“Do the Roast Yourself Challange please” “Can’t wait for Pewdiepie’s Roast Yourself Challenge” “Felix where is the roast yourself challenge” “You got called out by Keemstar.” “I seriously want pewdiepie to do the roast yourself challenge.” Roast yourself challenge. Hey guys whats up. So Ryan Higa created a challenge called the roast yourself challenge where you roast yourself? I haven’t even started already feeling culturally appropriative Oh God the rapping! Meanwhile your album ‘Gold’ Might as well have never even been sold. Oh god no! Why are they rapping? [RAPS ENDLESSLY] [POODS BACKING AWAY] What the fuck! Why? [CONTINUES TO RAP] Oh god why! [POODS GROANING] Mister Neil deGrasse Tyson Please… Memefy my feelings Roast yourself challenge more like cringe montage compilation. I was going to make a joke that this video gave me cancer but… My channel is too big for me to make those kind of jokes. Do you really need a challenge for you to admit your past failures. Sounds pretty damn easy. Do I even have to point out that the challenge is used just as a way to get more views? Which you know by the way I would never fucking do. I have integrity. If this video gets a 100,000 likes, I’ll upload another challenge video. You think your fans eat up all that shit? Boohoo. I’m not relevant as I used to be. Boohoo. My fans see me as this one thing when I wanna be another thing. You’re all a bunch of crybabies. And I know what you’re thinking But Pewdiepie, you do all these things too. You’re a hypocrite. Yeah. Have I ever pretend to be anything else? How about y’all get some fucking friends to roast you? You know, like every roast is supposed to be. The only reason your friends don’t roast you is because they hate you and it would be too real. Excuse me while I hold my phone while I read this one line. Because remembering a couple of lyrics is clearly too fucking hard for my brain. Y’all so bad at roasting, RoastKid1907 will fucking destroy you. Hey! I’m roasting the roast yourself challenge. You got it. You finally picked up on it huh? The video is pretty much the worst one out of all of them. I literally put no effort in it. Where I try to be edgy and call out the other YouTubers on their bullshit Eventhough I still do the same fucking thing Well at least this video will get more views. Why am I not roasting myself? Because everyone already knows that I’m pure garbage. But mainly, because no matter what the fuck you say to me Ain’t nothing’s gonna make this face give a shit. Alright fine. I’ll do a diss track. It can’t be that hard. Stop rapping.


  1. This video brought whiny ricegum and superwoman fans over to a meme channel.

  2. 0:59 the devil has finally came

  3. From Ryans video tho

  4. Your ad is amazing. Lol

  5. Pewdie pies so fucking lame😐😐😐
    Ryan higgas one was the best
    Go watch it
    Stop wasting time on this fucking asstick

  6. Did pewdiepie just Martos roasted himself?

  7. 3:37 but then make Bitch Lasagna

  8. Ur really mean… Ryan deserves 1mil times more fans then u have 😕

  9. Come on dude Ryan higa is a masterpiece

  10. Get a new haircut

  11. Why is the first video I liked lol

  12. Hola
    Que haces
    Y tu?
    Recién llego
    Hablas español

  13. 82 million what

  14. 2019??

  15. Like si pewdiepie se parece muchoooooo a Germán Garmendia

  16. roasting you would be doing to you what your moustache is doing to your face.

  17. I came here from the "why do my fans hate me video"

  18. subscribe to t series

  19. "All right, I'll do a diss track."

  20. I got a Roast Yourself video as an ad

  21. Cuando todavia Pewdiepie no tenia su barba epica


  23. Clickbait

  24. Superwoman's one was nice

  25. Poop diepie

    Roasted 🔥

  26. When pewdipie is just youtube it's self

  27. This is first pewdiepie video i watched. before i was just subscribed to him but i didn't watch any videos. this made me start to watch

  28. Releases a bop diss track against t series!

  29. This is the video that got me into pewdiepie❤ became a 9-year old after this video

  30. End of vid reminds me of tictoc

  31. NIGAHIGA!!!!

  32. How many are here after BITCH LASAGNA?

  33. I tried this challenge but I couldn't sit properly on the stove

  34. Bitch Lasagna 😀

  35. Remember when Ryan held this type of clout 🙁

  36. Alguien más lo ve con subtítulos y en pleno marzo 2019? :v

  37. The thumbnail looks so like my brother

  38. Copy my username and photo and spread the trend

  39. Hey look ryan is here

  40. Is it just me or does this pewdiepie look like Kendal from btr

  41. well… indeed this video was pure garbage

  42. WHY THE FUCK am i here

  43. Aye Nalle Bhadve Kutte

  44. Please do a proper roast yourself challenge 😂

  45. this is some experimental genre of music you are dabbling with.

  46. wie wenn du deutsch bist

  47. 1:00 rip headphones user aka myself

  48. I got a t series ad at the start of the video. They're sending spies

  49. This is beautiful because the rules never said it had to be a diss track and he still roasted himself no matter how hard it was to see

  50. We can all agree that his camera roasts him the best…BY RECORDING HIS FACE! (jk pewds i love u no homo btw)

  51. nice forehead loser man

  52. Nigahiga is better than you and T series both 😒😒

    P.S- I am an Indian.

  53. 2:56 oops, better see what IIIIIIIsuperwamenIIIIIII's video has

  54. who else came from the why do my fans hate me video


  56. Nigahiga is better than you . 😏😏

  57. Goooooddddd

  58. aight fine, i'll do a diss track. can't be that hard

  59. Daniel Howell has more views on his Roast Yourself Challenge then pewds does. The phandom is scary.

  60. Clickbait I rly wanted to see a roast yourself 😭😭

  61. Any Indian after Nigahiga??

  62. 2019

  63. Alguien ahí como yo

  64. I disliked the video because nobody roasts PewDiePie


  66. What was the tune he used in the diss track?

  67. Remember that Ryan was once the top sub so you should still do it

  68. Ummm so because his channel is big and he gets a lot of views he's just gonna nag about everyone and end the video ???

  69. Who's here 2019 when pewds has 96mil

  70. Xd

  71. In 2019 you will play Minecraft…..

  72. T – Series has left the chat.

  73. Awesome!!!!!

  74. What's the music that plays in the background?

  75. When Ryan Higa's and superwoman's video comes up 😠 *

  76. This is my first Pewdiepie video ever.

  77. I just realized that this video has less veiws than Danisnotonfire's

  78. cringeeeeeeeee

  79. Still not top on YouTube

  80. Still wanna know the outro music name pliss

  81. Minecraft videos

  82. Dale like si hablas español amigo!!!

  83. I miss the cussing pewds…

  84. 2019 anyone🙄

  85. U suck

  86. Dude cussed like hell

  87. learn to rap loser

  88. Dan Howells was actually fire tho

  89. Niga higa meant this is in a nice way you idiot. You should try not to judge how he thinks without judging yourself because that is literally the point of his video.

  90. nice <)

  91. 2019 anyone?

  92. SWORE!

  93. Well shit. This got less views…

  94. Aprendí ingles gracias pewdi pai

  95. Gotta little Filthy Frank in his voice today

  96. hey im from the future goodmorning gamers

  97. Now I know why he's so hot 😂
    (Yes, I called a married man, HOT)

  98. Thats why you have +100M subs.
    You are the best bro

  99. This is one of my favorite videos of his😂😂😂

  100. "i was going to make a joke about how this video gave me cancer but my channel is too big for that" 💀💀

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