Roast Rib Of Beef cooked on the Alfa 4 Pizze wood fired oven

Hello everybody and welcome to The Barbecue
Shop here at Hayes Garden World in the beautiful sunny Lake District, I’m going to keep pointing
that out ‘cos sunny in the Lake district. It’s always sunny in the Lake district. Today we’re joined by Mr Richard Holden. Hello, hello. Hello. And we’re going to be cooking a rib of beef? Yep. In an Alfa pizza oven. Yep. Nice bit of beef rib there, should we prime
it up and…. Absolutely, got a 2.5kg rib of beef on the
bone, we’re just going to season this really simple with some salt and some pepper and
just drizzle that a little bit with some rapeseed oil as well just to help things stick. So if I get that all over, and then if you
go ahead with that black pepper. So this is a 35 day aged piece of rib beef,
we’ll turn that over as well and I’ll just grab the salt. So don’t need to do too much to this, if you
wanted to you could add things like chopped rosemary, you could add some garlic, maybe
a little bit of wholegrain mustard would go nice. If you’re not a fan of high heat, or the intense
spiciness of an English mustard, but just something really simple and classic. If you’re going to light the pizza oven, the
wood fired oven, get some pizzas in the earlier part of the day, let it cool down a bit and
pop your roast in and away you go. So that’s already to go, we’ve got this rack
that the roast is going to sit on, so very simple, which way round is that going to go? We’re going to go that way, so just going
to position this so when we put it into the oven, fire’s going to be on this side, the
heat’s going to come over, we want it to colour nice and evenly and then once it’s got that
outside colour on it we’ll put some tinfoil on it so, it’s just very…. Do you want me to lift it open? Oh yeah that would be a good idea, open the
pizza oven. So that just goes straight in there, we’ve
got fire on this side, the thermometer’s regulating about 200 degrees C, basically the heat is
coming up over that curved dome, that lid of the pizza oven, circulates around before
it vents out of the front and the top. Put the door back on and we’ll er…. Yeah we’ve got a tray down here, the rack
taht we put the beef onto sits perfectly into this tray, so we’ll put the roasted vegetables
into here, the carrots, parsnips and the potatoes, little bit of oil, salt and pepper and then
sit that tray underneath the beef, fats will render down and drip in to there and we’ll
put this in part way through the cooking process of the beef. Right, so we’re going to let that beef come
up to temperature, to about 30 degrees, we’re going to prep these veg, we’ll pop back when
we’ve got to that temperature and show you putting the veg in. So Richard we’ve prepped some veg, we’ve got
some parsnips, some potatoes, some carrots, we’ve covered them in oil, we’ve covered them
in salt and pepper, so we’re going to put them in the Alfa. We’re going to put them in the Alfa, we’re
going to put them underneath the beef, we’re going to have a look in the pizza, in the
wood oven in a moment. Take the door off. Now people will notice we’ve foiled the beef. When you put the beef in, because the heat
goes over the dome of the pizza oven, or the wood oven ‘cos we’re not just doing pizzas
in here. You’re going to get a nice colouration on
there, if I show this, if I just kinda move this out of the oven slightly and you can
see we’ve got a beautiful colouration on that beef already, so if we just put a little bit
of foil on there it’s just gonna slow that, it’s basically going to slow that colouration
down, the meat will carry on cooking though underneath. So if I lift this up and if you want to just
pop that tray in the opening. There we go. And I’ll sit that inside, and then that whole
thing now just slides back, we’ve got some logs on this side, just a couple of logs,
they’re there to kinda pre-heat, as the temperature needle dictates, when we need to add a log
we’ve got one pre-heated, it’s already kiln dried anyway, we’re just pre-heating and then
we add one as that temperature kinda dips, we’re not going to take massive temperature
drops when we put a fresh log on because it’s already going to be hot it’s going to catch
really quickly and it’s just going to help maintain that temperature through the cook,
and we’re just gonna keep an eye on that now. All right so we’re going to let that cook
off and we’ll come back and see the finished product. So Richard we’ve given our rib of beef in
our Alfa oven plenty of time, should we have a look. Yes we have, we’ve actually just had a little
check and we are at the right temperature, but we’ll show it just to make sure everybody
knows what we are looking for. So we foiled over, we just kept the fire ticking
away nicely. Pull this out, actually we’ll just bring it
straight over to the table. I must point out it smells amazing. There’s that word again. Yeah, that amazing word. If you look at that, you just use that temperature
probe. So it’s the tip of the probe into the very
centre of that meat ‘cos that’s obviously the point that’s going to cook the slowest. That’s what we’re looking for. Bless you. Right, so we’re at about 55 there, did I see
a 55, about medium rare, going towards medium, so…. We’re going to let that rest? We’re going to let that rest, yeah, we’ll
let that rest for about a good 20 – 25 minutes and then we’ll come back and carve that. All right. So Richard we’ve let our beef rest, unwrap
that and have a look. It’s important to rest this somewhere warm,
on a day like today it really isn’t an issue, but if it was a cooler day, just pop it, take
it inside the kitchen, take it inside the house, pop it on a board inside the kitchen,
and just leave it to rest. So using the bone, if i just stand this side,
so using the bones that kinda curve down, all you can do is run the knife the length
of those bones and there’s a little bit of a kick out at the end. That is going to be absolutely beautiful,
that’s our chefs treat. And then if we just turn that round, slice
through. The fat on this is beautifully crispy, nice
and succulent, you can see how juicy that looks. Hopefully you can pick that up on the camera,
but if anybody likes…. We’ve cooked this to a medium, medium rare,
if anybody likes it a little bit more done, course the outside edges are going to be done
a little bit more than the centre. Get through to that rib cap as well. But again the Alfa draws in that outside air,
keeps the food lovely and juicy, look at that absolutely lovely and because that’s been
allowed to rest the juices have set so we’re not going to get excess juices pouring onto
the plate, so we’ll put that on there, and I’ll transfer some of those over there as
well. They look lovely. Nice crispy bases on some of those carrots
but just tumble those out. Oops, we lost one, the dog can pick that one
up. Okay, so before we tuck into some of this,
I’ll tell you a little bit how to find out more information. If you want to find out the recipe for this
today visit our website: We’re across all the social media platforms. If you want more information on the Alfa ovens,
there’s videos on our youtube channel, simple ones like how to light one, really quite simple
one. And if you want to see the full product range
of Alfa, we have the full stock here in The Barbecue Shop at Hayes Garden World, our staff
are always on hand to help you, advise you, help you make the right decisions, and we’re
across all the social media again. I’m desperate to try and tuck into this, so
we’ll see you again next time here at Hayes Garden World.


  1. Superb video, how long did you cook it for?

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  3. Thermometer is supposed to be in opposite side of fire.

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  5. Thanks guys, I’m just watching this porn while my Tesco value pizza is the non-wood oven…

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