Ribera del Duero Wine Explained & Tasted (with Roast Lamb!)


  1. Have you tried wine from Ribera del Duero? What did you think?

  2. That lamb made drool like a baby :-)_ _

  3. Never tried Ribera, but I'm putting it on my list to try next! Great video.

  4. Great explanation of the wine, could almost taste them from your description!

  5. Cant wait till im old enough to drink!

  6. In love with you man! Haha

  7. What a wonderful and enthusiastic video! Loved it! And that's my kind of food; simple, traditional and rustic with all the natural flavours!

  8. I also like Ribera wines. Try Protos wine. Really great. With seafood try a white Verdejo wine or a sparkling Peñascal rosé.

  9. Very good restaurante Asador de la Villa. Tasty

  10. Oh now I want to go back to Ribera region so badly!!

  11. The way you interchange English and pronouncing Spanish Names amaze me!! Ribera del Duero is fantastic! Vega Sicilia is what's up!! 🍷😀

  12. Dear James & Yoli !! Thank you so much !! I had requested a video about Ribera del Duero wine a while back and so Im so greatful to you for doing this!!! I have always been drawn to this wine, its my absolute favourite but I knew nothing about it..just thats its exquisite :-)! This video has blown me away..to learn so much about it makes me love it more. Your passion for it transmitted perfectly across the screen. A million thanks to you both for the research and info. Yoli I hope you got some lamb too!! 🙂

  13. Bretanomyces! That's the charm on spanish wines. I love it! Salud!

  14. Great video again. A lot of good information about the history, and excellent descriptions of each wine. Ribera is my favorite, unique flavor, definitely tastes like it's from a dry region–but it's harder to find in stores here in the Bay Area, except for specialty shops (like the Spanish Table or the Rockridge Market Hall). Rioja is easy to find in higher end grocery stores and fairly affordable; however, when you find a Ribera, it's always pricier… but worth it. It's a taste that transports me instantly back to Spain!

    Thank you and Yoli for making another great video!

  15. Great work! I learned so much👍

  16. The video was packed with fascinating information. Fantastic!

  17. Wow, I love wine

  18. As a Spaniard I must say you do an excellent job at representing Spanish gastronomy, in fact, the best I´ve seen on Youtube

  19. 1) very informative (I didn't know the grapes were pre-phylloxera)
    2) love the enthusiasm and engaging nature
    3) I always choose Ribera when in supermarkets for the dark fruit and body
    4) I'd have happily offered to help you with the lamb and the 3 bottles you opened – yes, I know, I'm that kind of guy;-)

    Thank you and your wife for such high quality videos…I'm off to look to see if I can get those wines in the UK!

  20. This video was very informative. Keep it up!

  21. You. Are. KILLING ME! Nice work!

  22. Me encanta tu canal.

  23. Way to go JB! Bravo!
    2 glasses of wine for breakfast, that must be… the Masters' Breakfast.

  24. A question about the lamb, James… How is it generally prepared? Is medium well an option?

  25. JB at his best. Bravo.

  26. Lamb is my absolute favorite. I'll put this on my itinerary for sure. Thanks for all of the info!! 1 month to go!!!

  27. Great Review james, but you missed some of the most characteristic wines like Emilio Moro, Pago de Carraovejas o Vega Sicilia

  28. Best underrated All about Spain channel IMO!!

  29. Happy to subscribe – we need more Yolanda though 🙂 I was walking in the north of Spain, through the Bierzo region. I thought the wine was some of the best I've tasted – I was wondering if you've tried it, and what you thought.

    John Steen

  30. Tus videos son de muy alta calidad, te auguro una pronta subida de seguidores 😛 I am learning a lot about my own country ahahaha thank you 🙂

  31. As spaniard I can state there are so many really good wines all over Spain. I mean, Ribera is the most common, quality stamp, but…you can find VERY VERY good wines in Extremadura (Ribera del Guadiana), in the north (Rioja), in El Bierzo… I mean is difficult to get a bad wine in Spain 🙂

  32. Great video , but im afraid i couldnt drinl much of your wine too expensive at 26 dollers a bottle . Ill stick to tescos at 4 pounds for a decent bottle

  33. Merlot? what region come from?

  34. Glad I found your channel. Going to Spain this summer. Great informational videos!

  35. Great review James, Spanish wines are some of my favourites and great value for money. I love everything that you have done on youtube keep up the great work.

  36. Ya lo dijo Rajoy… Viva el vino!!! Jajaja

  37. yoli te queremos!!

  38. How about showing different brands of vermuts and taste test?

  39. Te doy las gracias amigo por vender tan bien nuestra gastronomía en el habla inglesa. Se te ve apasionado, sigue asi brother.

  40. el mejor vino del mundo ribera del duero

  41. We drove to Logrono to meander the route de Pinchos ! We found it to be dirty and the pinchos served were poor quality . The white wine of the region was a pleasant and enjoyable surprise. Our house in France is 100 kms from the Spanish border and the best typical Spanish town for us is Girona. If you ever travel to Logrono you must eat at La Cocina de Ramon
    ,Fabulous food !!!!

  42. Spanish wines are the best in the world in quality and price.

  43. como se llama la abula?

  44. Hi James & Yolanda ¿Qué tal? Another great informative, entertaining and fun video! Love your videos! And you are such a sweet great couple❤️ huge thumbs up! Please keep up the great work and keep the videos coming!🤣 Cant wait to see more love from Sara in Dinamarca

  45. Hola amigo, este tema me suna rico e interesante y me gustaria pedirte si me puede explicar la diferencia entre Rioja tradicional y Rioja moderna. Gracias amigo estaré esperando tu respuesta.

  46. His accent sometimes sounds American. Maybe Spanish + New Zealand = American??

  47. You still don't try the best of the best of the Rivera: CARMELO RODERO and VEGA SICILIA!

  48. I'm Mariana from Aranda de Duero and the name of roasted lamb is LECHAZO, and is the little lamb that he only drank milk. Un cordial saludo!

  49. I just recently found your YouTube channel. I’m really enjoying it. I was stationed in Rota (Cádiz) 69 thru 71. In 2008 my wife and I returned and did a backpack and euro rail self guided tour of Spain. Your channel brings back many memories. Keep it going. Have a Fino for me. Jim Simonelli.

  50. Hi James and Yoli. I'm originally from NYC from Cuban parents raised in Miami. My Cuban husband and I have visited Spain several times, and have taken your tips and enthusiasm on our adventures. We are now Vermouth drinkers at about 1:30pm and have our family joining in with us. Our grandparents were from Galicia and Asturias, so we were brought up eating Caldo Gallego and tortilla. We have truly enjoyed your zest for Spain and our experiences have been enhanced with your recommendations. As we relax after a long day at work, we're planning our next Spain travels based on your food and wine expertise. We love watching you guys and look forward to our September-October vacation. Vale!! You guys are amazing. Enbuena Hora!! Congrats!!

  51. Great again . Congrats !

  52. Algo que me gusta bastante de tu forma de hablar sobre los productos españoles es que no te apoyas en la comparación con Francia , por ejemplo. Otra cosa , quizá has escrito ya alguna entrada sobre los quesos españoles, sino , ya va siendo hora…. Juajuajua , es broma, pero creo que es importante hablar del " Idiazabal " y el resto por supuesto.

  53. How about visiting the different 'Denominaciones de Origen' of Galicia and his extraordinary food?

  54. Great videos James and Yoli!:) Make more and more videos please, as it became my morning habit/ ritual to watch them:) I'm moving to Spain in a year, and can not wait, honestly your videos makes me sooo excited and also makes me wanna sit at your table and eat-drink together! You are a wonderful, cheerful couple! Its truly a great relaxation to explore your videos!

  55. Loved your video about Ribera del Duero, my home – Would have loved to see you eat and show one of the outstanding restaurants of the Ribera who are world-famous…such as the Nazareno or  the Chuleta, in Roa, or the Asador de Aranda. Highly recommended. And, of course, the wine….walk the fields of the area and recognize the wonderful aromas in the Ribera wines you later drink, there is nothing better.

  56. such a refreshing take on the subject. Will travel to Spain for the first time later this year.. Your videos really make a difference on how you you make a smoother intro to the gastro-culture. 🙂

  57. I was just in Spain and brought home some bottles of Ribera del Duero. I much prefer it over Rioja. Spanish wines tend to be under appreciated in my opinion. I also love Spanish whites from Galicia made from the Albarino grape. You can buy quality wines from that region for very little money, probably because it is not that well known outside of Spain

  58. Dude, yes you are a super taster of wine. Putting words to flavors and odors is difficult. I know a couple other producers I visited in Ribera that you would love to visit. LMK. I can send you information. And some other places I have visited in other locations I want you to see. Visited over 24 Spanish wineries in 6 DOCs. In May I will pay a visit to at least another 6 DOCs!

  59. Gracias! A punto dd visitar España por 4ta vez y nunca he ido a Ribera del Duero, acabo de añadir esa area en mi próximo viaje! Gracias amigo.

  60. I am sure you good guy, but for me too hard sale, to pushy, switched off in 2 min. Relax, you are in Spain ….

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