Roasting Your YouTube Videos #3

What’s up Greg it’s me Danny back with another episode of I wouldn’t be here without my fans I love them so much, and I’m gonna roast the shit out of them now So I’ve done two of these videos before so you probably already know what this is about to be but if you don’t know I asked all of you guys to send me videos that you have made and posted on YouTube And now I’m just gonna go through the replies and review slash critique slash tear to shreds slash admire 162 people have responded to my tweet 505 people have responded to my YouTube post so obviously we’re gonna be watching all 600 of these videos today, so strap in this is gonna be a six hour long video! no just kidding I’m only gonna watch a few I’ll probably just watch them for as long as my attention span lasts So if I don’t get to your video, I’m sorry, it’s just you know Probably wasn’t very good, okay, so let’s go ahead and check it out But before I start real quick guys if you’re not a part of Greg yet Greg is our fan base here on YouTube You know Jake Paul has the Jake Pauler’s Logan has the logang and we have a- Greg which I just Picked a different name because I didn’t like- I didn’t want to use my own so if you want to join Greg all you have To do is subscribe and hit that notification button and you’ll join all of us other 300,000 Greg’s, Greg’s are great. We’re the strongest army on YouTube we love Chicken noodle soup, and we hate Craig’s we hate anybody named Craig they’re just knock off Greg’s all right Let’s check out some of these videos And you know see what we got here’s a video of me warning you not to come around these parts boy, okay? boy These boys just don’t care These boys just don’t care by my daughter’s feelings you know they don’t they don’t care Boy Don’t come around these parts boy Okay Looks like this is about 30 seconds in and it looks like there’s about another Minute of just this the description is just boy don’t do it I don’t know what it is about this video, but something about it made me want to not come around these parts I don’t know- what is his this guy has zero subscribers the videos 10 views what what prompted you to do this man alright Well, that was weird uhhh Title 10 out of 10, it’s you know you summed it up pretty well Don’t come around these parts, and that’s literally all you said for the entire video, so it’s not click bate It is very accurate. actual content of the video I’m gonna give a negative 3 out of 10 it left me confused it left me angry But most of all it left me feeling Threatened and now I don’t I- cuz I don’t even know where these parts are but I don’t want to come around them like What’s gonna happen to me if I come around them? I don’t even know what will happen to me I just know this guy doesn’t want me to I’m probably just gonna live the rest of my life in fear that I might be Coming around those parts, and I’m gonna have to deal with that guy when I do. Let’s watch the next video Just two girls hanging out on plotagon. What is that? What’s a plotagon? is that a video game? Am a failure, and I constantly disappoint my family Yeet Hashtag RELATABLE Relatable content right there folks. I’m a disappointment you get a 10 out of 10 for relatability I would say I think you need to work on the graphics a little bit I assume this is probably a video game But if you want anybody to believe this you’re gonna have to- you’re gonna have to up your graphics game a little bit I’m gonna give graphics a three out of ten, look at those emotionless eyes actually now that I think about it That’s probably- that probably fits with the video. all right let’s keep chugging along an original joke okay? I like the sound of that this this comment actually has three likes some house three people found this comment and liked it Okay, let’s click on it looks like the video is called skeleton 2 – family friendly right off the bat I’m a little bit hesitant to jump into this because I If I’m being honest. I haven’t seen skeleton 1 yet I know people have been recommending it to me like crazy, but I just haven’t I haven’t gotten around to it So I haven’t gotten a chance to see it, but at least skeleton 2 looks Family-friendly, so hopefully I don’t need to know what happens in skeleton 1 to understand the plot of this one It’s only 40 seconds long, so hopefully it’s not like too complicated ahh, Hey bud, let me hand… …You a drink (laughs) Nice puns dude, thanks, man. I really needed this non-alcoholic fruit punch beverage. -What’s wrong? It’s just- okay real quick I don’t know if this is like your sister in the background But I love what she just keeps popping into the background by the looks of the shadow. There’s like another person That’s like waiting right outside the door because he doesn’t want to be in it But it just seems like you filmed this at like a the most inopportune time when there’s like two people that are just like waiting to come through the door, it’s just, my boss has been so annoying this week. I just can’t stand the sight of them -so what you’re saying is that you have… Don’t say it All right, I want to get to the end of this joke it’s just so funny How people keep popping through that door so what you’re saying is that you have… don’t say it Please …A BONE TO PICK wITH HiM wait what, ohh a Bone to pick with him i didn’t Understand the joke at first I think that’s what he said right right alright um I’m gonna give the joke a ten out of ten. That’s a solid pun and there were good puns throughout, that hand joke top-notch Jokes? ten out of ten okay It doesn’t get much better than that honestly well that- but what I really liked and what’s gonna get you extra credit is The people in the background the extras as we call him the movie biz they were fantastic They really added a lot of life to this piece. I felt like I was in a real bar The kind of bar where people just like poke their heads in look around and then leave right away Or just stand awkwardly in the doorway So extras is gonna get you in another three bonus points so everybody so yeah bonus points Wooo! Bonus points so that’s an overall 13 out of 10, that’s pretty good. You’ve got a good future in Filmmaking just out of curiosity is there a skeleton one? Let me go to his channel real quick wait skeleton one not family friendly. I got to see this now. What is this? What is the skeleton gonna? Do that’s so risque okay? Just a warning if you’re watching this with your family You got to turn it off now or you got to mute it or something warning this video contains Many profanities. This is not a normal family friendly video you have been warned I’m really worried that this is gonna scar me or something. This is gonna be the next Logan Paul I’m not gonna finish that joke (music playing) music? ten out of ten. Love me some childish gambino right off the bat Okay, I guess that was pretty not family-friendly the way that you just tortured that poor skeleton You know he probably has a family. I would just like to point out. I mean to do him like that. It’s cruel I’m gonna give skeleton one. I’m gonna give I’m gonna give it a six out of ten it was good, but it didn’t it didn’t have the plot or the puns of skeleton 2 I really thought I would go back and enjoy skeleton one but I mean you really had a good thing going with skeleton 2 Let’s just say that my little sister and her friend were eating sour patch kids and found a messed up one They loved it and made this with little to no context. This is going to be a story about a Sour Patch Kid. I’m all-in *Helicopter Whirring* SIR, SIR, SIR, SIR, SIR IS THAT YOU SIR, SIR? SIR, SIR, SIR, SIR- you’re safe here Oh my god, that was beautiful. Holy shit I felt moved by that like I’m so happy that they found him first of all Obviously he’s their captain or something and they’ve been looking for him for a long time He’s been deformed obviously the atrocities of war have really taken a number on him But I mean they found him and they they got him home safe, so I’m gonna give this one a five out of ten Please make it longer. That’s my only critique. I’d like to see the whole story. I made a high-quality Claymation about a robber okay. I’m gonna really hold you to this high quality thing if this isn’t high quality. I’m gonna I’m gonna be pretty upset and it’s gonna show in the ranking First off you just told me this was about a robber and the title is the burglar get your fucking story straight, dude I Just want to apologize for being Skeptical about this being high quality this really is Professional level skill I mean Coraline who?? Woof woof woof woof woof bark bark bark woof woof woof- All right you had me until the dog barking it’s just it’s I don’t think that that’s how dogs sound in my Experience dogs don’t just yell woof woof woof bark bark bark nine out of ten animation so far Realistic dog sounds two out of ten shh go away dog *Glass Shattering* wait what why did the dog jump through The window I thought the dude was throwing like a bone to the dog So the dog would come and get it and be quiet But instead he throws the bone to the dog and the dog just fucking jumps through the window Plot twists of the century right there -“when I get some clothes on whoever’s down there is in big trouble!” like how everyone in this video has the same voice the robbers voice is like be quiet dog and The guy inside the house is like whenever I get some clothes on I’m gonna co-, whoever is down there’s gonna be in big trouble I’m coming down I guess he’s not here, hmm does the lamp look different? We found the escaped prisoner robbing a house all available units come to help detain him Love a happy ending. This piece isn’t just silly claymation video on YouTube this, this piece really speaks to American culture, and how how people who are born in unfortunate circumstances have no choice But to turn to a life of crime just to make ends meet it’s really a piece about Society and the way we treat each other and the way we look at ourselves 2 out of 10 No, actually it was pretty good. I’ll give it a 7 out of 10 director Ignacio Toro editor Ignacio Toro casting Ignacio Toro Casting who do what, what casting did you do? I feel like the only person you cast was Ignacio Toro and producer Ignacio Toro All in all I’d say it’s a very diverse crew. Alright Let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the ones that are posted on Twitter here okay, this person says this video is extremely hard to make and it’s called “Genuine cry for help.” so this might take a Dark turn for a second. Let’s check it out welcome to The best staircase compilation you’ve ever seen in your whole life ever (wii music playing) oh? oh DAMN oh shit- Okay, um I’m sorry Is it just me or those some sexy-ass stairs is it possible to be attracted to stairs? Is that allowed is that can I be can am I allowed to say that those stairs are? Gorgeous like drop dead. I kinda want to kiss those stairs ten out of ten What can I say there’s some top notch stairs, okay? Looks like this person submitted their stair compilation about seventeen more times I dab too every syllable of rap God not clickbait, okay This is a five- five minute and forty six second long video. Let’s see what he’s got Okay in the very first line it looked like he had some trouble and knocked both of his arms into each other I’m gonna give him a ten out of ten for enthusiasm in a three out of ten on execution. He just immediately like I Kind of feel like he didn’t even practice Before he started cuz it seems like that would be an issue you would run into right away if you even practiced it for like Ten seconds, but definitely a solid attempt alright guys. Well. I think that’s about all the time. I’ve got today Thank you all for submitting your videos if you want to be in the next one just Make sure that you follow me on Twitter and you keep up to date with all my posts and stuff that way you can submit it when I Tweet about it or post about it really quickly I know a lot of you have suggested that I make a patreon and I actually used to have one But I never really used it and I never really promoted it either so I just made a new one There’s only one reward tier And it’s just I will put you in a group chat with me and everybody else who supports my patreon on Twitter so like no pressure if you Are feeling super generous and you want to be in this group chat go ahead and my patreon link is in the description otherwise? Forget about it I just thought it would be fun if you are like a huge supporter of mine And you want to be a part of this like community we can have a little Greg group chat And I’ll be in there all the time we can all talk it’ll be fun It’ll be like a little community, so yeah if you want to check out my patreon the link is in the description Thank you. Okay, guys. Well. If you liked this video make sure you subscribe to join Greg, we’re the fastest-growing army on the internet Please don’t look that up. Thank You Sawyer for turning on my notifications. You are truly Greg I’ll see you guys again soon with another very special video. Bye


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