Cinnamon Toast Ken!! PEW~DIE~PIE~EYE~ YOU SON OF A BEETCH! K: You racist white privileged son of a bitch! Hey, I happen to be ALBINO in this game *triumphant music* K :pffffvv
P: Your country… Your country K: OHHHH
P:*laughs* Oh, hell no you didn’t K: Hell no you didn’t! Oh that’s right I’m bringing the country card P: Oh that’s right bring in the country cards! K: Oh shit! K: Oh.. your hat! BITCH P: NO YOU DID NOT SAY THAT ABOUT MY HAT! K: Ohh! Your hat- K: Ohh! Your hat-
P: Your country… K: ohh ohh ohh… P: TELLS DIRTY JOKES AT FUNERALS! K: OHHHH!!! P: BOOM! K:NOOOO k:son of a— YOUR HAT k:Was defeated…dfffdffd…DANCES LIKE! k:yeah your hat dances..(pewds laughing in the background).. what else you got to say? k:You didn’t have a fucking hat! P: Okay. Wait wait wait wait! P: Your country tells dirty jokes at funerals P: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND!!!!! K: Oowwww!! Aaaand? K: Your hat dances like…a lumberjack! P: No! K: Burn!
P: No! K: Burn! P: No! K: BOLOLOLOH! P: Your country tells dirty jokes at funerals aaannnd… *breathes* WAS DEFEATED BY….!! K: Oh my god. K: Oh my god!
P: Better prepare. P: …for the launch attack! K: Aaaaand!
P: *laughs* *both laugh* K: Eh uh eh uh uh uh!
P: Oh No! Oh No! No! No! P: No! P: I clicked the wrong button!
K: You jokin’? P: Fuck!
K: Worked with…! K: and worked with! P: My hat did not work with anyone!
K: Your wife… K: AAAANND! P: No! Stop! P: Stop!
K: …doesn’t own a colored Telly! P: NOOOOUAGHUAGHUAGH!!! K: *roars like viking* *both laugh* K: Am I done? Is that it?
P: Alright P: Bring it, Ken! Bring it, motherfucker!
K: Your Husband! P: No! Do not talk about my husband! K: OHOHOHOHO! P: Oh no!
K: Hell yeah! P: dances like…oh fuck. No!
K: Wrong grammar! Wrong grammar! K: God dang! K: Your husband…is very naughty.
P: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! *Ken laughs demonically* P: An ordinary pigsty K: Yeah, alright.
Your husband is very naughty K: fuck!
P: yeah! wrong grammar! K: Your husband is very naughty. Ugh, give me the and.
P: Aand. P: An ordinary pigsty secretly adores you! K: Oh God! And… K: doesn’t like…
P: and everybody knows that! P: That’s right motherfucker! K: and doesn’t like…
YOUR PIMPLY ARSE! P: NOOOOOOOOOOO! P: My husband doesn’t like my pimply arse!
K: Ouwww!! Nig-: Yeah, tell him.
Yeah, point that finger at him. P: My pimply arse, how did you know about my secret? K: Ready for another round? P: Oh your son…
K: *breathes like a pussy* P: That’s right.
K: Not my thon. *in a lispy bear voice* P: Your son! K: You know what?
P: Yeah? K: Yo mama!
P: Noo! P: NOOOO!! P: Nooo! Your son P: looks like K: *breathes heavily* K: Oh my god.
P: Oh it’s comin’ up K: Your mother P: You’d better not say anything about my mother, Ken. P: You nothin’ but a- K: HAS BUM CANCER! P: WHAT THE FUCK?! K: *has seizure* P: How dare you say that? P: What the fuck? K: Right! P: Oh oh Okay.
Alright alright alright. P: Okay okay okay. P: Well, your son looks like…A MUPPET!!! K: BOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!
*then cries* K: It’s true. K: Your mother has bum cancer AAANND… P: What’s worse that bum cancer? K: doesn’t like P: No, you don’t know what my mother likes.
You don’t know- K: this poor man K: *slurps* P: Uhuh. Okay. K: Sir! P: Oh, are you making a penis in the mouth?
K: Oh yeah. You like that? K: You mother-
P: Oh No! I do not like- ruuuuude! K: Oh ruude! P: Six teen! P: That’s gotta be fifty points.
K: Woohoo! K: Eight half damage! Weak!
P: Fuck you! P: Fuck you! K: You!
P: No!
K: You, sir K: startin’ out strong *both giggles deviously* P: Yo’ FAAAATHAAA…! K: *inhales atmosphere* Not my papi P: Yeah, bring it up to peepee code [?] P: dances like..!
K: *has asthma* K: My father does not dance. How dare you, sir? P: That’s right. He’s a crippled son of a bitch! K: You and your sister K:Hmmm…Hmmm… K: are not part of Europe! P: Nooooooooooo!! P: Noooo! K: Great exit, baby! P: Noooo!
K: Oh god! I’m sweatin’. K: Ah. That’s actually true.
Brexit. *both laugh* K: You ginger! P: No, you did not call me the worst foul name in the entire English dictionary! P: Your mother P: Your mother
Nig-: Hmmm… P: Your mathaa… K: A hamster K: has worse hair than
P: No! No! No! P: Oh, okay. Alright. Well, your motha’ P: was farted on! P: No, what? P: Noo! Nooo! P: Uwahghghgh! P: Nooo ohohohoh K: Ahh a hamster has worse hair than you! P: *realizes meaning* P: But hamsters have excellent hair, so thank you. K: You’re not gonna make it, brother! K: Hamster has worse hair than…
P: Spare- K: And
P: No! No! P: No!
K: sends you the warmest pots of dishes! P: No, I’m out of here. P: No, I can’t stand it anymore! P: I can’t stand it anymore. P: Ahh! Ahaah! P: I don’t wanna live! P: Stop! Stop! P: Owwww! P: Na-ahhh! *drum roll* P: It’s time…for round two! P: fu- fu- K: My twin brother
P: Nah-No! P: twin brother, motherfucker P: This conversation P: I’m starting hard K: What about this conversation? What’s wrong with this conversation? P: smells of K: Your cuntry
P: Don’t say P: anything about Sweden, Ke- K: is getting FAT! K: getting FAAT!
*pewds has seizure* K: *laughs* Calm down. K: It’s okay.
P: Whaaght? K: Alright. Alright. Your country’s getting fat AAANND K: *burps* has bad breath P: No fuckin’ way P: How fuckin’ dare you? P: How fuckn- alright
K: Oooohhh
P: Alright, well taste this. P: This conversation smells of your hat, motherfucker.
K: Owh! K: Ooo god, I burned. P: It hurts, doesn’t it? It hurts, doesn’t it, when you say that? K: Your house P: Oh not my house! P: Not my hoooouse! K: Your house K: Your house is worthless! P: Not my house! I don’t even own a house. How dare yo- K: What the- It can’t be sold on this market. P: You stalked….YOUR WIFE! K: *uses inhaler* P: *fires machine gun* P: Your mother….is full of eels! K: Oh, not the hig Tyson pie [?] *both laughs at inside joke* P: Your mother is full of eels K: What you got now? P: I bet! *both laugh*
P: BUUUUUURRRRNN! K: Your [inaudible] armpit yourself. K: Your son
P: Noooo! P: Not my kettle, he would never do that. P: No. Please. No more about my kettle. K: Is… P: No please. Stop! *both laugh* K: and wanted to be P: Grab ’em motherfucker
K: This conversation P: Uhuh, what about it? P: What about this conversation, Ken? K: THAT’S RACIST!
P: *thumps table* P: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! *while thumping table* K: You racist son of a bitch! K: I knew it! P: Your country, your shitty America P: Your country is an uneducated nincompoop aaannd
K: *takes it seriously* P: and is no more, cause Trump is President, motherfucker! K: How dare you! P: *fires machine gun* K: Your pimply arse is in jail P: You don’t know where my pimply arse been. You don’t know where my pimply arse been. P: Don’t yo- Watch your tongue Ken P: ’cause your next words might be your last K: [inaudible] What else you got? P: IIIIIIIINIIIIIIIIIT! *goes wild* *hip hop music plays* K: Whyyyyyyy!!! Oh Jesus!
P: What’s fucking right. I don’t play around, motherfucker. K: [inaudible] I promise K: This conversation is silly. K: No way, sir! K: INIIIIIIT!!! P: *gets roasted* Not the innit! Not the innit! *sad music plays* K: Ah, you lose! P: No!
K: *laughs victoriously* P: No.
K: Oh dang! P: You think this is over, Ken? P: Cinnamon Toast Ken!
*sad music still playing* P: I don’t need a game to roast you. P: I’m ready for the real fire. P: You got hobbit feet, bitch! K: Oh god! Ohh! P: That’s right. They look like you should change your name…TO FRODO!! K: *cries after realizing truth* P: That’s right, that’s right. P: No one fucks with Pow-die-pah. *Ken’s cry turns to burp* P: You should delete your computer. P: Next time I’ll delete your System32, you fuckin’ bitch. P: I’m never playing this game.
Fuck you. P: Fuck you.
K: *accepts he’s a bitch* I’m sorry. I’m sorry. P: No. It’s too late.
It’s too late to apologize, Ken. K: Wha- what?
P: I’m sorry for what I said. P: I didn’t really mean it.
*”It’s too late to apologize” song plays* P: I hope this video doesn’t tear a hole in our friendship. K: Ugh. (translate: it did) P: I wanna tha- *laughs* I wanna say I’m sorry. P: for the hurtful things I said. P: especially to you. So, P: Your mother does not have eels in her. P: I know that. K: She juiced them out properly.
Thank you. K: It’s okay.
P: Now, don’t you have anything to say to me? K: Ugh. Okay. Okay.
*clears throat* K: Your pimply ass
P: Yeah K: It didn’t go to jail. *”It’s too late to apologize” song plays* *Poods is touched* SUSYBSCRIBE


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