Hi guys,today I’m gonna roast someone that you might not know. It’s called Cotton Candy Rainboe GUrl. And we also have a crowd. WARNING:If you are offended by this video,then you will know that it is only directed to cotton candy rainbow gurl,becase these roasts might be directed to you too.So to be fair,I’m only roasting someone that you don’t know. Like what brown stikbot said earlier. I THOUGHT RONALDOMG WAS CRINGY UNTIL I SAW YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU (screaming) WHEN YOU STARE INTO THE MIRROR,IT BREAKSBECAUSE YOUR TOO UGLY BOOOOOIIIIIIIIIII (screaming again boii) This is my last one,but the best one. I HEARD THAT YOU GOT A BRAIN SURGERY,AND THE BRAIN REJECTED YOU BOIII THATS WHY UR DUMB M8 (I’m tired of writing captions) That’s all.

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