1. Eugenia actually looks really pretty❤️

  2. ur sooooo tiny but sooooo cute ahhhhhh

  3. (I speak Spanish) but why the heck are all the comments in Spanish XD

  4. I have issues finding my foundation color I'm pale for some reason

  5. Like si hablas español dislike yes I talk

  6. all the comments in spanish are cause they thought it was a video song a roast yourself challenge like the tittle says so thats basically what they are about so yes you can thank me now 😂 ya les dije a los gringuillo por que andamos por aca jajaja

  7. doesn't look like she has a eating disorder

  8. 7/10 of these comments are in Spanish.

  9. 90% of the comments- in Spanish
    The other 10%-“what r all these Spanish comments”


  11. That MCR roast was actually TOO HARSH

  12. Add me on insta baddie_1111 and in snap echo020

  13. Tiene anorexia

  14. Wey manches ya traga por favor :v

  15. if anyone's confused about the spanish comments, the subtitles are spanish.

  16. well i think she's pretty

  17. Tengan en cuenta que esto son comentarios y están para COMENTAR
    entonces…. que le paso en la cabeza y en los brazos 😧😧😧😧😧😨😨😨😨

  18. esta muy flaca xd

  19. Why are all the freaking comments spanish 😂

  20. No speko espanialo

  21. No canto like si tu pensa bas que iba a cantar🤔🤔

  22. Que que wuuat?

  23. how come you are so fucking skinny

  24. Eugenia racooney

  25. Omg why are all the comments are in Spanish :V (I’m Spanish ) but 🙄 oh my :V

  26. Like si cres que esta bien flaca

  27. jajaja verdad la mayoría de la gente habla español 😂

  28. Cuando no sabes what is going on but no the importa because you are bilingüe so you just carry on

  29. You cute

  30. Pobrecita nomanche ssi es Un hueso Literal mente oseaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ya me siento mal por ella ://////////////////

  31. Your s pretty

  32. Why are the comments in Spanish? 😂

  33. English

  34. Por que ahí tantos comentarios hablan español 😂 oh pero yo si le entiendo 😏

  35. Shane should do a vid with her my godd

  36. Sp00ky [email protected] Sk3l3t0nz

  37. Why are all of the comments Spanish lol

  38. Wow que fea

  39. liek si no entiendes nada e ingles

  40. ahha sus manos

  41. No entendeeer xdxd:v

  42. Here's a roast for you:
    Instead of roasting yourself you should roast a chicken and eat it.

    Please, eat something. Or at least address that you have an eating disorder. So many people with ed's look up to you and it's sickening how you knowingly feed into their illness. One girl named Cloe looked up to you and aspired to be as thin as you, and she recently died because of it. How many more fucking girls have to die for you to finally come upfront about your eating disorder? It's disgusting what you are doing, or rather NOT doing. At the rate you are going, you will die. And although it would break my heart and so many other people's hearts, at least then maybe it would be a wake up call to all your victims that use your image as inspiration to continue literally starving themselves. Maybe then, they will realize how bad being as thin as you is and will start their road to recovery. Though an even better wake up call to your victims would be getting help yourself and addressing your fucking issue to them. Then maybe, they will realize how what you and they are doing is wrong and want to recover like you as well.

  43. Cállate anoréxica!

  44. Wtf xq llegue aquí?? 😂

  45. I really love you ,but you have an alimentary serious problem,you are really strong😘

  46. Is it weird that I think she looks beautiful

  47. Tiene anorexia


  49. 90% of the coments are spanish
    9% wondering why the coments are spanish
    1% this

  50. U fucking Spanish people go on your own videos and speak your language

  51. Hay algo llamado Subtítulos.
    (Consejo para prietos)

  52. Es muy anorexica 😐 creo que me traeme 😐😭


  54. Hi sweet heart…I hope thay can walk and chew gum better than thay roast…that is not roasting,just saying allfull hateful things…

  55. 2:55 resumen del vídeo xd

  56. Lol all the comments are in Spanish any other English speakers here or is it just me?

  57. Lol to all the people who don’t understand English put the fucking captions on…

    A quien engaño yo también hablo español pero ok pongan los putos subtítulos :v

  58. See your channel and had to sub lol

  59. And ur cute btw 🙂

  60. Jesus christ those arms are slim af

  61. I feel like she looks rlly good in that picture

  62. Pls eat

  63. I would like to see English comments please

  64. Que Fea Que Es Dios Meos

  65. What is up with all the Spainish comments

  66. º-°

  67. Like si no entiendes lo que dice y que hablas español

  68. She never made fun of the fact that she looks like jack skelingtons daughter.

  69. Hola

  70. I really really hope you get better!

  71. C

  72. Muchas Personas Comentando Si Hablan Español ¡¡¡Pero No Hablan Sobre De Su Cuerpos Por Dios!!!
    ¡¡Cariño Tienes Anorexia Vi Tus Ultimos Videos Y Estas Mas Peor😔Aunque Nose Si Estas Muerta O No😣!!

  73. Like quién vino por Daiana Hernández y por su enfermedad

  74. JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA me encanta que hayamos tantos latinos viendo esto😹

  75. Wacho quiero entender pero no puedo que desastre

  76. You are so thing! Estas super flaca! Come algo porfavor

  77. wow,i,ts beautiful your makeoup is Amazing cute video 😊❤❤

  78. english has left the chat

  79. That's was acully a good picture though

  80. Tenés mucha anorexia estas enferma mal de la cabeza!!!

  81. no eres la unica persona que habla espanol

  82. Me sorprende que seamos muchos hablando español lol

  83. Why are there so many Spanish comments of people saying they don’t understand. Don’t watch the video then 😂

  84. EuGENIUS

  85. ¿Ingles por favor? There's pretty much no English comments 😅😂
    Oml I need to be bilingual

  86. Yo si entiendo

  87. Oh, dios mío ,mezcal 😂😂

  88. That moment when you wish you spoke and was able to read Spanish. 😖😖😂😂

  89. Why are comments in Spanish? Lol

  90. I have a really bad roast

    when the wind blows into your face, and then you see your crush walk by, so you try to look all cute, but instead you look like one of those creepy old men on tinder

  91. I think that this girl has anorexia

  92. how are these ppl even understanding the video ?

    edit: theres spanish captions but still wtf

  93. Stop giving hate people you dont undertand how hard it is to deal with what she has to deal with everyday I think she is beautiful and I love her videos she is a ray of sunshine

  94. spanish comments: jajajajajjajaja
    everyone else: ??????????

  95. Why is there so many Spanish comments

  96. It's my first time seeing her. And at the thumbnail I thought it's a doll but it's her. She's cute💖

  97. 2:22 🙁

  98. Hola, como es– fuck this. 🤡

  99. Que leches? Está to petao de gente que habla español 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  100. You look AMAZING

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