Roast Battle – Final: Sarah Tiana vs. Mike Lawrence

(bell ringing) – Mike worked at
McDonald’s for eight years. And I think we all know why
he doesn’t work there anymore. They took away all
the incentives. I mean, they tore down
all the playgrounds. (audience laughing) – Really lucky that
both your opponents look like pedophiles. (audience laughing) You know, people are
asking me tonight if I’m gonna put
Sarah in her place. She’s a 38-year-old
woman in comedy. There isn’t one. (audience laughing) – That’s amazing, that’s funny. Mike hates sports, obviously. For someone who
doesn’t like sports, you sure do look
a lot like a 49er. Oh, It’s Canada, (bleep) me. (audience laughing) Goddamn it. – I’m sure someone will after. (audience laughing) Sarah’s vagina is like a bar. It’s dank, full of drunk dicks, and children are
immediately forced to leave. (audience laughing) – Don’t clap at that. Don’t clap at that. That’s ridiculous. Like that joke was like
everyone tampon I’ve ever used. Despite what I’ve been
told, I’m never shocked. (audience laughing) I don’t know, go ahead. Sure, why not? Nobody cares. No, I care. – Sarah, you know,
people think she’s slut, she’s actually a real prude. She won’t even put
out new material. (audience laughing) – [Voiceover] Last
joke of the battle. – Wow, thank you Dirt Vonnegut,
that was really funny. (audience laughing) Oh man. I don’t know if
you guys know this, but Mike sucked a
dick in college. He’s very open about it. That means between the
two of us on stage, we both know how
to swallow a ball, but he doesn’t know
how to throw one. (audience laughing) – Sarah does lots of
tours for the troops. Finally, a drone they send
overseas that never kills. (audience laughing)


  1. i love the 3 dudes running in lmaoooo

  2. their was like 1 joke that almost made me kinda smile that woman needs to go back to whatever tf she did before she ruined comedy for the world

  3. Sarah laugh was funnier than the joke

  4. the fuck is up with the random people running onto the stage (first time watching this show)

  5. Stop it now

  6. Sarah Tiana, you're so ugly when you showed up to a haunted house, you walked out with a paycheck.

  7. did ANYONE find the douches at 1:54 funny?

  8. She has more comedy than Amy shrumer

  9. She lost HARD


  11. What's with the human emotes?

  12. sara tianna sux

  13. Corny shit

  14. dang! she's so old, she met her first date in an AOL chat room! they also got married in the same chat room 30 days later.


  16. Sarah is really very lovely to look at

  17. She shouldve said for a man who hates sports he sure looks like he likes to play with balls


  19. Mike Lawrence my man shots fired!!

  20. Sarah Tiana's ham arms need roasting.

  21. good lord she sucked

  22. I think she was drunk

  23. Mike Is The God

  24. the 3 stooges kill the whole shit .

  25. Weak af

  26. So a white guy in a fuckin' shirt skirt and black guys with oven mits come out and do the robot why?…
    Guess that chicks rehashed jokes isnt the only thing thats NOT funny HAHA!

  27. "There isn't one." Gold

  28. I really don't like the sketch team 😒

  29. It's cringey hearing this horrible roast

  30. mike lawrence is a savage

  31. sarah tiana is not funny at all

  32. Sarah is not my girlfriend in this clip…*DING*

  33. btw i think she was crying after the vagina joke….

  34. how did that bitch make it to the end shes not even funny.

  35. So this is not funny

  36. Get rid of those 3 idiots already, they ruin the show.

  37. wtf are those 3 idiots doing between jokes ? make them stop

  38. what?

  39. God, these guys interrupting the battle with this "funny" sketches (or whatever you call their three-second acts that should tell us that the joke was good) are annoying more than laughter track in sitcoms.

  40. This wasn't even a fight, just a massacre.

  41. Where the hell is roast battle 3

  42. Defending champion

  43. Those guys who run on stage are the reason lots of American comedy is just dead…

  44. With 4 jokes he won that battle 11-0.

  45. Just saw 5 minutes of this show.
    It's about how many times anyone can say the f word and calling everyone's mother a whore or [email protected]
    Juvenile and even below high school bathroom humour.
    No class or even humour.. Anyone can swear repeatedly and the audience eats it up ?
    Pathetic they allow this crap on the air, but as long as people watch this they'll keep shovelling this dribble down our throats.

  46. Were they both hungover? Never mind the jokes being 8th grade humor, they both sounded like they were struggling to speak while holding back puke.

  47. This cunts on stage are gonna get stabbed one night when they leave I bet

  48. A million 💵 for those who kill the 3 retards that keep hopping on the stage.

  49. oh hell yeah mike!!!!

  50. I’m so happy this show fell thru goddamn fuck those kids in the front who randomly get up and do stupid shit

  51. 1:15 THAT ROAST😲

  52. I got a roast for the mc Donald's boi.

    I'm sorry that u didn't eat nothing but 1 pound burgers straight for 8 years.

  53. THE WAVE SUCKS – Its just stupid and irritating.

  54. This is like watching a grizzly toy with his meal of fattened lamb. What a weird match up.

  55. women are not funny

  56. The people walking onstage is too much.



  59. That vagina bar joke had a whore hurt and sweating

  60. The girl was really bad

  61. They both sucked

  62. I think it's the laugh,, Us Americans are easily confused by extreme noises. Lol 🙂

  63. Sara, I don't care what people say, I'd still fuck you. And then leave your place like a ninja.. just like the last 3 husbands you had 😉

  64. She got flamed and couldn't recover so hard

  65. Sarah had some lame insults here

  66. fuck this corny lame ass roast session…..Def jam is the original…smh stealing everrything

  67. Those guys that run on stage during the show are annoying and unfunny. Get rid of them.

  68. She wants some D

  69. Not funny at all…

  70. Damn dude he bodied her with that vagina joke

  71. She is done!!!!

  72. HOLY SHIT. Did Eli Sairs steal Lawrence's last joke here for his title match victory over Dina Hashem in The Stand's Roastmaster's competition in '17?

    I'm blowing this shit wide open by spending all of my time watching roast battles on the internet!

  73. Wack

  74. He crushed her

  75. He slayed her red !!!! Ahhahaha

  76. yea when have u ever seen a McDs just tear down a playland..? females fukn ruin everthing

  77. Fat katey perry

  78. Well it was his choice to look like that. And god damn nothing says faggoty ass ugly poser loser than a shitty weak ass beard for losers with the mentality of a toddler and nothing else.


  80. These idiots who jump around and dance on stage randomly. Oh my god. I feel like I am watching a show in a different country. That's not good, when you are filming in AMERICA.
    Ruining comedy much?

  81. Down voting every video until the 3 guys are fired

  82. get rid of those fucking annoying numbnuts who think theyre funny

  83. that bitch is terrible almost as bad as the 3 idiots

  84. Y are people hating on the 3 dudes I think they are funny especially the black dude

  85. Sarah can do whatever she wants to me

  86. It was Over at 1:57 !!!

  87. Witless

  88. Fuck the sound effects and fuck those extras.

  89. ya we've heard of the 49ers in canada

  90. You should shave that beard cause I think it has lice

  91. I quit watching this show because of the idiots that run on stage

  92. That Dirt Vonnegut roast was pretty funny, too bad the rest of her material couldn't hold up.

  93. Dumb asses who jump up there are not funny and random

  94. K Trevor Wilson should have come on second with mike Lawrence in first

  95. The abortion joke hurt her. She was cooked after that… never recovered.

  96. She got hurt lol

  97. She got really hurt 😂

  98. she is so beautiful

  99. Sarah sucks. At comedy.

  100. Please lose the three court jesters … they constantly kill the momentum of the roast … Hannah Gadsby material would be less jarring

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