Rice mill machine system process 0.8-1.5 ton/hour

This is the charging part, process part and retrieve rice husk, broken rice piece and bran This is the charging funnel to pour the paddy to machine After machine operate, we will open valve of store to make paddy go to inside machine. Now we will go inside process area Pls follow me This is the operation diagram of this machine There is 3 part in this diagram: charging paddy, process and retrieve rice husk, broken rice piece and bran The process part include 2 part: from paddy to brown rice and from brown rice to white rice (Finished rice). This is diagram on electric panel. This is the charging funnel with vacuum cleaner. This is magnet to keep metal We have 2 grid layer The first 1 to keep litter the small layer below to keep sand, dust. This is separate paddy skin machine. this is separate rice husk machine The rate of separation is 90 – 95% This is separate grains Grains be clear cut from rice 20-40 grains per/1kg This is filter sand machine This machine separate sand 99.99% This is white making part 1 with output from 5-7% This is white making part 2 with out put from 3-4% This is polishing machine part 1 and part 2 The out put productivity from 1-2% Into here, the rice is polished compeletely after then it move to upset machine In this process there are 4 type of rice 1: Rice, 2: mix The mix include rice; broken rice piece 1/2; and broken rice piece 3/4; the Third is broken rice piece 1/4 the fourth is broken rice piece 1/8 The mix will be go to sort-out drum for separate rice and broken rice piece This is separate color machine This machine classìfy bad rice ( yellow color) out of finishing rice The next: This is packing machine we will pack rice there and move through Conveyor belt to pack The finished rice 5kg To protect environment we installed vacuum cleaner systems This is outside area of our factory You see this is rice husk store from factory to outside

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