure what the characters in this are supposed to be doing. It seems like they’re just sort of jumping around from scenario to scenario and I’m not really seeing any development. And also this this character who’s drumming I would say it’s not very likable and so if you do another installment of this I would say maybe kill them off or something. I just don’t really think that they fit in the in the arc of the story. So yeah overall I would give it a 6/10 L: You wanna … (I don’t know what shes saying but its something about cake) D: yeah Are you just gonna stand there and eat it? L: Yeah I’ll stay in here with you D: Oh you wanna watch one? L: Yeah L: Dino World D: Dino World okay L: New movie D: This was submitted by Brady Lee Nichols. He said this is the new movie coming out. L: The only one D: Dino World yeah, you know the you know the new movie. That’s supposed to be coming out this is it. It’s 59 seconds long so get ready and it’s got 12 views. Dino films, so this is a big old Dino World it’s made by a production company that specializes in dino films. (Dramatic music) L: Okay, I gotta say like I want to see it like I’m in. I’m in this is the new movie coming out I’m in for it. D: They have to fight for their lives L: Keep going, keep going D: It’s got Bane from Batman (More Dramatic music) D: You’ll have to fight L: Oh my god D: You’re gonna have to fight L: Alright, alright. You know its nice to see Bane still making movies D: I know ever since they L: killed him D: they killed him. I thought he wasn’t gonna get any more roles, but here he is (More Dramatic stuff) D: You’ll have to be smart L: This movies really requiring a lot out of me D: I say title cards get a 10/10 (Is that dramatic music? Yup) D: Who’s Blue? Is that a person? L: I think its the dinosaur D: Is the question for blue it’s the trailer is asking the dinosaur are you fit for survival? L: Oh my gosh D: Woah L: Hang on those special effects of the dinosaur just slightly opening his mouth 10/10 amazing! D:Dude I thought that the dinosaurs were all trying to kill Bane, but this is like a plot twist right here! D: This summer find out? When is this movie coming out? L: Uh oh D: Well the trailer was released in September so we got to wait all the way until the summer. L: I don’t know if I can wait! This is amazing 10/10 I will watch this. I will pay money to see the whole thing. D: iMovie and Dino films present a Dino films production in association with iMovie Edited by ME Production Designer ME Director of Photography ME Casting by ME Music by iTunes Costume Designer ME Executive Producer ME Written by ME Directed by me. Costume Designer? What costumes? L: Do you think the dinosaurs are gonna-they’re gonna change? D: Oh, maybe they’ll be wearing little top hats at some point L: Yeah or something D: Okay, I would say title cards 10/10 L: Bane being in movies again 10/10 Yes, plot 10/10 from what I can tell. The only thing I would give a negative review to would be the release date. Please release it sooner. I don’t think we can wait. I don’t think you could possibly release it soon enough. I’m itching I’m itchy (???) Please so release date. I’m gonna have to give that a negative D: two L in the background: 12 D: 12 L: negative 12 D: negative 12 L: I can’t wait I do have one question is the child’s name Dino? If so 10/10 name. D: Oh, the actual kid? L: yeah D: Uh No, this is this channel is called Random Stuff N Things. Actually he’s a squirrel L: Okay, well good for him D: Well that makes everything that much more impressive L: Alright good joke bye D: Okay bye.Okay this one’s called death apartment Video: Hey babe I’m home (Whatcha Say plays) All right, I like it so far it. There’s no backstory It’s just a dude getting home from work and dy- dying immediately It was pretty good exposition 10/10. Oh shit he’s fine, he’s totally fine he’s getting up like nothing even happened (Whatcha Say plays) Now he’s fine again totally fine (Whatcha Say plays again you get it) Physics on that one’s gonna be a 0/10. Not possible, not how brooms work. (Whatcha Say plays again) I like I like how you knocked the plates over on your way down but then when they were hitting you you were already perfectly posed on the ground like read- I’m ready for my plates I’m ready for the plates. Oh thats the end. He never got- he never saw his girlfriend. He came into the apartment saying hey, babe I’m home, and he he didn’t die either so death apartment I don’t really know if that’s an accurate title I’ll give it the title a 6/10 the ending leaves a lot to be desired. Let’s just say that I’ll give that a 4/10. Overall concept 8/10. Alright guys well that’s I think about all the time that we have and by all the time that we have I mean all the time I’m willing to sit here and watch your YouTube videos (Rude) . Let me know if you like this video I think this was actually pretty fun, and I want to do this again So we can make it a little show that I do every now and again if you want. All in all I would say that the winner of this round was Dino World I think Dino World for sure gets a 10/10 out of ten. Thank you for turning on my notifications Ariana. You are truly Greg. I’ll be back soon with another video Thanks for watching. Bye


  1. I’m so thankful that I watched this bc it just reminded me that when I was in high school one of my friends (a pretty female- just so you can picture it) LITERALLY got a black eye by stepping on a rake. During gym class one of the custodians had left it on the field, so it was camouflaged and she literally stepped on it while walking quickly so it slammed into her face and gave her a full blown shiner. Like a cartoon.
    So- I know what happened in his video couldn’t happen, because physics, but next time you see that stepping-on-a-rake joke happen in a shitty movie, and you think, “That’s never actually happened.” Think again! Because it has happened at least once. To my friend. On Long Island. In the mid 00s.

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