Roasted Acorn Squash Stuffed with Risotto

(audience cheering) I see it every day always into repeats and stuff. All the time.
Yeah. Okay, our next guest is a judge on Food Network’s Chopped. He’s here today with some Thanksgiving recipes. We’re all gonna enjoy these. Say hello to my old friend, Marc Murphy. (audience cheering) I’m so fancy. How are you? I haven’t seen you in five years or something. It’s been about five years last time I was here. I think it was for around Thanksgiving as well. You like to cook around Thanksgiving like most Americans. Well, no you do. Oh, I look to cook all the time, it’s not just Thanksgiving. Okay so, what are we making today? We got a little acorn squash risotto we’re gonna be making. We’re also… Oh, everybody likes that, okay. Then we’ve also got some… We we’ve got some broccoli rob, do you like broccoli rob? Mm-hmm, I do. It’s got a little… So, what I do for is for presentation purposes, we have a pretty one up there. But, what I like to do is take the squash and cut it in half. I like to bake it in the oven for a little while. Now, what I do.
That’s a good presentation. Is I like to season it… First of all, put a little salt in each one of the, little salt and little pepper in each one of these guys. Because you gotta season it. And I pour a little bit of milk inside. Why?
Well, because I. That’s a lot of bit of milk. No, no, it’s gonna come out later. Okay. It’s gonna come out later, and I put water on the outside, and then we throw it in the oven for about a half hour to around 350. Oh, look at this, I’m making a mess.
Okay, a preheated oven? There’s a little spout there, and I’m of course missing, but that’s all right. Preheat the oven. Preheat the oven, throw it in there. What happens is the squash is gonna get nice and cooked, and you wanna make sure it’s nice and firm, soft all the way around. So, then you serve the risotto inside of it. Then we’ve got our risotto going here. You start with some white onion. Now, once it comes out of the oven, is the milk already… Some of it sort of seeps into it, it makes it nice and unctuous, and then you pour it out, and you’re gonna have it just on the side like that. So, we’ve got our risotto going already. Everybody like risotto? I hope so. I do. (audience cheering) All right, so what we do is we’re gonna loosen it up with a little bit more chicken stock. As you make risotto, you add chicken stock as it goes along. We’ve got white wine in here, which you’ve cooked off. We’ve got a little bit of white onion, you’re already eating it. Yeah.
Okay, all right. We’ve skipped onto the eating part of it. Now I’ve got my squash over there that I’ve roasted in the oven. I’ve diced it up nicely, make sure you’ve got your knife skills going nicely. And then you’re gonna finish it off with a little bit of Parmesan Romano. Marc is a man of the world, you know his parents… They were diplomats and something or another. Something or another, I just ran around the world a lot. What did they do?
All right, I’ll give you the quick brief run, okay you ready? My father was an American diplomat, my father’s American. M mother’s French, I was born in Milan, my brother was born in Argentina. So, we moved around a lot, I learned how to speak a lot of different languages, and it was really good for the career that I picked, which was cooking. Are you self taught? No, I did go to a cooking school. I went to a little cooking school called Peter Combs New York cooking school, now it’s called ICE. Oh, I know that school. And it was a three month course, and we did a little bit of everything. It’s a very good school. What happens is, in the cooking world you learn everything in school once or twice, but once you go into the kitchen, and have some chef yell at you a lot, and then you learn. Because you know, I’m not that bright, so. The cheese is a nice touch, I would want more cheese in my serving. You would want more. Like if were at the restaurant, I would say, “Can you please bring me more cheese.” I wanna make you happy. (audience applauding) Should we move on to the broccoli rob? Broccoli rob. Look, it can be bitter. It can be bitter, but here’s the trick. I like it though, but it can be bitter. You gotta put stuff in it, to disguise the bitterocity. The bitterocity?
Mm-hmm. I don’t know if I learned that term in cooking school. So, now what do you do? So, what I do is I blanche it off. So, I’ll get a pot of boiling water, and I’ll cook it, I’m gonna salt that water really nicely. And if you blanche it and then you take it out, you put it into ice water. What you’re gonna do, it’s gonna shock it so it’s gonna stay nice and green, but it’s also gonna take out some of that bitterness. I see. So this is something you can do the day before. The feta, is that feta? Yes, that is a little bit of feta. Feta and the onion flakes, and the garlic. Well, the garlic and chili flakes, because I heard you like spicy. I do.
You’re a little spicy. And it calms down.
And I notice that when I watch your show, there’s a lot of spicy going on here. All right, tell us about the Food Network app, what’s going on there? So the Food Network, they’ve got this new app that’s called, it’s the Food Network Kitchen app. And what happens is, all of us basically. Everybody on the Food Network, all the people on the Food Network, what we’re doing is we’re cooking recipes, and we’re cooking it straight to camera, which is really, really kind of a fun thing to do. And what you’re supposed to do is download the app, and you can cook along with us. So, you buy the ingredients ahead of time. It’s really cool. (audience applauding)
And we’re doing it, we’re doing it live. We’re doing about 40 of them live a week, not just me. Everybody’s going through it, we’re all lined up. We all do our live cooking shows. And then they’re also taped obviously, so you can go on there, and whatever recipes you like, and whoever your favorite Food Network star or chef is, you can cook along with them, which is kind of fun. This is nice. Give it up everybody for Marc Murphy. For information on these delicious recipes, go to (upbeat music)


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  9. Roasted Acorn Squash Stuffed with Risotto with Chef Marc Murphy

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